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CV | Butch | Introduction
Eloise, my dam, grazed further away from the herd, slowly inching herself away. My half-brother, Dutch was forced into the trees, until she returned to retrieve him. After a long year after the stallion change; from Dutch’s sire to mine, my dam became the lead mare once more to my father, Durango. He kept everyone in line compared to his age, he was quite young compared to mother. But no one minded, expect Dutch. He was mindlessly tortured by my sire, because he wasn’t his colt, but yet he still was forced by our dam to keep him with her. She moved towards a bushy area and laid down ever so slowly, the pain of labor is something she knows, so taking your time to deliver is sometimes the best thing.
After hours during the day, she rose upwards, sweaty and tired, but turned around to see me, laying there on the soft grass. She smiled and turned to lick me clean, I struggled to get up more than I should have, which I know worried her a lot. Even though I was just a newborn. My
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Dashing Messager | Andorra | Hots | Main Quest 1.1
Lucy left us. She bidded me and Thaddeus a farewell in the breaking of dawn, leaving Anahita with us. All Thaddeus did was beg her to take Anahita back with her, but she said it was best if she said with us. Since I knew I’d be more of the babysitting of her, she is mainly my baby. I’m a mother. I watched her leave, as heart wrenching as it is, I didn’t stop her. It was her choice, and I’m not going to pressure it. Thaddeus on the other hand, went back to sleep. It was probably his fault that she left, but I can’t fix anything.
Hopefully we see her once more, maybe I’ll be able to convince her to come with us. I was thinking of having us move locations for a bit. Explore the place we live in, but I know Thaddeus would be against that. So maybe we can head into a town. I really want to see the valley.
After an hour or so, I woke up Thaddeus and Anahita, because I heard beats of horse hooves and Incase they needed to flee. But the beats slowed down as
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Small Little Pink PT. 2 | Andorra | Hots
The yelling female voice echoed the small pond like area. I rose my head from the ground to see Anahita go big eyed. Something was wrong, was that her mother? Can’t be she said she couldn’t find her mother. But that still leaves a chance for it to be.
Thaddeus must have thought the same thing, he came and stood by me as we watch and search. “Anahita, do you know who that was?”
“Uh, yeah..” she looked down and started to walk into the water. Out of the water rose this horse, with fucking horns?! Me and Thaddeus stood there in amazement, and horse and horns. So cool! She seemed to notice me and him, staring.
She got closer to the filly, Literally galloping Towards her, making her stop. “Why did you wander off? Who are they? Do You Remember Anything I’ve told you about stranger danger?!” She screamed at the foal, terrified for some reason. Do me and Thaddeus really look that
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DI | Dutch | Tracker
♣️ Dutch’s Tracker ♣️

DiRPG | Dutch | Lead Stallion
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DI | Dutch | Lead Stallion by MissTinyTerror DI | Dutch | Lead Stallion :iconmisstinyterror:MissTinyTerror 1 0
Vigrid Is Passing
The sky was a mix of beautiful colors, as the sun set over the horizon. Vigrid’s Sickness was catching up to him, and he knew that. Laying down up against an oak tree, Vigrid sighed in relief as the pain in his weak legs faded away.
Living his life was decent, he was happy being who he is, and where he’s going now. Laying his head down in the soft spring grass, he took deep breaths.
His eyes started to get heavier and heavier, Giving into the heaviness. He closed his eyes shut. Never go open them again.
:iconmisstinyterror:MissTinyTerror 0 0
Small Little Pink | Andorra | Hots
Thaddeus was tired, for some reason he didn’t sleep very well last night, he won’t tell me why either, I guess that’s just one of his mysteries. I sighed as I started to get closer to the water, I needed a drink, ever since me and Thaddeus started to be around each other more, he’s become more nicer but still easily annoyed by me. I could care less, but he’s still my only friend, I slowly put my head down and drank from the water. It’s very cool thanks to the weather in this area, feels great.
I heard a splash a bit far away from me, I raised my head instantly, and scanned the area looking for Thaddeus, I don’t need to be pranked, but no, he was there, laying on the ground sleeping. I looked towards the area where the splash came from, I couldn’t see anything large that could hurt me. But the large grass around the area didn’t help for anything small, I started to walk down towards the area very slowly. As I approached the area, I s
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Andorra | Hots | Commoner by MissTinyTerror Andorra | Hots | Commoner :iconmisstinyterror:MissTinyTerror 3 6 Magnolia Clan Territory by MissTinyTerror Magnolia Clan Territory :iconmisstinyterror:MissTinyTerror 1 0
Hots | Zabrina | Main Quest [1.3] + Claiming
“Thaddeus, I accept your offer, I could always use a friend” Zabrina said with a smile that reached her cheeks. Feeling a wave of assurance, Thaddeus smiled brightly tossing his head high and rearing upwards. Zabrina just smiled at him chuckling away. “C’mon! We should get going so we can be there half way by sundown!” Zabrina yelled out. Thaddeus brushed it off, nodding and dumming down his excitement. The two were off.
