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Disclaimer: Beverly Hills Teens is not my property only my OC Areli “Rocksi” is. The series is owned by DIC/Cookie Jar and others involved. This is a mixture of sweet and sass, so a few little naughty words and some “intimate” situations may slip, causing you to blush a little. But I do promise you some laughs and some realness; life imitates art. Rated M

by Missmjwilson

“If you would take my hand, baby I would show you
Guide you to the light babe
If you would be my love, baby I will love you, love you
'Til the end of time...” -Michael Jackson

    Chapter 37-pt. 2-  “If It's Wrong to Love You...”

”Yet, you want to challenge that, knowing he's dead set on Larke?” Shanelle asked out of sheer concern. “Why can't you just accept who's accepting you? Do you want to be Pierce's girlfriend or his therapist? You have more favor with the latter.  Why give yourself  the same headache in Beverly Hills that you had in New York? I don't think you deserve the stress, Rocksi. You don't. Just enjoy your options...even the ones you never thought you'd enjoy.”

” Oh Shanelle, get a mahn and then you tink you're a relationship expert or some shit,” said Rocksi aloud, setting her Iphone 6 onto her black, lacquer nightstand.  Still wearing her outfit of the day, sans her stiletto shoe boots, the brown-skinned beauty pressed a button on the wall behind her lamp, that slightly dimmed her overhead lights, activating  LED lights on the ceiling that resembled stars.

“7:54 p.m....” read her Movado digital clock. “Troy should be Skypeing me in a few minutes; he's usually punctual,” said Rocksi, throwing herself onto her queen-sized bed , her newly painted toes a bright white in the LED lights.  Finding the remote to her Samsung Smart TV under her mountain of pillows, Rocksi hit the 'power' mode, waiting for her Skype to load.

'Why do I even tell my cousin, anything?' she thought, crossing her arms over her chest. 'She is always killin' my vibe. Does she want Pierce for herself? Did she fuck with Pierce and not tell me?' Fuming, rolling her hazel green eyes, Rocksi looked over to her snake, Shalimar who was resting peacefully in its glass cage.

”I'm gunna tell you all my secrets and shit from now on, Shalimar, okay?” Rocksi said aloud as if the snake was actually paying attention. Shalimar, sleeping and oblivious, was not moved.

”Beep...beep ...beep...beep.”

”Wow, he's early....Alexa, answer Skype,” said Rocksi, sitting up against her pillows, adjusting one of her nameplate earrings that was poking her in the cheek. When the Skype call was answered, Troy Jeffries, in all his muscular glory, sitting in his home movie theatre dressed in a grey Nike T-shirt and matching sweatpants, his hair wet, flat against his head, greeted her with a bright smile.

”Hey there, Rocksi, wow...your room is pretty sick,” he complimented in his 'good boy' voice. “You have a lot of gadgets, there.and that a snake?”

”Well, my father did invent 'Siri' and my snake's name is Shalimar,” Rocksi replied with a shrug. “Seeing that you have an in home theatre, I guess you don't actually go out on dates to the movies much?”

”Yeah, I'll still go ...we just have the theatre for huge get- togethers and shit,” Troy replied with a nonchalant shrug. “There's nothing better than waiting in a long-assed line, paying $6.00 for a small popcorn and $10.00 for a large ICEE, just for some son of a bitch to stand up during the best part of the movie...blocking your view and shit... ”

”Or videotaping it to upload on Youtube,” Rocksi added. “At least that's how they do it back home...however...I do...have an ICEE machine in the kitchen,” Rocksi admitted with a wave of a slender finger. “ I won it at a gaming convention in Anaheim some years back. It took me six hours to beat it, but it was so worth it! “

”Oh shit, you're a gamer?” asked Troy with a jerk of his neck. “I didn't know that!”

”Yeah, my actual job is testing and helping to design new video games,” Rocksi explained. “I can't always talk about what I'm working on, but's a great job. I get residual checks for every game sold that I have credits on. I like making my own money,”  she added, pulling in her muscular legs sideways.

”Wow, you lead such an interesting life. Do you ever miss New York?” Troy asked curiously. Rocksi, turning her eyes away momentarily, could only smile small. She missed the art, the culture, the music, and the fashion that she had grown accustomed to, but she wouldn't dare admit that out in the open.

