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M.A.O.H. Ch 8 Page 35

By missveryvery

A bit anticlimactic but it turned out Zakris isn't strong at all! I'd say he has a glass jaw but she can put dents in dumpsters so it's pretty understandable. Interpunkt kept laughing every time she saw his prone body in the first panel, for some reason out of context it looks pretty funny. I'm pretty proud of her surprised face in the second to last panel, it's hard to make her have expressions because her eyes are all black! Only one page left in this chapter, are you excited?!

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Well you have to fight two things with her expression; 1 the eyes are all black as you said and; 2 they're already huge and round so portraying surprise is extra hard without making them pop out of her skull. So...well done.
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You're welcome!