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Thanks you for tagging me, thebadgerfoxdraws cx LazyIcon I wanna use - 11 heart 

1. one song that you're obsessed with right now. because i need new music

Well, I listen to loooots of random songs, so...I dont really have one?? Although I do listen to this one quite a lot    

2. what's one drawing or whatever that you're most proud of and why?

Uh..Im usually not too proud of my art? So Im not really sure which one Dean Winchester icon ~ free to use! 

3. is there a song or just a lyric or a book or basically a line that always resonated with you?

Not really? I just like to say the meme quote 'SHRIMP HEAVEN NOW' a lot, if that counts

4. are you happy with your current artstyle? if not post a picture of what it looks like an another picture of what you aspire your art style to look like

Yeah, I suppose I am o:

5. you like jazz?

I LOVE JAZZ, dont get me started on how much I love aaaanything that has saxophone in it Smiley: Heart eyes 

6. what's something that you're excited about in 2019?

Far Cry New Dawn coming out soon, the new Jurassic World and new Camp Camp season in June excited Star Butterfly icon 

7. is your elbow bone pointy or square shaped? this is a genuine concern of mine because i'm one of the only people i know who has a pointy elbow XD

Mine are also pretty pointy, so no worries xD

8. what's your relationship with you parents like? lmao idk talk about your trauma all you want tbh i feel you

I'd rather not talk about my father...But I have a good and loving relationship with my mom and she means the world to me pink heart {big} 

9. do you prefer wholesome memes or edgy ones?

I like both, actually o: As long as they're memes, they're fine by me xD When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 

10. what is something you did in your life that you're still very proud of?

I cant really think of anything right now..Possibly making new friends? Personal stuff too that I'd rather not share though

12. so what's your favorite overwatch character? if you don't know overwatch just google it and tell me which character design do you like the most? (lowkey because i want to draw some overwatch characters and i don't know which one to pick)

Im not a big fan of Overwatch, but I think Junkrat is pretty neat I GOT AN IDEA!!! 

13. do you have any games on your phone?

Ive only got Neko Atsume on my tablet Neko Atsume Red Ball Plz 

(Im not sure how many of these I was supposed to do?? So Ill do the others as well)

1. what'd you think of the egg meme?

Honestly? I think its weird and I dont like it

2. what's ur favorite meme?

If 'SHRIMP HEAVEN NOW' counts? Confused John Travolta Meme (comment/chat emoticon 

3. do you like coffee?

Definitely, I cant go through my day without my first cup of coffee in the morning. I prefer with lots of milk though

4. whats one thing that would kill you if you lost? 

Probably my mom

5. what'd you like on bagels? (like cream cheeze? penutbutter jelly)

I usually like the sprinkles or vanilla cream

6. what's keeping you going?

My friends and family

7. all time favorite song? and why you love it.

They all change by time, Ive got too many and I have no idea which one to pick out of em

8. what'd you listen to when you draw?

Anything thats next that YouTube recommands to me out of all the songs I randomly listen to 

9. pastel, monotone, achromatic, or saturated colours? (like what do you like?)

Im not that picky when it comes to those? Probably pastel

10. what's your favorite and least favorite thing to draw?


I love to draw my OCs, especially my square headed boys- Or mainly my Ambulance Chaser OC, Chandler red heart bullet 
But least? Hands, DEFINITELY hands BHB Emote Tombstone Headstone Dead RIP 

11. define love and human existance

Love is treating eachother nicely and with respect. Show that you care and stay loyal by their side. If space is needed, do give it- But if in need in comfort, surely do give them your support. Dont get too clingy, but being caring and protective is nice Heart 

Human existance though? Hmm..Not sure? Its lots of 'brainwashed people thanks to social media' nowadays. People are more likely to do what they see on the web than do what they really want to do themselves- Not blaming anyone, just trying to atleast say something about this hard question Shrug 

12. do you read webcomics/manga/comic books? what's your favorite?

Not a lot? I dont read manga nor comic books, but I do read the lovely webcomics of Eddsworld and Eddsworld TBATF Matt 

(Alright, up to the questions! Meme (Mind Blown) [V1] )

1. How was your week ^V^? 

Tough, to be honest. Things havent been to great, but getting there slowly

2. Which Hogwarts house do you identify with the most and which ones colours do you like the most (that can be different from one another :dummy:)? 