” I miss riding the subway , the rats the size of pit bulls, all the very unique people, and  having Jamaican beef patties at my disposal,” she answered cryptically, coming her fingers through her mass of chestnut curls. “But...I'll get used to Beverly Hills, eventually.

”Seems like Pierce and Gig have been pretty great 'tour guides', for lack of better words,” Troy alluded with a smirk. “You got an Aussie on end, and a French-Canadian on the other. You must have a thing for accents!” her joked.

Primping her lip, Rocksi laughed out loud. Now, the Boy Scout of Beverly Hills was reaching.

”Come on, now...I saw the pictures you posted with them on your Instagram!” said Troy, trying to squeeze out as much information as he could. Rocksi, waving her finger at Troy on her TV screen chuckled.

”I've got Bianca up there too...and Wilshire...and Blaise...and Nikki....are you trying to get in my Insta -story, too?” she pressed, trying to beat him at his own game, pressing her tongue against her lip ring.

”I just want the opportunity to workout with you,” Troy answered with a shrug. “I see how well you've trained Wilshire. He looks great. I look at look phenomenal. Nikki's always had the best body out of all the Teen Club, but I think you're giving her a run for her money.”

”Oh...thank you for reminding me...she wants us to do a dance fitness class together,” said Rocksi. “But I think we both have great bodies. Bianca does, too.”

”I've noticed the two of you work very well, together; have you officially hung out with her? Troy asked, resting his elbow on the armrest. “Because Bianca usually keeps to herself.”

'Troy is really trying to pump information out of me, but why?' thought Rocksi, using an imaginary itch on her leg that was still clad in leather pants as a diversion. “Bianca is a sweetheart when you give her a chance. I want to go out and have a girls' day with her, or maybe even charter a jet and take her to New York with me,” she answered, giving Troy something to ponder on. “She's amazingly beautiful, and stylish...if I was a guy I'd totally fuck her.”

It was that moment when Troy's mouth fell open and the chocolate diamonds that were his eyes grew wide. No girls in the Teen Club ever made sexual innuendos like that!

”Wh—you'd what?” Troy asked, shaking his head. Rocksi smirked, knowing that the Boy Scout would soon be having a bad case of the blue balls...or he'd make a phone call.

”'re blind if you didn't notice how sexy she looked in that white outfit at the luau,” said Rocksi, with a quirk of her well-arched brow. “Those boobs...that hair...that ASS!!! Bianca is the only girl I know other than Blaise that has more ass than me!”  Rocksi, getting up to prop on all fours, twerked a little bit for Troy just to emphasize his point, and also drive him a little bit crazy.

” See, I got a lot of ass, but Blaze got me beat. Nikki's got a little onion booty, though. She got indentions in hers, and her hamstrings are nice,” Rocksi explained, leaning back against her pillows as if she hadn't done a damn thing.  Troy, covering his mouth from what he just saw, cleared his throat, combing some blonde strands away from his face.

”I-I'll be sure to check out all these bodacious booties that you just spoke of,” Tory sputtered, his heart racing a bit. Rocksi was a sexy girl, but she was so cool about it, and that made her so attractive to him.

”I'm telling ya,”  Rocksi declared with a devious smile. She had absoluely no qualms about Troy running his mouth back to any or all of the boys of the Teen Club. She wantedhim  to run back and discuss their conversation to Pierce. She sensed that he had messy tendencies like a gossip girl.

”I mean...any guy in their right mind would beg Bianca Dupree to sit on their face...and she was a gymnast, too. Can you imagine how fun she'd be in bed...doing all types of splits and shit? You could probably fuck her in the janitor's closet during lunch hour,”  Rocksi continued in her campaign to get the gorgeous Bianca Dupree the attention she deserved.

'Holy shit,' thought Troy, pressing his lips together, feeling the eggplant in his pants increasing in girth. “Well...anyways, I called you tonight to get more information about the idea you have for a dance?”

” 'Opposites Attract'  themed dance,” Rocksi began, with an eager smile. “I've been talking to a lot of the Teen Club girls, and it seems that a lot of them are tired of paying for expensive dresses just to stand by the wall and watch every guy dance with the same damn girl. I think...if we create a dance with the rule that the dates have to be people who don't normally hang out with each other, maybe some new friendships...hell..some new romances may come out of it. People have crushes on each other, but are afraid to speak up because of the assumption that shit won't work out, and it's stupid. Life's too short to be intimidated.”

