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May 13, 2012
Elements and Principles of Design by *MissPinks is informative and beautiful!
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by Vampy-note
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Elements and Principles of Design

This is a compilation of pages for a small booklet i did as an assignment.
We were to choose a theme and visually represent the elements and principles of design. :) my theme was shells.
page 1 and 2 are the front and back cover. the rest are pages in column order, the visual representation adjacent to its matching text.

it looks very cute printed x)

please download if you want to read the text!

im so amazed. i never thought that would happen :cries:
this is such a great encouragement for me, it means so much >.<
thankyou so much =Vampy-note for suggesting and $Moonbeam13 for featuring! ;-; :heart: :heart:

other new artwork :lol:
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My art teacher would love this!
MissPinks's avatar
oo thats good to hear hehe : D
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It's really interesting to see how different people have different principles of design. I learned design with Lawrence Marvit, and his seven principles are line, form, shape, space, colour, texture and value, whereas Peter Chan swaps movement and size for form and space. I think in the end it all kind of boils down to the same sense of sensibility towards visual design, some sets of principles just hone your senses a bit more in one direction or another.

That said, it's only fitting that a cheat sheet on design principles is so well-designed itself *_* I'm in awe of the pretty stuff you make, currently browing through your gallery. The only point of critique I'd have is maybe showing off a nice example line quality/varied line weight on the "line" example, right now it seems that the lines are fairly understated in that picture, but hey, I'm nitpicking already :) Nice job there!
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Thanks for the lovely comment.
now i look back i agree it does look a little bit understated. One might not even know what principle they were supposed to be looking at if it wasnt next to the name i guess ^^;
My intention was to illustrate an image with lines since the rest are almost or completely lineless. It does look a lot better in the booklet when printed though, since its larger and more obvious.
this is a good example of how things can changed when looked at from a smaller scale. i should zoom out more xD
thanks again :)
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Hindsight is always 20/20! My design teacher used to say, "The moment you pin something up on the board to pitch it, you see all. the. things. that are wrong with it!"

I've made it a habit to constantly zoom out and back in again, and also to flip my picture at least once an hour. Usually I completely forget which way my picture was facing when I started, haha :)
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haha same.. that happens a lot to me with paintings. xD
i zoom out a lot nowadays but this was done around the middle of my first year before i got much experience. (you can see by the text layout that has orphans etc)
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I try to see it positively - usually you spot all the ugliness in the flipped picture. If you can't identify it, it means you've fixed a lot of stuff! :D (Or you're just going blind to your painting, haha.)
Isn't it strange looking back at school work? I'm studying character animation and all the stuff that I was so proud of in the beginning, oh dear...
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Your assignment is similar to an assignment I'm having to do for a class. Your work is beautiful!!! You have put mine to shame and I wish I had thought of doing something so bright and colorful!
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aw thankyou x) i actually normally like subdued colors and pastels (no idea what drove me to do this brighter)
it can come out nice either way :lol: good luck if you havent finished it already!
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CONGRATS ON THE DD BRO~ XD Really nice presentation btw ;)
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thankyou very much ;o;
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thankyou very much :)
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so helpful, and beautiful to boot!!
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thankyou! it would be cool if someone learned something from this :'D
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This was so helpful! thanks.
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