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So I saw on an amino that people were using an app to show their transition goals. I have no idea what app they were using and I'm too lazy to figure it out so I decided to just draw mine myself! Recently I kinda screwed up with my hair and had to... cut it all off. I'm actually making a comic about it where I planned to reveal what it looked like buuuut I didn't want to wait to post this.

Anyways, my transition goals aren't terribly complicated. I'd like to have top surgery obviously (asap). I also have a few tattoos planned out. Not all of them are transition related, but I would like to get a small heart tattoo on my chest after top surgery. I also would absolutely LOVE to have dreads one day. I definitely couldn't have them now because even with my hair long enough to pull back, I cant stand looking anywhere near what I did before cutting my hair. (Pulling it back looks exactly the same as before and its horrible.) The last thing I'd for sure want is to go on T. I'm always back and forth on it but I know one day I'll go on T. There's just no way I can live my entire life without eventually doing that.

That's about it! There's some things I left out because I didn't want to make this too long but if you have any questions on the design and why certain things are the way they are then don't hesitate to ask! (Also, I wear glasses but I never seem to draw myself with them lol.)
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