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hello again!

here's a super quick message to say that I'll be at Anime North next weekend with the Bourgyman himself, Yves Bourgelas, sharing table C18!

for more information, visit and, as always, check out the floor plan!

why is this post so short?

because I have a ton of stuff to do this week in order to get everything ready for Anime North! I'll be back to my regular happy-go-lucky attitude once the weekend is over =3
as always, thanks for stopping by!
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hello everyone, it sure has been a while!

I never really know what to say in these journals, so I just end up updating it to announce that I'll be at a convention or something the likes of... I'm sorry for not having a super interesting journal... do forgive me!

also, my life isn't crazy exciting, so it wouldn't really make for an entertaining read. I'm basically still working full-time as a project manager, which is really quite fun actually, and a bit stress-inducing I must admit! I have been absolutely terrible at working at my personal comic project kakó, for a crazy amount of reasons, but I just need to give myself a good kick and everything should work out fine =3

as you've already guessed, I'll be at the Ottawa Comiccon again this year!

the event will be held at the Ernst & Young Centre (formerly the CE Centre) from Friday May 10 to Sunday May 12 and there seems to be double the artists' tables, so that's pretty darn awesome, even if I do say so myself!

check out the con's website at for more information and here's the floor plan showing where my table will be, so feel free to come by and say hi!

I've also got a nifty Facebook page that you can like to get all sorts of news on projects and conventions! I don't post super often, so you don't need to worry about me spamming your wall =3
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hello to you dear reader!

nifty news time! I'll be at the Montreal Comiccon next weekend!

the event will be held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal from Friday September 14 to Sunday September 16 and there will be a ton of awesome guests and panels and a gigantic exposition room! I went as a visitor last year and it was absolutely fantastic, so I highly recommend you go check it out if you have the chance!

you should definitely check out their website at for all the information. also, here's the floor plan showing where my baby booth will be! do come and say hi!

hope to see you there =3
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well hello there!

wow... I'm pretty bad at updating my journal (and gallery as a matter of fact) aren't I?

thing is, I don't have a whole lot of free time on my hands, which causes me to not have a ton of stuff to post! I also started working full-time a couple of weeks ago and it's been draining my energy like crazy. I worked part-time for years at the government and was only working semi full-time during Christmas, so this is pretty new and exhausting... but fun nonetheless!

but now onto the nifty part : I'll be at the Ottawa Comiccon next weekend!

the event will be held at the brand new CE Centre on Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13 and there will be a ton of great guests and artists and sellers and panels and costumes and even more! I can't wait to see what it's going to be like! and the best part is, you can still buy tickets X3

you should definitely check out their website at for all the information and here's the floor plan showing where I'll be if you'd like to come and say hi!

hope to see you there =3
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hello again!

boy, can't say I update this journal too often now, do I?
I've been up to my usual stuff, so there's really nothing much to say...

except that I'll be at G-Anime 2012!

the convention runs from Friday January 27 to Sunday January 29 and is held at the Palais des Congrès de Gatineau, situated at 50 boulevard Maisonneuve.
I'll be in the dealers' room on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 5 (if I'm not mistaken) so why not come and say hi!

I'll be selling copies of corps étranger and Royaume Animal, as well as the new 2012 Éditions TRIP calendar for which I did three illustrations! you can see previews of the calendar on Éditions TRIP's Facebook page
I'll also have buttons, magnets and postcards for 1$!

for more information, check out

hope to see you there!
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hello everyone!

wow... I didn't write a journal in a while now, did I?
this one will be a quickie filled with nifty news! well, just 2 things really.

first, I'll be at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair November 5!
it'll take place from noon to 5pm in room 203 of the Jack Purcell Community Centre, situated on Elgin, at 320 Jack Purcell Lane.
I'll be selling copies of corps étranger as well as buttons and magnets =3

second, some awesome university folk and I will have a table at Expozine 2011 on November 26-27!
it'll take place from noon to 6pm on both days at the Église Saint-Enfant Jésus, situated at 5035 St-Dominique in Montréal.
we'll be selling our first publication as the JBBC collectif BD: Royaume Animal (check out our Facebook page for previews!)
I'll have some copies of corps étranger for sale too =3

hope to see you there!
it'll be a blast X3
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hello everyone!

sorry for not updating my gallery in a while... I've been pretty busy with comic projects (that I will soon reveal!) and didn't get much time to work on my infamous requests' list... again.
I actually started two of them, but I had to put them on hold for the moment.

and now for the main attraction, according to the title of the journal.
I recently created a page for my personal blog/website (missus rousselée) on Facebook where I will post updates about different projects and events, both in English and in French!

