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Nudibranch attack!

By MissNysha
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Another nudibranch piece! These guys have so much character. Just look at his little :3 mouth! He looks like a flaming dragon with a cute cat face haha.

Here is a Dendronotus iris pouncing onto an unsuspecting tube dwelling anemone (Pachycerianthus fimbriatus) to eat it!

Inspired by videos of it attacking the anemone here: [link] and [link]

Painted in watercolor. Kind of a different style for me. I rather like the airy children's book quality to it. :3 Didn't scan so well picking up the subtle colors though. Got lots of practice painting washes of wet into wet to get gradient effects. I also built a full clay model of this scene to get the perspective and composition.

Art copyright me. For my portfolio display only; please do not use without my permission.
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I think I just found out the exact animal Slugma was designed after. :D
BufoBufo21's avatar's so cute. Nudibranchs are the best aren't they?

(Uh oh, i'm being a 'nature nerd' again...)
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lol what a cutie :meow:
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Nice illustration, and loved the first link :D
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Glad you liked them! :3 The videos are quite interesting to watch. Especially because these guys are essentially blind too - they have to find their way through touch and chemical signals instead.
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I'm so surprised in some of these that the anemone seems to wait to 'pull in' - obviously they can't determine what that is, until it's too late?
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Yeah, maybe so. :O They respond to pressure on them, but then again, there's no where for them to go inside their tube!
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sorry for the typo, I actually meant SEAMOOSE! :lol:
MissNysha's avatar
Buahaha! XDXDXD Seamoose!
ArcticIceWolf's avatar
That looks like the slug-version of a moose :D with these "antlers" and even the "hanging nose"...
MissNysha's avatar
Hahaha, that's a new one! XD

ArcticIceWolf's avatar
no problem! Well you know seaHORSES, but this one is a Seamosse!
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