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..::From Hell to Earth and Back::.. by MissRiggie ..::From Hell to Earth and Back::.. by MissRiggie
This is a character I made up, whom I may or may not use publically.
I'd like you to meet Desdemona :)
'Dez' is her nickname, but you need her permission to call her that.

She is the daughter of :icondisneyhadesplz:, Lord of the Underworld of Greek mythology and the Shakespearean Fairy Queen Titania from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
The back story to this stubborn, rebellious, smooth-talking, tricky goddess/fairy is a little complicated. She's pretty much a crossover baby...
Basically, Hades rose to Earth (i don't know why, just rock up some trouble I guess... :iconidkplz:)and came across the forests where Titania was asleep, only just cursed with the love spell/ potion administered by Puck, just as Oberon had plotted. Hades saw her beauty and high status and power over the fairies thinking she may be of use to him, so he rampaged through the forest and took her to the Underworld with him.
When Titania awoke she fell deeply in love with him. He used and abused her until she realised he didn't love her back, making he resort to bestowing the very same love spell/potion used on her to make him falll for her.
After having Baby Dez, she felt guilty of the false love he had for her and let the souls feed on her until she was no more to break the spell (?)
Desdemona serves her father as a guide to the dead just as faithfully as her mother was, yet she also resents him for never speaking a word about her.
She only begins to learn the other half of her origin when she grows fairy wings. She hides them from her father until she finally decides to escape to the surface.

That's all I got about her
I may expand on this... I might not.

:iconnotouchyplz::iconspeechplz: no stealing until I've made up my mind

If you're wondering why the Disney Hades is her father it's coz he's awesome and my favourite disney villain and her design&personality was half-inspired by him.
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January 18, 2013
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