so if you have a Facebook account and would like to Like the page, here is the link: missus rousselée on Facebook

hope to see you there! =3
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ladies and gentlemen, the requests list.
I won't be taking any new requests for now, but I'll be finishing this list over the summer!

once again, I'll be drawing them in a pretty random order
(being the order in which I get a good enough idea for the request =3)

the list goes as follows:

[link] AgnisVulpecula Agnis & Hiroshi 1 year anniversary
[link] Maddie-the-Cattie her OC Sierra Dianne
[link] mewulu Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender
[link] Rapi a fox girl smoking in a kimono
[link] Rikki-the-Great her OC Rikki
[link] Princess-vaeGa herself & Brain Freezer
>> leamatte a cat
>> petiteantoinette chibi Sasori & Sakura
>> driftwoodwolf her OC Rayn
>> rokusabarou her OC Rie
>> stardazzle her OC Iris

and as always, you give a llama you get a llama!
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hello again!

I can't believe it! I got a Daily Deviation! for corps étranger preview, so it makes it all the more special to me =3

thank you everyone for the watches, faves and wonderful comments! I'll be answering every single one of them, you just need to give me a bit of time^^'

also, today is the last day you can vote on my Threadless design submission! you can check it out right here : Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore' on Threadless

don't forget to send me a note or comment on this journal if you do go and vote, because if my design gets printed, I'll draw a name from all the ones who contacted me and I'll buy that person their very own "Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore'" t-shirt to show my thanks and appreciation =3

thanks again for everything!!!



bonjour à nouveau!

j'y crois pas! j'ai eu un Daily Deviation! pour corps étranger preview en plus, donc il est extra spécial à mes yeux =3

merci à tout le monde pour les watch, les favoris et les merveilleux commentaires! je vais tous leur répondre, mais ça risque de prendre un peu de temps^^'

de plus, aujourd'hui est la dernière journée pour voter sur mon design sur le site Threadless! vous pouvez le voir en cliquant ici : Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore' sur Threadless

n'oubliez pas de m'envoyer une note ou de commenter sur ce journal pour me confirmant votre vote, car si mon design est retenu, puis imprimé, je vais tirer un nom au hasard parmi ceux qui m'ont contactée et je payerai un t-shirt de "Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore'" afin de la remercier =3

merci encore pour tout!!!

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pengwind was playing Portal earlier and unintentionally inspired this title X3

but it's true, it really is!!!

soon, I will be able to live a normal-er life, for my bachelor's is almost complete.
my 21 page silent comic is finally finished and I'm thrilled to be able to hold it in my hands!

corps étranger, or foreign object, tells the story of a red-haired forest spirit. her hobby consists of gathering objects she finds in the woods to create creatures with whom she can play.
but one day, she finds a foreign object that will disrupt her peaceful little life.

corps étranger is available for purchase for only $12 CDN + shipping fees, so if you'd be interested in owning a copy, just send me a private message or e-mail me at =3

you can also check out for previews and other goodies!
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it's up, it's up!!!
and it's all thanks to pengwind, so a whole lot of love goes to him X3

it'll be mainly used to keep progress of my final comic project in university for now, but I'll keep it alive afterward for sure! also, everything will be in French for the moment (there'll be plenty of pictures accompanying the text though!), but if you'd like to see post-university updates in English, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

also, please note that I will be extremely quiet on dA until April-ish since most of my time will be spent on this project. thanks =3

here's the link:
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first off! thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!
I really REALLY appreciate it!!!

second, HOLY COW. I'm done with all of my projects. this semester was just crazy and it felt like it would never end... but it did and I couldn't be happier!
though I'm not out of the woods yet... next semester will be the most demanding one with the whole creating a comic from A to Z thing, but it should be fun! I have my whole story down so I'm hoping for the best!

also, for all you button lovers out there, if ever you'd like to have one of my illustrations on a 1.25" button, now you could!
you just need to send me a note saying what part of what illustration you would like to have made as a button and for a mere $1.00 USD per button (ok, plus the shipping costs) it can be yours!
I would also be ready to do custom illustrations for buttons for $1.50 USD

there would probably a "buy 3 get one free" thing, but since I have no idea if people are even interested, I'll see what happens first X3
oh! and everything would be payable via Paypal

now I will go do something that doesn't involve university!
hope you have some great holidays!^^
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hello hello!

it's been more than a month already since I started university and I've been working on various short comics since then. the really nifty thing is that they're all going to appear in various comic collectives!

the downside is, as you might have guessed, that I haven't had any time to work on requests... but I'll definitely get around to drawing those whenever I get a minute to work on some non university-related things =3

also, since I don't have anything new to upload, I'll try to find some old stuff to show!

and lastly, but not least, I'll be opening a blog soon to show my progress on certain projects.
it'll especially be used next semester when I'll be working on my final project, but since I'm drawing all kinds of comics and things right now, I figured why not get one early!

