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Late nights make the days blur by.  
It's a long commute.  
Not just here...
but also to HERE.

At some points during the day I find myself far far away.  
Thinking about the future.  
Thinking about the past. Thinking about the in between.

What ifs.
What could bes.
What adventures the day will bring.
What adventures will continue through the sunset.

There's something magical about driving past the city skyline.
Without fail, no matter how tiring my day has been, there is an immediate smile.

By the time I get home tonight, the sun will have already set.
I wonder if there will be a haze above the city or just clear stark blackness littered with blinking lights.

I wonder if I will immediately walk up the stairs past the temptation of good friends and near misses or if I will soak myself in libation and prose as many a night hath occurred.

Two more hours to go.
I can't wait to see you my dear city skyline.
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A concoction that I was pondering last year is now finally going to be getting the love that it's deserved.  The best part of this is the intensive research involved into all those places I've lived digitally.

Stay tuned and happy 2011.
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even if it wasn't happily ever after, it was still happily ever

i want the after though.

selfish selfish me.

dream dream dream
if things are bad, they’re still good.
if they're good, things are still golden.

if we're apart, its got its reasons.  
if we're together... it's got its reasons.

the here.
the hereafter.

the in between.
the non existent.

our paths crossed for matters unknown to anything beyond the heart.

emotion is never fully defined.

and so to query an explanation as to what we have or do not have..
is to cheapen the thread.. the soul.. that resides within.

we are just to be.
whether or not we are meant to be.

Anything beyond what we are inside our raging minds
is but an exemplary notation to reach further inside of ourselves and achieve more.

never enough.
but always enough.


part of a series with more to come. i feel levity. im untouchable. now back to work...
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he left his camera here.. a beautiful Digi Nikon D40.
its intimidating.. or maybe its him.. or both.  Why do i freeze up like this?
this is what im passionate about.. it's time to stop worrying so much right?

gawd i...
im such a sucker for...
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and i'm glad that i have a case of rebull because I cannot stop writing.

new pictures to come now... and a few that I never posted.

..::revel in the spaces in between::..
Yet again.. this time it's a journal.. I will be uploading some crappy old entries to gawk at later for your enjoyment.. still pushing the envelope to get those travel shots up, in time.. I want to find a job more than anything now.  It is so very frustrating not having a car.  I think I may hit the mall for awhile and see if I can get something even minimum at this point.. which really sucks because I haven't worked for minimum since I worked at Gamestop nearly 4 years ago.  This really really sucks.. the broke part of being an artist.  The travel I've done has sucked my pocketbook empty.  While I'm happy that I did do it, at the same time, I'm really feeling the crunch here. =/
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There's so much that still hasn't been posted here yet.. so my google account is getting more love, as the uploading here is slower than I would like.

My apologies and thank you everyone for being so patient.  Things are extremely hectic here in a good way.  You are much appreciated.
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Everyone featured here has to repost this message on his/her journal and feature the first 10 people who reply them thereafter.
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Almost a month now since they've been home.. in some ways its easier.. but others.. the weight feels so heavy.  My daughter is turning 1 soon.  I need to be there for her birthday.
Trying to make a way.. to get all of this taken care of.. to seize the day.  To be there for them... every bit of it.  They are what matters.  Someday someone will see that.  Someday Someday someday...

Right now my heart is just broken.  I rolled the dice.. I took a chance.. I lost.  I never should have played.
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It's amazing what you can find when you clean.  Cleaning the clutter away.. its worth it.  Why?  Because after months of not knowing where my prints were, I finally found them.. within 30 mins of my cleaning start.  So, eventually I can post them.

The copy of Solidarity that I posted was the shitty version.. I have the mounted print at proper exposure and will post it when I can.

Just tossing up an update for those who were interested.
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Well after having my sleeve pulled a lot recently by a friend, I decided to buck up and post my meager shots on here.
I'm honestly amazed to see the reactions my work has gotten.. to me I've found a lot to be mediocre at best.  Perhaps I am my own worst critic.  But I know that I have a lot to learn.. my fellow DA'ers will help me.. inspire me..

Also through this hard time I'm going through right now, it has made me also realize how much this photography has made me happy.
How the people in the pictures have changed me and affected my life.

But it's been on hold and will be on hold awhile.

Hope you enjoy what there is here though.. I have been writing a bit in blurbs to accompany my photos.

This is a good outlet for me.
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