”'re really straight to the point,” Troy noted with a nod. He could only guess that the 'same girl' was Larke Tanner. And Rocksi did have a point about girls who always stood at the sideline and in essence, it really didn't seem fair. For someone who had not been in the Teen Club that long, Rocksi had definitely learned a lot about their inclusive culture; however, the way they treated each other seemed a bit biased in her hazel-green eyes.

”This is definitely a great idea, Rocksi, but I'm curious, who would you ask?” Troy pressed, hoping to hear something juicy. “You just moved here, so you really don't have close ties to anyone..leaves your playing field pretty open.”

”Well shit, I wouldn't ask someone, they'd have to ask me,” Rocksi answered nonchalantly. “I'm a lady, after all.”

”Indeed”, Troy stated with a confident nod. “Quite a unique one. Well, I won't hold you long, but I'll take notes of your ideas in my phone and send them over to Switchboard. More than likely, the three of us will be on Teen Talk in the morning to make the official announcement, so wear something cute,” he winked. Chuckling, Rocksi waved a hand at him.

” are too funny, “ Rocksi quipped, giving Troy a new nickname. “I'll see you tomorrow.”


'I'm thinking of you...In my sleepless solitude tonight...If it's wrong to love you...Then my heart just won't let me be right...'

As Blaise laid on the comfortable white  bed dressed in nothing but earrings and her shimmering cloak of hair, Prince Albert, emerging from the bathroom, nude, wearing a “frenchie”  sized for men with “special blessings”. Even though he had seen Blaise naked more than once, and had shared sweet, intimate moments, there was still something so mesmerizing seeing her laid  out, her beautiful hair spread underneath her, one muscular leg bent, the other straight, her toes pointed like a ballerina. The moment made him press his hand against his chest for a moment, just to keep his heart from bursting through.

”What is it , babe?” Blaise asked with an innocent smile, sitting up straight against the pillows. “Are you..okay?”

Her consideration for other people would make her a Princess of legends. The honey in her voice, the magic in her eyes, her laid back, yet logical demeanor...the Prince could feel himself blushing in two areas of his body.

''Cause I've drowned in you...And I won't pull through...Without you by my side...'

”Blaise, I cahn't tell yeh 'ow 'appy a man you've made me,” Albert expressed from the bathroom door, as if about to cry. E'vrytime I look at yeh, I think how lucky I am. I wasn't honest with yeh when I met yeh, and yeh got mad, but yeh forgave me...I don't know what made yeh forgive meh, but ..I'm glad yeh did.”

”Oh, Albert, “ said Blaise, quickly getting up from the bed forgetting that she was naked. Seeing her Prince about to shed tears tugged at her heart strings. Never had a guy ever confessed such raw emotion for her, or ever made her feel as if she was worth the fight. As she approached Albert, her nerves began to shake. He was fully nude and erect and she prayed that she wouldn't say anything to kill the mood.

'I'd give my all to have...Just one more night with you...I'd risk my life to feel...Your body next to mine...'

”Hey, c'mere my Scotsman,” she urged with open arms, her breasts cold and perky. Due to his imposing height, Blaise stood on her tippy toes, framing his handsome face with her delicate, well-manicured hands, calloused from years of wrangling and roping. Albert leaned forward, giving Blaise a tender embrace, his eyes, glossy... a  tear sreaming down his cheek.


”Me love, I'm not sad,” he declared placing a hand on top of Blaise's. “I'm jus' so...fecking 'appy. You're unlike any Duchess,'re the real thin'. An' I knew it when I saw the magazine cover. An' when you los' control of that wild colt, I had to chase after you..I wasn' gunna let ennyone or ennythin' take you 'way from meh. I nevah told you that, but that's 'ow I felt that day and ev'ry day since we've been t'gether.”

'   'Cause I can't go on...Living in the memory of our song...I'd give my all for your love tonight...'

”Oh, Albie, I...I don't know what to say,” Blaise began, almost losing her breath, especially after seeing a tear leaving a wet trail on her Prince's face.

”It's been amazin', bein yeh boyfrien' an' all,” Albert continued, another tear following, his chest heaving. “Blaise Summers...I love yeh, an' now the world will know.”


