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Terms Of Service -- Updated 9/3/19

!!*Please read and understand all terms and conditions before contacting me. Your questions may be answered below.*!!

**I am ONE person.  All the work I do is by myself and as such, I am not a factory.  Please keep that in mind :)  Now, on to the terms:

This TOS guide includes the following:
Bullet; Red GENERAL TERMS Bullet; Red 
Bullet; Orange SHIPPING Bullet; Orange 
Bullet; Yellow ARTWORK Bullet; Yellow 
Bullet; Green PRICE GUIDE Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Blue  WARRANTY AND REFUNDS Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Purple  DO's & DON'Ts Bullet; Purple 

--You must be at least 18 years old to enter into a commission contract with me.
--I have the right to refuse any commission.
--I have the right to terminate any commission at any time if a customer becomes unreasonable or threatening.
--I accept Paypal only at this time.
--If you are allergic to latex, please be aware that I may use it, and let me know accordingly.
--Understand that as a commission, I will be using my style and artistic liberty. Please browse my works and make sure I am the right fit for you.
--Please remember that I don't do toony; I strive for a realistic quality in my work. (See gallery)
--I will not directly copy anything in my gallery, as they were all unique commissions belonging to an individual.  Reasonable variations are possible, however.
--Updates to your order will be posted on my Twitter page (@missraptorsfx)  This is the easiest and least time consuming way to inform customers of updates.
--All final images belong to me.  I may use your piece for promotional materials, business card artwork, etc.
--When you commission from me, you are agreeing to all TOS.
--Pennsylvania residents must add 7% tax to the total cost of commission.

Bullet; Orange SHIPPING:
--All shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer. I cannot give an accurate shipping quote until the project is finished, boxed and ready to go. If you have an account with a service that you wish to use, you MUST tell me beforehand. If you fail to do so, there will be an extra charge. Tracking will be used when available. I prefer UPS/FedEx for smaller items shipped within the US, but larger items may be shipped via USPS.  (Please let me know if you prefer a certain carrier over another.)  I am not responsible for any items lost in the mail.
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: If shipping outside of the US, I will NOT mark the package as "gift." YOU are responsible for any customs fees when the package gets to your country. Please do not ask me about this. It is illegal to do otherwise.
*PLEASE remember that shipping can be expensive.  Some countries are harder to ship to as well. I have NO control over this.  I will ship in as small a box as I can without putting the product at risk of damage.  I also keep my mind on making it shipping-friendly; building things so that they CAN ship to you as easily as possible.
--Final payment must be made and cleared before item is shipped. (Shipping costs will be invoiced separately to the final payment.) If the item is not paid in full, or contact with customer is lost, the item then becomes my property.
--If the package arrives smashed or damaged, contact me with pictures and info, and we will contact the post office/UPS/FedEx to deal with it.

Bullet; Yellow ARTWORK:
--Artwork/reference images are required.
--No NSFW images, please.
--I must have clear concept artwork to use as reference. This includes front, back, sides and if needed, top and detail shots.  NO MULTIPLE DESIGNS.  Or be specific!  I cannot stress this enough.  Different shapes of heads, etc are confusing.  If it doesn't matter to you, I'll pick the shape and or design I like best.  Please be as clear and concise as you possibly can; the more details I get from you, the more helpful it is to me.  I know there are many out there that have their characters done by different artists and they can all look very different.  If you want a mash-up of different parts from each art piece, tell me!  Again, just be as specific as you can.
--I will not use other people's concepts as final designs for commissions unless express consent is given by said artist.  This means if you see something you like and want, you cannot "steal" it. I will of course accept concept work you did, or work you have paid to have done of your character.
--NO changes can be made after design finalization. Materials have been ordered and construction has already started.
--There will be a 50$ fee for ANY artwork done by me.

Bullet; Green PRICE GUIDE Bullet; Green

*I reserve the right to change prices at any time to reflect increases in material pricing, materials used, techniques and personal growth. Quotes will be relevant for 30 days after I give them. Past that, you must inquire again for your project.*

--My canine masks are one-size-fits-most. As such, included in the order are extra foam pads for a tighter fit if needed. They are best fitted on a person with a vertical head circumference measurement around 24 inches.
Payment Required:
--30% of the final commission price is non-refundable. 50% of the final commission price is due as a deposit to hold your slot. The non-refundable fee covers material price costs. These are ordered immediately upon finalization, and construction has begun.  Final payment must be made before construction completion.
1450$ - two color, moving jaw
    +145$ - LEDs
    +57$ - following style eyes
    +85$ - per extra fur color
    +207$ - intricate markings
    +162$ - wefted hair (1 color, simple hair poof or mohawk)
    +95$ - per extra wefted hair color
    +670$ - full wig
    +83$ - fan installed
    +258$ - horns (one pair)

**Do you need to know the type of fur used on your mask to commission matching parts?  Unless it is discontinued fur, I can provide you that information!
**Can I work on other makers' resin bases?  Yes!

85$ raw cast [Traditional Canine/Small Mammal]
186$ cut and hinged (NO elastic included)
327$ [Canine Skull (cut and hinged)]
    +12$ elastic (not glued; only included with purchase)

--There is a 30 day warranty from receipt of package covering workmanship. For example; if something pops out of place, seam or otherwise, I will repair it for free, or a small fee. Buyer pays shipping both ways.  If you attempt to repair it yourself, warranty is void. This warranty does not include misuse, improper handling or normal wear and tear. So take care of your items!
--I do NOT offer refunds or returns on completed items. 
--If you are having financial issues, a partial refund may be available to you, minus the deposit and percentage completion (varies by project and time).  It may be paid in installments.  Please make sure you can afford to commission a luxury item before making your first payment.

Bullet; Purple  ***Do's and Don'ts:
--Do not leave in hot car or store in direct sun. Heat can destroy plastics at oven-like temperatures. UV light can discolor things over time.
--Do not submerge in water. Electronics inside!
--Do not store anything on top of mask. Avoid crushing.
--Be responsible while wearing a mask. Get a spotter if needed. Do not play in traffic or chase wild animals. I am not responsible for injury caused by roughhousing or horseplay.
--After wearing for long periods of time, let your mask breathe and air out. You can wipe down the inner plastic with mild soap if you wish.
--Handle your mask carefully; a lot of work goes into each one. Do not poke hard at the eyes or eye mesh, over extend the jaw or yank hard on the whiskers. Do not handle the mask by the ears; it could damage their shape. Treat your mask with respect and it will last for years!

****Completion dates:****
--Projects are completed by first paid, first served.
--I don't offer hard deadlines.
--General completion dates will vary, depending upon the complexity of the project and payment plan. 
--I will be in contact with you if any emergencies or problems (materials, molds or otherwise) arise.  You can keep your eye on my Twitter Twitter (@MissRaptorsfx) for progress updates on your order.
--If you're looking for a certain completion date for a convention, a rush fee may be added into the final quote.  To secure this rush order, both the deposit and rush fee must be paid.
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