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Like a throne

Sleep well, poor thing


World © Blizzard
Story © Ekaterina N. Stadnikova
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in the game of thrones, there is a cast iron throne of swords ...

in Pandaria, is a throne XD barrels of beer hajaja the truth if I think so XD 
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I am not familiar with "Game of Thrones" XD
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hummm... its a serie... very cool...  XP  only see that:…

i remember it XP hejejeje is funny,  but whatever  your are awesome XD 
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I have no time for mainstream. Don't like things recommended by every 10th of  met people.
Too mainstream for me.
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I want to rest my head against that stomach and tell him that everything will be all right.
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For now he is too drunk to worry or fear or anything
Just sleeping without dreams (I wish I could so... but I drink only tea)
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Excellent composition here :)
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Don't really get it ^^;
MewMewFrostElf's avatar
It was a Game of Thrones joke. ^^
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I am not familiar with "Game of Thrones"
whatever it is
MewMewFrostElf's avatar
It's a TV show based on the book series "Song of Ice and Fire". ^^
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I'm not a big fan of pandaren, but, this is just awesome!!! Loktar o'Gar!!!
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I'm not a big fan of Horde but I give you my pandaren bow ^^
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XD Appreciate! There are good pandaren by the side of the Horde! ;)
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Each and every choose their own path.
It's not a point of good or bad - it's just a matter of choose
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I must confess that I play Horde because I don't like too much the character design of the Aliance races, but with the new WoD models, I'll play a human or a dwarf for sure!
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I play Alliance because of my loyalty. I bond by loyalty once and won't change that. Even in stupid things.
For example, if in the game you can develop relationships of the main character, choosing from the many options once, I can't change the choice another time.
Here's how my loyalty works
I never do pvp achievement to kill the leaders of the Horde. I have nothing against Elf (even taking into account that the blood elves disgusting for me) and Tauren. I sincerely respect the Troll. My loyalty will not allow me to show aggression. It is not dependent on the mind. It's natural regulators.
Those who know me laugh. "It's pixels," - they say. But, my loyalty doesn't care
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I totally agree with you!
I started playing WoW with TBC and my first choice was a paladin Blood Elf. His story has grown so much that I even turned him into a hunter (creating a new character with the same role and history) because his best friend is a Tauren that make him work for the Earthen Ring. So I'm really into the Horde lore and races, specially Tauren and Orcs.But he is more into working together with the Aliance than being enemies!

Said that, and since my heart is with the true Hored (the one raised by Thrall) I want to try a character from the Alliance, and expand my knowledge of the lore!

And, yes, "it's pixels", but those pixels are part of me somehow!!! ^__^
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