I think Hufflepuff?? But colors would be Ravenclaw and Slytherin cuz I love ravens n sneks ovo

3. What type of art would you like to get into but haven't yet? ^V^ 

Hmm, maybe more cartoon-ish? Im not sure actually Sweating a little... 

4. Good ole music question - any recommendations of songs :happybounce:

Im not sure if you'd prefer my taste of music <xD But I can recommand listening to calm music when drawing?

5. What is your favourite part about colouring a piece :dummy: (if you only do sketches when what is your favourite part here ^V^) 

Anything, really?? I love coloring hair the most or get creative with colors

6. which character is your sunshine ^V^? (meaning a fictional character or OC that always lift you up when you're down) 

Definitely my OC, Chandler..Good bean always brings a smile to my face pink heart And fictional characters like David and Daniel from Camp Camp, Joseph Seed from Far Cry 5- You name it Heart Love 

7. are you most to tall or short people :dummy:? (random question but I for some reason tend to when finally "looking at guys" to look at short guys :'D) 

I dont mind if people are tall or short- Short is cute to bend down for a little peck, yet tall is cute to stand or your toes for a lill smooch. But I think I prefer tall more? Long legs seem to attract me a lot <xD Leg 

8. Which pokemon is your spirit animal :dummy:

Phantump, these little beans warm my heart Stocking Heart Emote 

9. favourite art material ^V^? 

Paper, ballpen/pencil/fineliner + color pencils or my digital tablet, it depends on my mood

10. one random item you own and if it has a story :dummy:

I still sleep with a stuffed animal. A little grey cat that my mom had given me with childbirth, and Ive always had it around whenever I sleep since then

11. Do you like black or white the most when designing a character ^V^? 

I think I prefer black? That also depends on my mood 

12. Which of your characters (or a fictional character if you don't have OCs) would be your best friend :hug:

Of my OCs it would totally be Chase, happy boy is anyone's best friend, really xD Fictional?? Maybe Jyushimatsu from Osomatsu-san, I dont know hgfgfjf F2U AVATAR | Jyushi does a thing (animated) | OSMT 

Thanks again for the tag! Im too anxious to actually tag somebody hklfhfk so feel free to do this if you'd like!! :purpelblur: 

He watches
Whelp, its 2AM and I cant sleep, so sleepless doodle it be!

A certain Christian (Chaser) always seems to lurk and keep his eyes on Chandler...Seems like somebody found the so called 'Medical Scribe's' little secret... Side Eyes Emoji 

Stop  DONT use my OCs and Personas anywhere else without my permission- Yes, you may draw them, but PLEASE let me know IF you do want to first. Thanks you. pink heart {big}  

ToonTown, Cogs and Ambulance Chasers belong to their rightful owners n Disney
Chandler and Christian (Chaser) belong to Me as OCs
Join us
Merry Christmas yall, I hope youre having a good one pink heart {big} 

Yes, I know, this is nothing Christmas related- Wasnt my intention either.

I was just having ideas of female attire for Chandler's cult. Which- In this case- involves my Toonsona, Lilly, that joined his Cult. Basically a Nun type of attire.
Chandler keeps his eyes close on his members, but he surely has his eyes on her most of the time..He might be up to something, who knows Dean Winchester icon ~ free to use! 

Stop  DONT use my OCs and Personas anywhere else without my permission- Yes, you may draw them, but PLEASE let me know IF you do want to first. Thanks you. pink heart {big}  

ToonTown, Cogs, Ambulance Chasers and Toons belong to their rightful owners n Disney
Chandler belongs to Me as an OC
Lilly belongs to Me as My Persona/Toon



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cricketumpire Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Part of Max Ehrmann's "Desiderata" advises:  "Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans"...
This is good advice that counters the negative aspects of "Tall poppy syndrome" Icon - Poppy 

Thanks for faving my poppy submission.      Have a good weekend Lilly...   
MissVirginie100 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooh, woah..Thats a stong advice O:
Yes, oohh..Very interesting though!

And youre most welcome, have a great weekend yourself! (And a late happy Vday!) pink heart 
cricketumpire Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I've always had a copy of Desiderata on my work desk and always found it a good maxim to work to    :heart:
MissVirginie100 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thats good! Im glad its working for you! ^^
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