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Your presence is ethereal.

I heard your voice but I had never heard your voice.
You haunted me. Oh memory I never experienced that was ever so familiar.

It was quiet and black and white and grey.
And the music was quiet at first but came in like a floodgate.
The silent clatter of keys on a piano were like a soft warm summer rain.

And as I played that became deeper and deeper as the drops turned from little flecks dusting my skin to luscious drops to waves….
in these puddles and tides I saw your ghost.
Flashes of a half hiding face with bitten lipped smiles.
Of an arm stretched out to dance and then a spin into a great…

and then there was your voice.
It haunted me as much as…

and I’d never heard it before I saw you here.

But I had seen you before.
You were… remembered.

How could I possibly have a memory of someone I never met…
never exchanged experiences with..
never laughed with..
never cried with…
never felt their heartbeat close to mine?

How are you familiar?
How are you

And then your ghost started to become real.
You started to fill the world with color.

And just as quickly I woke up and you were gone again.
Erased from memory until you appeared again.

A familiar memory never experienced.
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Submitted on
April 9, 2014