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Photoshop Eye Tutorial 2014

By MissNysha
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Here's a new digital painting tutorial from me! :D (Eyes are my favorite thing to draw/color!)
An updated and hopefully more helpful eye tutorial compared to my 2009 one.
Some general knowledge of Photoshop is needed, so this tutorial is at a more intermediate level.
Please let me know if you need me to clarify anything for you!

As requested, based on one of my recent works featuring Leo and Raph from the TMNT.
It's pretty long, but like my previous hair coloring tutorial, I hope it thoroughly explains my thought processes. Most of my color and blending decisions are from experimentation and basically just by what looks good to me! It can take a while, but that's also what makes digital painting fun. :3

I hope to make my next tutorial on digital color blending in general, so if that's an area you struggle with, please tell me so I know what I need to cover next.

Thanks for your support! :D Enjoy and have fun experimenting in Photoshop!

Original Piece by me:
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Created in Adobe Photoshop CS5
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it did work like I hoped DX 
OfasJakunin's avatar
Woah dude, this is very detailed and must have been a lot of work! Thanks for making this.
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you! :3 I had to split off some details I wanted to cover about how I choose colors, which I hope to put in a different tutorial (when I have more time to make it), but it was fun to dissect and analyze my own work for a change. XD
OfasJakunin's avatar
you did an amazing job!!!!!! :heart:
thejaguar9's avatar
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you! ^__^
Galenia's avatar
OMG! You are perfect! 
MissNysha's avatar
>///< Wah, thank you!
Sleepingseeker's avatar
amazing! The finished pieces are so beautiful - so very realistic!!
MissNysha's avatar
Eeee! Thank you so much, Sleepingseeker! *__*
lilwhitefox2111's avatar
man what a wonderful tut, thank you very much for making it <3
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you! Glad you found it useful. :3
nichan's avatar
What a wonderful tutorial~! I may have to give this a whirl one of these day.

Thank you for making this~! ^_^
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you! <3 I'm glad you like the tutorial!
ClotiPheebs's avatar
This is awesome! I love playing with blending in Photoshop but never tried making my own eyes. So gonna try this ^_^ Thank you for this
MissNysha's avatar
8D Yaay! So happy you like it. Have fun!
ClotiPheebs's avatar
I LOVE it! I think I'm gonna try it with my old Leo head doodle if I can clean it up since the original in my sketch pad is colored now lol
MissNysha's avatar
Awesome! Definitely will want to see what you come up with! :D
SapphiresFlame's avatar
ACK D: I wasn't the first XD
Sooo awesome! I loved it!
MissNysha's avatar
XDXD lol Thank you!
LogicalxXxNonsense's avatar
thats amazing! so beautiful! even better when its Raphie :D
MissNysha's avatar
Wheee, yep it's Raphie's eyes. X3 Glad you like!
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