As they galloped, they laughed and enjoyed themselves. They soon approached a little oasis, being almost sunset the two decided to sleep there.
As the two horses rested, hoof beats sounded off in the distance. They both rose their heads up and looked in the direction where it Came from. They only saw the dust of the sand, but that’s impossible. Zabrina started to notice something black Moving inside of the Moving sand.
“Thaddeus, I think there’s something in the dust” Zabrina said, shaking in her voice, she was scar
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Hots | Zabrina | Claiming Attempt 3
Zabrina graced her trotting self across the plains of Æmenne. She couldn’t help but feel proud of herself, she normally doesn’t feel very good when she compares herself. But today, she just woke up with a smile. Though a frown crossed her face as she thought of the stallions who she meet days ago. Chim And Soot. She was coming up on a hill, but she heard giggling. She looked down towards the sounds that seemed to echo the area. There was this white/black horse, possibly mare? And then there was this stallion, he looked a lot like Soot! Zabrina got all giddy, and started to move down the hill.
She neared them, “Soot..?” Zabrina asked as stopped moving and out stretched her head. The stallion turned around and smiled slightly, “hello once more” Soot said, “how have you been?” his smiled seemed to have reassured her. “Oh I’ve been good, who’s this?” Zabrina moved closer But was hinting towards the unique looking
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Hots | Zabrina | Main Quest [1.2]
“Thaddeus, you should rest” Zabrina spoke to the black stallion. He began to pace back and forth thinking of what could go wrong. “Zabrina you must understand the stress I’ve been through, and must also understand the other side of stress if something were to happen to you during the delivery!” Thaddeus said quite loudly, it wasn’t yelling but it still hurt Zabrina. She just lowered her head towards the ground. Thaddeus sighed.
“I apologize. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that Zabrina.” Thaddeus said, walking up to her, he nuzzled against her shoulder.  “You Need to relax Thaddeus” Zabrina said, she seemed to ignore his touch, laying down on the ground. “Please?” She said looking up at him, “very well” he said, laying down and pressed his side right up to hers. He seemed to change his attitude.
“I think you don't understand the fact that I know you aren't strong enough to face them
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Hots | Zabrina | Main Quest [1.1]
It was the dawning of a new day when Zabrina rose from her slumber, she laid on her side as she sighed. She wasn’t a morning type of mare, nor did want to get up at all, but she can’t stay in one place for to long. With a heavy breath and a huff, Zabrina pulled herself up and shook the sand off her coat. In the distance was quite loud thumping of hooves, curious she walked slightly towards the direction. Suddenly with a large and painful gust backwards, Zabrina was met with the eyes of a black stallion. “Oh! I’m sorry Ma’am!” he said, unknowingly Zabrina didn’t quite hear that as she gazed into the those eyes of his. “Miss?”
“Huh? Oh! It’s quite alright, don’t worry!” Zabrina said, “really I should be the one paying more attention to where I was going!” she quickly got up and looked down at the stallion. All black? Reminds her of Chim. He has since left. She hasn’t been able to find him or S
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Hots | Zabrina | Claiming Attempt 2
Day 1,462 [Night Time]
Seeing them walk away was hard enough for Zabrina. They didn’t seem to want to stay, she noticed how uncomfortable she made Soot by asking. It really did make her feel bad. She watched them climb back to the shore and shake themselves. All the water coming off of them, Chim Started To Dry much quicker because of The Sun hitting his darker coloring coat. Zabrina seemed to stare at him the longest as they walked off Together, he didn’t seem to want to leave her. But didn’t because he was really close with Soot. She understood their relationship, they must be close like twins or two brothers.
Should I follow? She thought, maybe just maybe she can get to know Soot better. She smiled and slowly trotted herself of the water. She shook herself dry, making sure she doesn’t fall over, she faces in the direction they went in. She takes a deep breath and starts off in a full gallop, hoping to catch up with the stallions.
It was now dark, Zabrina coul
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Hots | Zabrina | Claiming Attempt
Day 1,462
The elegant palomino mare graced herself over the desert plains of Aemenne. Dazed out in her mind, believing she’d come across someone of her past herd. She found herself wondering closer and closer to the well know Arcane and Jade Oasis. She always loved going to the Oasis, the bright colors are always amazing to see.
Zabrina Slowly brought herself closer to the water, she stretched her neck downwards to drink from the heavenly place. As she drank the water, she listened in on her surroundings. The waterfall making the crashing noise as it always does. The quiet water streams making Ever So small splashing sounds. Some birds talking to one another, sounded like a sweet song. Or possibly a messed up conversation between two birds.
Then, she heard a slightly chuckle, but it honestly sounded more like a grunt. And then a sound of a fart. Zabrina rose her head, questioning what in Sleipnir’s Name was that? More importantly who? She looked around, but it wasn’t
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Hots | Zabrina | Lead Mare [Retired] by MissTinyTerror Hots | Zabrina | Lead Mare [Retired] :iconmisstinyterror:MissTinyTerror 3 7


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