I'll post the address for anyone who's interested as soon as it's ready =3
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I have two weeks off from work until I start my last year in university, so you can bet I'll be drawing my butt off!

also, I'm drawing stuff in a pretty random order (being the order in which I get a good enough idea for a request =3)

the list goes as follows:

[link] AgnisVulpecula Agnis & Hiroshi 1 year anniversary
[link] Maddie-the-Cattie her OC Sierra Dianne
[link] Rapi a fox girl smoking in a kimono
[link] Rikki-the-Great her OC Rikki
>> leamatte a cat
>> Dark-Feather himself & pastries
>> mewulu Toph from Avatar Airbender
>> petiteantoinette chibi Sasori & Sakura
>> driftwoodwolf her OC Rayn
>> rokusabarou her OC Rie
>> Princess-vaeGa herself & her OC Brainfreezer

oh! and as always, you give a llama you get a llama!
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hello hello!

I just want to start by saying that I had no idea what to call my journal, so I just put the first thing that came to mind... I really do love skirts and summer!

I also want to thank everyone for the comments, favs, watches and llamas! I really appreciate it!!!
please note that I give back all the llamas I receive, so if you gave me one during the months of April or May, no worries, you should be getting one soon! it was a pretty busy end of session and I wasn't able to keep up with all the llama madness, but I'm giving llamas back slowly but surely =3

next year will be my last at university and I'll be creating a comic as a final project! how nifty! so to improve on my drawings skills, I'll be taking requests, if anyone's actually interested^^'

the list:

>> Dark-Feather (super late birthday present)
>> Princess-vaeGa (herself and her character Brainfreezer)
>> mewulu (Toph from Avatar Airbender)
>> Rikki-the-Great (her character Rikki)
>> rokusabarou (her characters Chrysanthemum & Dandelion)
>> Rapi (smoking kimono bear eared girl)
>> leamatte (a cat)
>> driftwoodwolf (her character Rayn)

on a closing note, RATATAT's new CD is coming out next tuesday!
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>> Be one of the first 19 people to comment on this journal entry, and I will add you to this Feature List.

>> For each of the 19 people to answer this journal I will put his/her avatar and the 3 deviations I like the most from his/her gallery.

>> If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal. Put me on the list and complete it with 19 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone.

[1] sophien
deviations [Pega Skies] [Bibite] [Medieval dress]

[2] leamatte
deviations [Cat's temptation] [Monster] [Shiva]

[3] Megy-white-cat
deviations [A toy story 1] [Cheshire cat] [characters animation]

[4] FgTru
deviations [African Huntress] [Round 2] [Asian Pear]

[5] Dark-Feather
deviations [Speakerized] [Hourglass] [Chibi Gamers - Page 12]

[6] cozzypaper
deviations [akemashite omedetou] [Shadow hero] [citty lights]

[7] joet07
deviations [Gojirra] [Mayhem] [Christmas 2006]

[8] LeenaZenyo
deviations [First Dev ID] [+Rivals+ .:Cosma vs Lilly:.] [.:Cosma:. I am what I am]

[9] synyster-gates-A7X
deviations [Nazi Zombie] [Kenpachi Zaraki colored] [Young Gaara Colored]

[10] kittymccourt
deviations [The Fairy of Fairy Lights] [Dryad Shadow] [Pine tree row]

[11] RedPanada
deviations [Y u m m e r s] [Mao in Love] [C R Y S T A L S]

[12] WaterGunDriveby
deviations [Group Shot 2] [Twirly is a word, right?] [Poor kitty, it's suffocating]

[13] ReaperOfTheNight
deviations [ME - South Park version] [Winged Half Heart] [Victor]

[14] skwipe
deviations [Chandelier] [Papillon, vu de haut] [Organ]

[15] Uniquefantasy
deviations [.:Toeto:.] [GrimmUlqui Chibis .:Round 5:.] [Krystal Channel .:uncolored:.]

[16] douwe1992
deviations [Disgae oc's] [Little something for watergd26] [Me Id]

[17] medreaming
deviations [Leaves on a vine] [Woodland Creatures] [Haloween]

[18] MiAmoure
deviations [Stream] [Pagosa Springs Mountians] [The Capital Building]

[19] dn-revenge
deviations [Costaatt 01] [W.I.P. 4-8-2009] [Fruity? Juicy?]

