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Painting Tutorial: Grass

By MissNysha
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Many people liked my grass in my latest wall "Through Golden Fields" [link] and boggled me with questions on how the hell I made it. XD So here is the tutorial they requested!

Feel free to ask me anything for clarification. ^_^

Once you read this through, and/or manage to make something, reward yourself with a cookie! (who doesn't like cookies?)
If you do happen to make something, I would like to see your work! :D
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Very in-depth! Great tutorial, thank you for posting!
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thank u so much for this tutorial. i was planning on painting a Tuscany landscape & i really needed this one!
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You're welcome! :D Glad you found it useful!
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This is really hard for me for some reason. It must be because I am using a mouse.
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I'm experimenting with this now, but for some reason Apply Image doesn't seem to produce the expected result: I tried making a new layer and then clicking on Apply Image, but the layer stays transparent, just how it's been created.

I've checked I haven't got anything selected and to not have transparency locked, but nothing seems out of order. Might it work differently in the version of PS you use? I have 5. 

Thanks for the tutorial!
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I use CS5 now, but this tutorial was made on CS2, and the function remains the same. Just tried it again, and it worked fine. Hmm, maybe when the window pops up set the target layer to merged?
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Yup, that seems to work! I'm not sure if I accidentally changed it last time I tried, but it does work now with the same file. Ta!
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Nice, glad it works now! :D Have fun experimenting!
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Thanks for this tutorial. It helped me out a lot.
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This really helped me! I was using SAI so there was a few complications, but thanks for uploading this!
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You're welcome! :D Ah, I've only used SAI once, but because its painting features are generally 'creamier' than photoshop's I think I would probably paint each grass stroke rather than smudge them. But testing out several methods always helps too!
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Thanks for the advice! I'll have to test it out when I'm next doing some grass
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Great method!  Thanks for sharing.
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Very useful ! used here : [link]
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thanks for this tutorial, i'm going to try it out :)
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what a great tutorial. In depth in details. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.
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I used this here: [link] Thanks! :)
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This is pretty awesome, even though I had to mentally translate it to a gimp tutorial, thanks for the tutorial. ^^
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This looks really helpful! Thank you for taking the time to explain things so clearly!
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Glad to help! ^__^
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