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Iris Varieties of Monterey

By MissNysha
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Be sure to check out my art on my new site! [link]

Another assignment for CSUMB's Science Illustration Graduate Program: this time it's a botanical field guide/poster page.

I really wanted to do irises, and I had a blast hunting around my town (Monterey, CA) taking pictures of all the different types of iris I could find (in city hall, neighbor's gardens, etc...). I found about 7 different types (in various shapes and colors), but did not have the time to draw them all, so here I have some of the 3 most common ones that I could identify:

The Douglas Iris (Iris douglasiana) native to California, Sweet Iris (Iris pallida) native to Croatia, and African Iris (Dietes bicolor) native to South Africa.

If I have the time, I would love to make another page with the rest of the iris types I found!

Painted in Photoshop using my own photo references.

Art copyright me. For my portfolio display only; please do not use without my permission.
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My goodness, these are beautiful. Add the research you did on them...absolutely amazing. Stunning.
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
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This is amazing, I thought they were orchids from the thumbnail view, they are similar, is a interesting light, seem unreal, because it is unreal but the need of it make it credible resides there to discover every single place of the flower. is just great to watch.
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The big one is so pretty...
Aellostriker2's avatar
such graceful flow of the lines on the flowers` petals!
Luna-XIII's avatar
You are a pro!
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Love your gorgeous detailed work! Irises are so beautiful and you capture it's essence quite nicely.
MissNysha's avatar
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Beautiful! The Iris always reminds me of my mother who grew around 18 different varieties. Just gorgeous! :love:
MissNysha's avatar
Thanks! :3 That would be quite the garden with that many different types!
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Very successful !!!

Bravo !
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Why can't my science book have pretty pictures like this? It would make learning much more fun. D:
My mom named me after those flowers. My middle name is Iris. I'm not sure which one, though I'm pretty sure it was a Douglas Iris or African Iris. We have a lot of those around here. XD
MissNysha's avatar
Nice! :D Iris are some of my favorite flowers. :3
Some textbooks do have nice pictures, but I guess it depends on their budget too!
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We get boring pictures taken by cameras. :T Having pictures drawn would be much more interesting, or it would to me anyways. I admit there are some things you can only capture through a camera or microscope though.
MissNysha's avatar
Actually, illustrations are often better than photos because they emphasize important details while excluding unnecessary information. This is why most medical graphics are illustrations rather than a bloody mess. XD This is what I'm being trained to do at CSUMB's Science Illustration Graduate program. :3
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Dear god, they look so alive. Love all the details you incorporated in them. And lol, I had no idea that one of them was native to my country. You learn something new every day. :D
MissNysha's avatar
^___^ Thanks! Yep I had no idea either until I researched these guys! This one smells so good!
I found a bunch more around my town too, so it was hard to choose which 3 to draw for the assignment!
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