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Never forget to judge after you know

A book can be white, purest white, be pink, look like its collected with paradise, dreams and desires. But never forget to look inside it before you make up your mind. You might get surprised.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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Vision and impact: I love the photo effect, it looks like it is in a dark room, and darkness is a good metaphor for suffering and fear, well done. I love how the sentence is written too, like the author was in a rush. Maybe to get away from what they were fearing? A cry for help from depression and loneliness perhaps? Maybe they were abused? Either way, it is a great impact of crying for help. 
Originality: I have seen many similar, but none like this. I say it is pretty original. 
Technique: love how you did it, the pen in between the book with a loose cap looks natural and not setup. But may I ask, how is the book being held up? It would normally be flat, but I think it looks better the way you did it so it is ok. 
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It was just an idea that came to my mind about 15 minutes ago and I just did it. Its a book I use to write down my inner thoughts and pains and fears in. Like a diary. But I'm really happy for your nice words.
I suffer from serious depression, I wanted people to know depression isnt always visible from the outside.
The book is very small and I brought it not long ago so I was having a hard time making it not close itself. And it was all natural, not a setup. I just thought it looked good enough and would send the message I hoped people would read and recive.
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It is a good idea to write your thoughts in a diary. I for one draw my thoughts and make stamps, but most of my thoughts are controversial things that make me mad lol. 

Depression is a sad thing. But just to say, it is OK to like yourself. It is OK to be confident. So what about society who says otherwise, it is your life, please yourself. 

A good message too, great how you did it. Simple but has a powerful meaning.
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I know that feel, bro, and if you need help, ya know your friends will be here 
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Hey . . whats the idea behind this? do you really need help? whats bothering you?
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Im having a hard time with my family and my depression. And no one seems to care about it. So its both just a pkcture and a message. That just because someone look happy, doesnt mean they are.
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I really want to help, but I'm horrible at it. I really hope it's over soon.
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But....are you trying to give a serious message or is just a simple photo?
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I umm....its a message, yes. A message to all those out there.
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It's simple,but It could be really expressive as a black & white photo
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It was meant to be a message. Thats why I put it where I put it. A picture says more than a thousand words you know.
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Cool,simple but edgy
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