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A Mix Item packs that are AWESome!!

By Misspinker
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V2 is here:
V2 is to be credited as well:~ThaBlue

All credit and WORK goes to the RIGHTFUL owners!! I only upload these so everyone can have the oppertinity to have the same pack with ALL the great items in it. When more future items come I will make sure, I'll make a new updated version. BUT THIS ITEM PACK should make others happy. Again I just put items together, all the creit goes to the owners of these items, wanna know who they are? Their listed in the document files, If I missed some one, tell me and I will add you to the list, I don't want issues... Download link is at the bottom of this.. People, please don't make the mistakes I've made, please ask before you use. This is very serious..You don't want to be in a position/spot when you don't ask to use other peoples work.

Giving FULL Credit to:

-Oreloki & Aberguine- Beak items (Thank you for letting me keep them in the pack)

-Shelby: [link]

-Goddess-of-Buttsecks: [link]

-WarClan: [link]

--N1TrOuSOx1d3 (on deviant art):


AquaChocobo (very sorry I forgot you :( therefore I give you a badge for letting me keep your items in here.. Next time I will know to ask. and share this information with others who have done this as well IF I see them.

If I missed anyone, I am terribly sorry!! And I indeed give you credit for your awesome work!! I only wanted to upload these so everyone has the new updated items..AGAIN I DON'T OWN THESE ITEMS..I ONLY UPLOAD THESE!!!



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I don't know if anyone noticed or not but I have moved to my 3D account here: magentarose99.deviantart.com/
I didn't leave DA completely.
Thank you all so much for the favs! I am surprised anyone still even comes to this pack so I am very greatful!
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Is this girly items? ;n; im looking for it everywhere!!
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By the way, I remember you Misspinker. We used to be buddies. *tries not to sound like a creepy stalker*
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Could I use this for my Feral Heart? My user is BlytheSorrow.
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Looks like a Nightmare Moon guard.
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Indeed it does O.O
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Since pink is to busy to help some of you ; 3; I will gladly help note me or reply to this comment

I wanted to help ya pinky ;)
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yes at times I am busy, so you may help if you want to.  I've been trying to get my server in a good spot. Thank you <3
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Your very welcome, 

You may remember me pink I'm Whiteridgewolf or heartlyxheavens. X 3

Anyway what server?

And yes please contact me about the problwms
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Yes of coarse I remember you..I'd feel horrible if I didn't. I am hosting and owning a server called "Claws of Terror" A new reborn IT server.  If you want to check us out here:  clawsofterror.proboards.com/        You may.  Thank you again xD
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A majority of the downloaded items appeared. There are some that have not appeared in other item packs, but some that I know work did not appear. I think it was the wings, yeah. It's the wings, and maybe more. And the "pets"....Okay,a lot are missing o_o. I'm fine with it for my best bet is that they were not added onto the items .cgf file (I would probably do that it I tried to add items XD).

Sorry if i sound rude, I don't mean to D;!
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this looks awesome :U
if only I knew how to do it....
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Hey I downloaded correctly, but when I put them on, they didn't appear :'C
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Hello, make sure that you placed the markings.cfg in the feral heart folder *Must be replaced* and you put all items.png files in the items. They don't appear if you don't place them in the correct spot. Also, Yes its a shark tail on the charrie xP
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Hi, I did exactly what you said. The items are in my "item box" when I go to "create" on Feral Heart but they don't appear on my character. (And yes, I clicked "add" and they still don't appear). I put the items.cfg in my main feral heart folder and items.png in the items folder then copied and replaced all of them. Am I doing something wrong?
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I hate when this happens to me. Does this happen too to other item packs that happen to you? You might have to re install feral heart (but back up any files you'd like to keep). Then the items may work. If this doesn't work it's something with your computer not the download.

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Thank you. Yes it does with all of my other item packs except for the Ringo and Delay one. RaD item pack is what I have and its the only one that works (and the party pack) but the other item packs I try don't work. Thanks!
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I'm sorry, this is such a late reply!
Looks like it's something with your computer. So I really don't know any other solution. Mostly to re-install feral heart should have fixed this problem you're having. I'll keep trying to ask some of my friends who have had this in the past.
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