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Sketch :: Cuppycake Gumdrops

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Published: June 13, 2007
Illustration of a dream I had.

80 minutes, photoshop cs, no refs.

*edit* Improved some things that bugged me.
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paradanmellowProfessional General Artist
good job! :popcorn:
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ryanbarlinProfessional Digital Artist
You do the painting, i'll do the sound effects. :D

Pew pew! kabooooom! Pew pew! Arg!

(oh and uh, cool image. :D)
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MissWiggleProfessional Digital Artist
lawl Xb
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stemacdonaldHobbyist Digital Artist
It makes the mind boggle how you can produce such awesome looking pieces whilst maintaining a very fast loose approach. Everything seems more dynamic when you get set loose on a piece.
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i wish i had your dreams.XD
its so simple, yet there are so many things to be seen, i think i could come up with a 10 page story just on this picture alone.
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a dark scene in a bright world, i can feel the blast from the gun, its powerful, gorey
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I love this. Your way of painting is so awesome. And the use of colors.
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Fantastic. The hanging bit at the top just makes it..frames the image and draws me in. Very dynamic. I wish I had more colorful dreams...most are violent and frightening and involve losing teeth 0.o
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MissWiggleProfessional Digital Artist
Gah! Thoughts of losing or smashing my teeth in send shivers up my spine. Always be careful while diving into a pool. Keep your mouth shut. That is all. :salute:
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wow so many cute colors
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you have such cool looking dreams. Mine are fairly dull (or scary) by comparison.

Unless this is something scary.

I can't seem to paint like you. My colors come out too muddy or murky.
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