[20] razzigyrl
deviations [Fierce Mask First Look] [She Glows] [Tree-like Swirls]

[EXTRA!] Risingstar9109
deviations [Milia the spoiled brat] [Valoo the Sky Spirit] [Navi]
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bonjour bonjour!

oui oui, je suis toujours en vie! j'update pas souvent le journal parce qu'y a rarement des trucs palpitants qui m'arrivent et je sais jamais quoi dire... mais je finis par me sentir mal de pas le semi mettre à jour (le dernier date presque de 6 mois déjà!) donc je trouve quelque chose à dire!

puisque le moment est arrivé, regardez-moi aller!

1. j'ai finalement commencé la lecture de Watchmen et c'est génial, j'adore!

2. cette session d'université est rough. je suis comme pas encore dans le beat et on en est pratiquement à la mi-session... j'ai frappé un down de productivité à la dernière semaine du congé de Noël et je m'en suis toujours pas remise X.X on dirait qu'il y a plus de projets pour faire exprès XP

3. j'ai changé de majeure/mineure pour être en majeure bd! c'est comme si j'ai redécouvert ma passion d'enfance : le dessin. j'ai arrêté de dessiner au CÉGEP, mais j'ai recommencé à cause de l'université et, tranquillement pas vite, je me trouve un style plus perso =3

4. que vais-je faire après l'université? je finis qu'en 2011, mais je préfère regarder les options tout de suite au lieu de pas savoir quoi faire de moi-même rendue là =O le fait de changer de majeure m'a un peu déstabilisée par contre. je pensais que ma carrière était déjà toute décidée; je sors de l'université, je trouve un job en design, et voilà! mais pas tout à fait parce que je redécouvre le dessin et l'illustration et ça me passionne pas mal plus!

c'est ainsi que je me lance à la recherche de programmes spécialisés en illustration! X3
(suite de l'histoire à venir)

oh, et j'ai tellement hâte à l'été... je m'ennuie des jupes et des gilets à manches courtes!
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c'est vraiment fou comment je mets pas le journal à jour... mon dernier date de la fin des classes, ENCORE MIEUX! mon dernier date d'exactement 5 mois! c'est donc le temps de mettre quelque chose de nouveau!

eh bien, je suis de retour en classe depuis à peine 2 semaines (année numéro 2!) et c'est déjà le rush... ça s'annonce bien XD heureusement, ça me dit de travailler en ce moment, donc j'en profite et je produis! une vraie machine!

autre nouvelle passionnante, le nouveau CD de Basement Jaxx sort mardi prochain! je les adore! en plus de ça, le nouveau CD de Muse est sorti hier! j'ai pas encore eu la chance de l'écouter au complet, mais c'est ce que je prévois faire demain au travail! qui continue d'ailleurs...

non mais quelle vie excitante ai-je XD
mais c'est pas grave, j'ai du fun et c'est ce qui compte <3
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eh oui! la session est finie!

c'est trop génial! mes soirées et fins de semaine vont plus se résumer à "faire des projets"! je vais pouvoir jouer à RO sans me sentir mal parce qu'en temps normal je devrais plutôt être en train de travailler! je vais pouvoir voir du monde et dessiner ce que je veux (pas de cours de bd pour me dire ce que je dois faire)! JE VAIS POUVOIR DORMIR! je m'ennuie du sommeil...
en plus de ça, il va faire beau et chaud. non mais, ça kick XD

le fait que je vais pouvoir faire tout ça en la compagnie de pengwind?
c'est la cerise sur le sundae <3
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I was trying to only post something on or after May 23rd (because my last journal was on that day) but after thinking about it I realized that was in 2 months... and I just thought that was too long (not that 10 months is any better, I know, I know...) but trying to escape working on a school project, I decided to write something! I'm a huge fan of procrastination these days, HUGE.

I also started to play RO again and that's a really bad thing when the session in ending in less than a month... but it's so much fun X3

finishing my first year of university in graphic design in April, which means 4 months of summer! they'll mainly consist of work to put money aside for a future apartment with pengwind, but it's all worth it^^

but before I get there, I need to finish my projects... good thing about projects? they give me something to post on DA! and that's something I'll be doing very soon!

and also, a big thanks to everyone that has been faving my stuff!
I don't check out DA so much and I know I haven't replied in a while, but I really appreciate the comments and favs and everything^^ so thanks again!