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Eye Tutorial

Eye tutorial from my latest wall "Purity". AP: [link] dA: [link]
Requested by many to see how I make eyes. :)

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Edit: Answers to some questions -
1. This was made in Photoshop CS2.
2. The pic you see is at 100% size - the same size I painted it at. I used 100dpi.

(Gosh this is my second tutorial...this one took forever to put together! @_@)
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fireytika's avatar
Awesome tutorial!! Thank youuu~ ^^
Lunangel07's avatar
Your tutorials are very helpful! Thank you so so much <3333
MissNysha's avatar
Glad to help! :D
KinimiHucashi's avatar
Thank you I really need this :D
Bm0321's avatar
*bow* thank you for making this tutorial it helped me make eyes not look derpy.
MissNysha's avatar
:D Glad to help!
Ssseebaaa's avatar
DandeiraArt's avatar
Thank you for this tutorial! :)
bluerosefantasy's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! :)
MissNysha's avatar
My pleasure! :3
normalMADcat's avatar
i've got one major problem. i can't control pen tool T.T
MissNysha's avatar
It just takes some practice. I recommend checking out my vectoring guide to help you out: [link]
normalMADcat's avatar
thank you very muchhh now all i have to do is to keep on practicing xD
thanks thanks thanks :)
normalMADcat's avatar
oooh thank you >.< yes yes, i'll practice x) i really want to be good in digital coloring
minkbite's avatar
this was really helpful, thank you for taking the time!

MissNysha's avatar
Glad you like! :3
Nadya980's avatar
Very nice))) eyes of a man *__*
KittyCouch's avatar
This is an AWESOME tutorial. Normally eye tutorials disappoint me, but this one challenges me. Thank you!! <3
MissNysha's avatar
Glad to hear that! I'm curious which parts you preferred to those other ones. This is one of my older tuts/walkthroughs so by now I'd probably explain things differently (less complicated). XD
KittyCouch's avatar
Just the fact that it's more than 3 steps is nice! = w = Normally I find eye tutorials too simple, or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? I'm also not very use to the different blending modes, so it's nice to find a tutorial that uses them. Ahaha, it's not complicated! xD Though, I'm not too sure what you mean by changing the fill percentage? Is that an option in the higher up versions of PS? (I have 7.0 = w =;; )
MissNysha's avatar
Ah, the fill percentage is right below the opacity percentage settings on your layers palette. You can see what I mean in the layer screenshots in my other tutorial: [link] (which explains more blending modes too).
KittyCouch's avatar
Woah, I've been using Photoshop for years and I've never payed any attention to that. o - o Yeah! All your tutorials are great! :love: Hopefully with them I'll be able to start using vectors more. = w =
MissNysha's avatar
Thanks! :3 And good luck in your endeavors too. ^__^
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