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ULTRAVIOLENCE: Fear stalks the land!

VULTURES: Mouths are empty like our heads!

IDIOTQUÉ: Down is the new up!

HEIMÀ: Bonn/Cologne in Germany

NOTE: Strg+Alt+Entf= Why am I?

CURRENTLY: Eign minn von glataður!

I AM: Camera addict, there is nothing more to say!

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Mysterious Skin, Trainspotting, Brick, Donnie Darko
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Mysterious Skin


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* MissSouls has Only Fans, where you can see all nude works from now on

* There is also the possibility to follow my RED FOX Tier, you can see all of my nude works there too, also special requests and never seen works.

* Miss Souls started her very own Podcast: Breaking The Frame. For more information, click here: https://breakingtheframe.carrd.co/

Enjoy 🖤

Okay, I will change some things here and I hope people who truly believe in my works and support artists and especially women, will understand. I will make every erotic work only for my tier subscribers! People consume women's bodies for free, I get a lot of sexist shit about my naked body every day and that's only cause I love doing erotic art. I can't protect myself anymore, I'm in a very bad health situation right now and that's just one of the many reasons I will change the free erotic artworks into tier subscription now. I feed the patriarchy everyday and I get so much really hurtful stuff. I got a picture from one of my works printed out and someone ejaculated on it or the classic "show more pussy" comments, stuff like that EVERYDAY! You're not entitled to my naked body! I don't forget that I have a lot of great friends here and people who support me whatever I do and I'm sure they will understand and still support me. Thanks you so much, T.j
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Now On Patreon

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For everyone who's not willing to pay any monthly tiers to Deviantart or who wants to leave this site permantly, I offer Patreon now. I'd changed my mind and don't want to show anything on Only Fans anymore. The reasons are quite obvious. I don't see my works on that site anymore and I don't like the pressure and the stigma. So I decided to change my platform. My erotic works, which I can't uplaod anywhere on social media, will be completely uploaded on that page. Whole series and my beloved clips too! If people really love what I do and want to support me, please feel free to add me there. Follow Me HERE
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I think it's horrible people would give sexist talk to you just because you are proud of your body. I understand the reasoning for protecting yourself. I am just sad that it came out of a necessity due to the poor actions and hurtful beliefs of others.

Yeah, I just hope to find ways to protect myself better. There are some really weird creatures out there.

Thank you so much :aww:

Always a pleasure M'lady. Though apologies, but I am also among the weird souls lol.

Hi honey! I hope this request won't be too difficult. Unffortunately the shot I chose to draw has a fogged atmosphere I was unable to overcome, and thus the detail I needed for construction, was lost.

And so. ..

Will you please tell your husband for me, that I think he took a brilliant shot; and, please will you ask him if I may collaborate, using his photographic image? Full credit would be given for his original.

Thank you in advance, I really look forward to working with one of these images. 🖖 All the best.

Vielen Dank für's Folgen! Freut mich sehr!

You are so awesome.

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