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Chemical Plant Zone Act 1

By MissNeens
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My first painting on my new Macbook :D I've never drawn on a Retina screen was great! I added some motion blur as well.
This is my autumn banner painting for my local gamer group. I had something else in my mind, but they asked me to do my favourite of course I had to do Chemical Plant Zone :meow:

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This looks like those classic art works i've seen in the Sonic Mega Collection or Sonic Gems Collection, which i thought was some of the best artwork of these characters outside of the Archie Comic book series. Great work.

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thank you so much! Anyway, I have to admit, I like the Sonic ones, I‘ve done in the last couple of years a bit more, than this is already really old

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Fitting Music:…

Music in the style, and still fits:…

Very energetic. The motion blur makes it look like the two of them are busy running (and flying) their way through the Chemical Plant Zone, not quite aware, but very much prepared, for what lies ahead.

Very nice attention to detail MissNeens: Act 1 indeed has wavy pipes like the one their on...But which route are they taking? Top or bottom?

It could very well be my laptop display, but the colors look a tad faded, not in the bad way, mark you, and it reminds me of a old photograph or magazine. 

Overall, it's very nice. Nostalgically energetic you could say.
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I still have to play Generations...never owned this game (but I would have liked to, especially for it's soundtrack), because I don't have a PS3/XBOX360/Windows computer...and the game on the 3DS isn't the same ^^;

This was actually the first time I was playing with the motion blur, it was the first thing I did when I got the new computer.
I think they are going top ;P

I wanted to make it to look like an old ad in a magazine, I thought it just fits the 90s style of the game. It's just my usual style of playing with colours :D

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Your art never ceases to make me smile. Glad I stopped by to take a gander. :D

Everything going good with you?
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Thanks for stopping by and having a look hahaha. Yeah, I'm fine, thank you! :meow:
King-Doodles's avatar
The pleasure is mine lol

Good to hear!
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Do you mind if I use this image on my video of the Chemical Plant Zone theme cover I made? I'll give you the credit for it on the description box :)
MissNeens's avatar
oh yes of course you can do that! Just put a link to my page and my username to the pic. That'll be great. And of course show me your vid, when you're finished :D
EmVantas's avatar
Here's the soundcloud one:…

I'll upload it to youtube now!
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pretty cool! I like it! I could never do that, I am not talented making music tbh. ^^;
EmVantas's avatar
I wish I could draw like you do :(
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Thank you lots!!! <3
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Cool, I like the textures, lighting and shading on it, which software do you use to make this?
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Photoshop and I'm drawing on my Wacom Cintiq. This was something completely new for me, as this was my first painting on my new Macbook, which has a retina screen. Makes everything totaly sharp hehe
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This is so cool. I even like the texture!
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RebeccaAnzu's avatar…

And you will feel home.

Und ihr werdet euch wie zuhause fühlen.
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Einfach gut, so ziemlich das Beste, was man aus dem Soundchip des MDs rausholen kann :D
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Best zone in Sonic 2 - FACT! I love running through multiple speed ramps on this zone, especially when Sonic/Tails almost runs off the screen! :)
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yeah me too! The speed, theme and music are so awesome. Definitely one of the best!
blueyoshiegg's avatar
(^~^) definitely! My other fave is probably Hydrocity Zone from Sonic 3... SO many water slides!
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