Without warning, Blaise, suddenly growing a set of balls, claimed her Prince's lips in an aggressive, possessive, yet sensual kiss, this time, almost catching Albert off guard. Albert, at first startled, then relaxed, crushed Blaise closer to his body, feeling nothing but naked, cold skin, their bodies a combination of wet, soft, and hard. Lowering his hands,  Prince Albert grabbed two healthy handfuls of Blaise's ass, lifting her upward from the floor. Instinctively and quickly, Blaise wrapped her legs around him, feeling his gift wrapped cock against her stomach.

' Baby can you feel me...Imagining I'm looking in your eyes...I can see you clearly...
Vividly emblazoned in my mind...'


Blaise was a lot stronger than she looked. The grip of her thighs around Albert's waist was so tight, he winced a bit, but surely and carefully he ambled them over to the bed, gently laying her back down. As he nestled on top of her, Albert, taking Blaise's hands from his face, entwined them, giving him literally the “upper hand “ of the situation. By her shivering, he knew she was indeed cold, not nervous.

'I need to keep her warm,' he thought , tearing his lips away from hers to place kisses on her neck. Wrangling her hands free, Blaise, in need to hold him, embraced him, caressing the detailed muscles of his back, tracing her fingers along his spine. She could feel his nipples pressing into her breasts, his ripped abdomen against hers, his shaft, knocking every so lightly  against her sensitized clit. Stroking her heels against the length of his legs, Blaise moaned, desiring the heat they could only achieve together.

' And yet you're so far...Like a distant star...I'm wishing on tonight...I'd give my all to have..
Just one more night with you...

Despite his enthusiasm, Albert had no idea what the hell to do next. He had read men's magazines and watched a few...”interesting” videos on rather “interesting “ websites, but to actually perform was a foreign language to him. He didn't want to disappoint Blaise with his lack of experience, and he didn't want to disappoint himself, either.

Sensing his uneasiness, Blaise  lifted her head, arresting his lips into a sweet, slow, passionate kiss, her tongue mimicking the consummation she craved. Wise to  his being a bit gunshy, Blaise, lifting her hips, rubbed her clitoris against the protected head of his diamond hard shaft,  moaning in true surprise, yet softly from the pleasure it produced. His cock, was firmer, more solid than the dancing of his tongue, which was usually wet and malleable.  Albert, relishing  the sounds from her lips, spiraled his hips a bit, teasing his throbbing cock against the swollen nub, watching as Blaise squaealed, her breath warm against his lower lip.

”Ho-holy shiitttt....” Blaise uttered between gasps of air, as Albert continued to teased her clit with the length of his shaft. The gorgeous cowgirl could not fathom a solid thought. If the Prince was this diligent...forming her brain into the consistency of spotted dick externally, she couldn't imagine what he would do internally....

'You're about to find out...'

' I'd risk my life to feel...Your body next to mine...'Cause I can't go on...Living in the memory of our song...'

'Okay...I got this...methinks' , Albert mentally confirmed, noticing Blaise's reaction, her face framed by her golden locks streaked with chocolate brown,  as  her head cuddled comfortably against the white pillows, her chest heaving as Albert carried on the game of  stroking the tip of his cock against her clit, making her moan deeply, despite not being inside of her.

'To hell with this teasing!' thought Blaise, parting her strong legs a little further. Without warning, she gripped Albert by his broad, sinewy shoulders, urging him to “find his rightful place” in between them.

“I...I need to sit on the throne, my Prince,” Blaise breathed as she kissed him. “But I need to be 'crowned' first.” Chuckling softly, Albert, taking full possession of  Blaise's lips, entered her wet cavern slowly, feeling the tightness, that was a bit uncomfortable, so much that she dug her nails into his shoulders, wincing a bit from the pain.

' The first time is the worst time....not the person, but the pain,'  Larke had said as she sipped her virgin Sex on the Beach, wishing it was something stronger, a white LaCoste bathrobe opened, revealing her glorious, augmented breasts that were “running” from her ribcage as she, Blaise and Nikki were sunbathing on the balcony of Fifi's Spa and Salon.

iHe'll try to distract you with deep, passionate kisses, and a few nibbles on your neck...but once he breaks through, it starts to feel indescribably have no choice but to moan or maybe even scream his name,' Larke continued, fanning her glistening chest from the heat of the sun. 'Whew, it's a hot one, today!'

