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Just finishing up work for Face Off's season 7! It's been so fun working with all the artists again this time around. 

Now, my time is being occupied with writing a D&D campaign! Full setting and all. I've been making a few resources, so I thought I'd post them here. Ignore them if you're looking for my fancy stuff. 

I've been around DA for a decade or so (previously as Takasuke) and have always loved the little adoptables that people make. 
Being adopted myself, makes me maybe a bit more squishy about it. But I'm thinking about trying my hand at some! 
Right now I need to focus on being faster than I am- so I need to DRAW DRAW DRAW. 
Cute things coming soon!! 
I'm a Norse girl living in Sunny Los Angeles with my husband and French Bulldog, Mortecai!  I have a beautiful studio in the fabulous Big Art Labs, a local Burner community. 
This is an attempt to show my work to some new people. 
If you'd like to see more, check out my website:
And my etsy shop full of strange and steampunky things:
I'm available for commissions in USD, because I need to eat! Message me if you want to help feed me. I do Black and White sketches, Full Colour paintings and portraits, and Pin ups!