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Critical Hit - She Who Slumbers in Agony

seriously, you guys should listen to Critical Hit.

If you just want to get to the story and don't care about character creation, etc, start with the Graduation Day episode. All the episodes are available on Itunes and there's an RSS Feed for everything else (I use Winamp). It's totally free, too.

I don't draw many monsters, this is one of the few non-humanoid ones I've ever done and definitely the most comprehensive.

I tried just straight up painting it but I wasn't getting the level of detail I wanted so I went in and drew everything and then went back to painting. Usually I like just painting suggestions of things but in this case it just wasn't coming out how I wanted it so lineart helped with that. She's described in the podcast as looking like a Gothic cathedral wrapped 360 degrees around a teardrop shape, with eyes wherever you'd have the rosette windows. So don't think I'm so amazingly creative to have thought this up, that desc is all Rodrigo. This isn't official concept art and done from words rather than reference pictures, so again, no idea how accurate this is to what's being described in the show.

This was done with Photoshop and Opencanvas.
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Just listened to Critical Hit #131 and when I heard Stephen Schleicher call for art I immediately jumped on google to see if anyone met the challenge. Awesome find with this image. Fits Rodrigo's description so well. Take a sunflower seed. Take a Gothic cathedral and all its arches but without the  angels, gargoyles and stained glass. Wrap it around the seed and add a bunch of eyes. There you have it, She Who Slumbers in Agony. Excellent work!
I love this. This is almost exactly what I pictured while listening to this episode. Keep up the good work!
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So is the face an Easter Egg 4 the Turbo Grafx 16 game Devils Crush?
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Just listened to this episode again. So much win. Nice work! Looking forward to getting to your part in the show. :)
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Hw did you get this don so fast?
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i started as soon as i heard the episode and i was actually really sick at the time and couldn't sleep so just puttered away on this in a cough syrup induced haze.
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Amazing, simply stunning.

Not an easy thing to visualize ether, great job.
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It is a very rare case when you see someone else's idea of what something looks like and you like it more than yours! This is just fantastic.
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Woah :U!! This looks so amazing! I'll have to check this out now <3333
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I've done a riff on She... as well, to be seen in Friday's SPOILED!, but nothing like this. Amazing.
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I love critical hit, and this is AMAZING. That last episode was a doozy. Great job here mate.
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