sensually drawn

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By missnayuh
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I am sensually drawn

to the feel

of the elements

beneath my fingertips

burying myself deep

in the earth

rooted and growing

flowing as water

rolling crests

blessed by airy breath

dancing, burning,

renewing flame

sending signals of oneness

to the heavens

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This immediately made me think of "Annie's Song." by John Denver. That is a very good thing, since I consider it one of the greatest love song's ever written. Even though your poem is more the romance of the senses themselves, rather than a metaphor for the love of a partner, I still think the two go together seamlessly Both that song and your poem are about immersive sensuality.

Beautiful work! I truly loved it.💖✨

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Oh, wow, thank you! The lyrics to the song are beautiful and I can certainly hear the correlation.

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I'm glad you liked it. I grew up hearing his music. He was one of my mother's favorite artists. To me his music just has a timeless quality and an innocent sweetness to it. There is a purity in its simplicity... or else I am just getting old and nostalgic. LOL