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Common Coastal Oaks

By MissNysha
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Another project I did for Pinnacles National Monument - this time they wanted me to illustrate some of the common oaks found in the park to help visitors identify them.

There are 6 species found in the park, but these are the most common. The two others not included are the Canyon Live Oak and the Interior Live Oak.

To make this I had to hike around and take all my reference photos (more than 300!) and collect some of the best looking specimens. The leaves and acorns are actual size, and the trees are relatively scaled to each other.

I hope they like it!

Art copyright me. Please do not use for any purpose without my permission.
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I'm doing a logo project for school and would like to have permission to use some of this. If willing do you have a psd or ai of this. 
Thanks in advance. 

PS not for commercial use. 
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you for your interest. I've sent you a personal note on the matter. :)
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gorgeous like audobon
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you! Honored you think it looks like an Audubon guide. :)
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
Your work is meticulous and elegant as well as some of the most book-worthy images on the site
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Beautiful Nysha each one looks very detailed like ready for a cinematical presentation and is nice to see that every example seems to be the main character of their kind, I can't pick which one I like the most, each reflect the best attributes which means you take care of that to happen, that the viewer do not miss any of them and that's a lot of dedication, really really beaitiful. Thanks for sharing ≧^◡^≦

MissNysha's avatar
Aww thank you very much. :3 They are all very unique in their own ways. :) Glad you like it!
Lonemtnwolf's avatar
Beautiful work! :D
Lonemtnwolf's avatar
You're welcome :D
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From a professional landscaper, congratulations, wonderful work, well detailed and beautifully presented. You should try putting some of this work together as an educational pack for schools
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm glad you think so. :)
Interesting suggestion. I'll have to see what the Pinnacles National Monument does with this project first.
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This is really awesome :D Great job!
MissNysha's avatar
Thanks! ^___^ Glad you like it.
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Wonderful! Since I also live here in NorCal, Oaks are probably my most favorite trees. They were the best to climb when I was a youngster! Especially the really old Valley Oaks! :love:
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you! :3 I had no idea there were that many species of oaks in California before starting this project, and upon seeing the Valley Oaks up close I was quite impressed - wished there was one in my yard! Sadly I think it's too foggy and not hot enough right here on the coastline for them. There's just Coast Live Oaks here, but they were also fun to climb as a kid!
elizabethnixon's avatar
I love love LOVE the little specular highlights you have on the leaves. They are a nice touch and give a good amount of info about the texture of the leaves. Very nice!
MissNysha's avatar
Thanks! :D Getting the right texture for them was tricky, but luckily I had a brush good enough to suggest those textures! Glad you like it!
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It's beautiful. And since I don't know much about trees I can tell you that the tourists will appreciate such detailed help in identifying the different species!
MissNysha's avatar
Thank you! I hope it will help them too. :)
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Lol, I'm in the middle of walling a very demanding scan with lots and lots of green leaves and flowers and then I see this. And then my brain almost pops from green overload.

Nice coloring, though, I really like the leaves and the acorns. xD
MissNysha's avatar
Omg yes, this was also a project on blending over 50 shades of green!!! Lots of practice with that as well. The blue one in particular was the hardest and longest to get right! :D

Curious to see your next project!
Alenas's avatar
Over 50 shades?! Holy....that's a lot. It turned out really awesome. xD

Ah, let's hope I'll finish it over holidays at least. So much stuff to vector. @_@
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