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The Three Graces

Part of Leonard Nimoy's "Full Body Project," shot with the girls from Big Burlesque, and modeled after the painting by Raffaello Sanzio of the same name.

Photography: Leonard Nimoy [link]
Co-conspirators: Big Burlesque [link]
Model on the right: Me!
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Nudemodel3's avatar
Hey, I have that book!  One of the best reads of all time.
Sooo beautiful ❤️
absolutely beautiful
cranberrycorners's avatar
Three lovely Botero ladies :-)
jmarkoff2's avatar
cute and cuddly
abstractart5's avatar
SapphireTakara's avatar
Oh and to TheVividMan, do you feel better now that you have put other's down? What's wrong with you that makes you feel the need to hurt and belittle others to make yourself feel better? Makes me wonder what exactly you're compensating for...
SapphireTakara's avatar
Beautiful pose, elegant and serene.. as well as gorgeous models they are truly Goddesses. Overall amazing photo.
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
Three Willendorf venuses, I'm honored to gaze upon such a visual feast :) 
peruniec's avatar
WOW Im in heaven
steadi727's avatar
This a very lovely image.
SaucyBubbles's avatar
They are what true beauty represents.  Very defined job by the photographer.  The three girls look exceptionally gorgeous.
daniestrydom's avatar
Hi. Love this. Want to paint it please. Great photo, darks and lights and sheer fun. Will give you credit in DA when i post it and will let you know when i do so. Thanks
jimmurphy1906's avatar
I have always loved this pic
ralphee's avatar
Oh Wow! I love this work. You must be very proud to have been a part of it.
Jasmine-Jean's avatar
can I draw off this?! :)
mkmkmkzzzz's avatar
This picture reminds me of the hippie 60's, they all look so beautifully peaceful. I love it.
Andrew-McCloud's avatar
Jesus holy fuck on ice
TheVividMan's avatar
These fat pieces of shit need to fucking die.
SapphireTakara's avatar
Do you feel better now that you've put other's down? What is wrong with you that you feel the need to make other people feel ugly and inferior to you? It makes me wonder what exactly you are compensating for...
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