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Hair Coloring Tutorial

By MissNysha
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Finally a hair tutorial! I know several of you wanted one! This one is of my current wallpaper WIP. :D Download for full size. Do NOT steal.

Edit 2: Follow along with its PSD! [link]


This coloring/re-cging tutorial/walkthrough is rather advanced and assumes knowledge on using the pen tool. See my Vectoring tutorial [link] if you don't know how. :) This tutorial shows my coloring style and hopes to bring a new perspective to those struggling with hair. Enjoy!

Screenshots are about 80% the size of the original psd.
The whole process is about 6-9 hours. I do lots of experimentation and...multitasking! XD

Please ask if you have any questions!
If you have further questions on vector masks, take a look at my Vector Mask Painting tutorial: [link] too.

See full sized (100%) gif process. WARNING large gif animation won't load on some computers. [link]

Or see a (super low quality) small gif as well! [link]

Character is (c) Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan/Yone Kazuki
The original scan [link]
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© 2010 - 2021 MissNysha
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I will try to do it! great job!
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This is amazing :) It helped me a lot in improving my skills. So yeah! Thanks :D
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Awesome. :D Glad it was helpful!
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Wow oh my god! 0.0 thanks
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.... I saw his face and I blushed- that has never happened before....
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!! :hug:
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Glad to help! :D
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This isn't even fair!
I am so jealous of how amazing your artwork is. (And I can't thank  enough for this tutorial ^q^) I love you style, you coloring, just everything! Perfect!
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Oh my, thank you! XD Though I don't take credit for this character, I'm glad you like how I color and found the tutorial useful! :3
Love your tutorials!
May I ask if you are using a graphics tablet for creating these works of art.
If (Yes)
then may I ask what graphics tablet it is?
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Thank you! Actually I am in the process of making some more tutorials right now! :) And yes, I use a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet (6x8).
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hi MissNysha!

i've finally taken up my works again and i actually based one of my wallpapers on minitokyo off of your beautiful work (you probably don't remember, FHsierra1078 XD) but anyways, coming back after YEARS i finally have some time on my hands to try this again...i would love learn this but i think my biggest problem is not knowing how to use the vector mask...any tips on how to start off with that? thank you so much!!

also, is this done with a tablet?
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Hello there!

Let's see...have you checked out my more in depth tut on Vector Masks yet?

Making them does not require a tablet since it's essentially the same as making vector shapes, though if you wanted to paint in them then using a tablet is useful for the pressure sensitivity.

Let me know if you have any further questions!
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oh perfect!! i'll take a look at your tutorial thank you!
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Thank you very much! It is absolutely useful! *w*
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Glad you found it useful! :D
подскажите пожалуйста ,каким образом в самом начале(когда написано фон фиолетовый  и делать путь )на втором сравнительном рисунке, нужно выделять волосы,ни как не получается (при построении пути и создании векторной маски  у меня выделяется лишь частями  цвет),спасибо :) 
MissNysha's avatar
I'm sorry I do not speak Russian. :( Even with Google translate it is still hard to understand your question.
<font><font>извините, но спасибо за ответ на вопрос </font></font>:) (Smile) 
<font><font class="">пожалуйста, скажите мне, как в начале (когда написано фиолетовым фоном и делать между прочим) на втором сравнительное число нужно выделить волосы, ни не работает (при построении пути, и вы создать векторную маску я выделил только часть цветов ), спасибо :)</font></font>
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Do you know if this can be done on manga studio 5?
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