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Comm: SciAm Mice Burrows

By MissNysha
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Second commission with Scientific American!

You can see how the behavior for building mice burrows is genetically inherited.  Hybrid mice have burrows with different tunnel lengths, and sometimes with or without an escape tunnel.
Illustrated in Adobe Photoshop.

Originally featured in the article, "The Evolution of Architecture," by Rob Dunn; originally published in Scientific American Magazine, Vol 311, No. 5, November 2014
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Fascinating. I love P. maniculatus!
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Thank you, Sleepingseeker! <3
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Beautifully done! The subtle variations in the mice isn't noticed at first but then you really start seeing how each one is different, helping to illustrate the concept as a whole! Well played! Bravo!
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Thanks! Yeah each mouse had to be its own unique drawing, and with a limited palette (grayscale) I had to be more subtle with their differences. I'm so glad you noticed! :D
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Of course! brilliant work - it's a b@#$% when you have such limited pallets or the concept that has to be illustrated needs those certain 'somethings' to make the audience realize you didn't just copy/paste the heck out of it. You've done brilliantly here! No wonder S.A. chose you to do this - you have some mad skills! Aside from illustration, being able to create the concept in so few steps in a concise manner. Sure there's text, but you've sent the point home instantly with the graphics.
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