Nikki, her muscular back glistening from being slathered in Banana Boat sunscreen, raised her head from the deck chair, her golden Dolce and Gabbanna sunglasses shining in the California sun.

'Hmm? It was like that with...Troy?' Nikki asked curiously, as Larke took another sip of her fruity, sweet drink, her boobs oily with tanning accelerator. Blaise, treating herself to a stuffed mushroom from a platter of appetizers, raised her brow. Larke never, ever spoke like this, even at slumber parties...even on the spa days where every girl was naked, and not a “landing strip” was spared. was...a little wretched in the's like shoving an elephant through a straw,' Larke explained, combing her fingers through her blonde locks. 'But...Troy's got a lot of girth, and I was really, really tight...your lover can't just ram into you like Lancelot on a steed,  he's gotta take his time, a,d inch his way inside, regardless of  size.'

'Hmm, duly noted,' said Nikki with a smirk, taking a glance at Blaise who was licking marinara sauce from underneath her golden, French-tipped nails. Catching Nikki's sunglass clad glance, Blaise furrowed her brow.

'Like that's ever gonna, happen,' she had thought, taking another juicy bite....

”Ungh...Albert....Prince Albert....”

Larke was right...

Biting her bottom lip, Blaise, trying her best to let Albert's kiss divert her mind, could feel the strings of her innocence tearing like delicate ribbons as Albert slowly continued his entrance to her soul. Albert, wishing so desperately that he could take her pain away, grunted as the warmth from her soul greeted him with a sensual “handshake”. The Prince could feel pur chills racing up his back, into his brain, as Blaise's cavern stretched tightly around him, her wetness dribbling, driving him mad.

”Y..Yes...Yes...Yes Princess...?” Albert responded, feeling Blaise's clutch on his shoulders tightening, then loosening, then tightening again. Her amazingly toned stomach, which was no longer cold, flinched against his, their skin making the most sultry friction . His other senses heightened, he could hear their mixed breaths, smell her body temperature rising, as well as his own  musk.  As the Prince began sleek, undulating strokes in the soft, warm, wet velvet that led to Blaise's heart, Albert  suddenly cried out, not expecting to be so mindswept.

”Shit!” the Prince cried in a husky voice, his pace unwavering as Blaise's tight walls gripped around him like Chinese fingercuffs. Blaise's beautiful  ocean -blue eyes were half-lidded,  her head going sideways, her smile, satisfied.  Smiling humbly, Albert placed kisses on the right side of her neck, down to her shoulder, gently grazing her salty skin with his teeth.

Larke was right...

As if by nature, Blaise rhythmically returned Prince Albert's strokes with the same ardor he was giving her, creating a perfect harmony between their young bodies, her nipples, stiff, but no longer cold, and her heart fuller than ever before.


'  I'd give my all for your love tonight...I'd give my all to have...Just one more night with you...'

Blaise, opening her eyes wider, her vision finally clear,  smiled at her handsome Prince whose face was sweaty, his hair clinging to his forehead, yet  glowing, bright with genuine love. Squeezing his shoulders she angled herself lower, letting him slide out halfway, then impaling herself with an aggressive thrust. The initial pain subsiding, the cowgirl “ponied up” and enjoyed her ride.

”Blaise, oh...oh..oh..shit,” Albert huffed, speeding up his pace to match with hers. However, the unassuming Prince was not prepared for the next stage of events...

Using the strength of her thighs, the California cowgirl managed to lock her legs around Albert's waist, and like a pro wrestler, rolled them over so that she was the 'love on top'. The astonished look on Albert's face in response  his girlfriend's sudden bravado was priceless.

' I'd risk my life to feel...Your body next to mine...'

”Blaise?” he asked, breathlessly, with the most quizzical look in his eyes. Blaise , pressing a slender finger to her lips shushed him, rocking her hips against him, his shaft fell in so deep her eyes were beginning to cross. Looking down at him, she smiled at his reactions to her riding him like a wild colt. Albert, not wanting to miss the merest of inches, held onto Blaise's asscheeks, playfully squeezing the firm flesh, moaning loudly as she bounced up on him.

”Oh Albert....ooohh shiit....” Blaise cried, feeling the effects of her little ploy. She hadn't expected her Prince to counter her with twice the momentum she had brought forth, maximizing the pleasure in kind. She could feel the knot in her belly unraveling, the ribbons taking over her lungs, muscles, and brain...Albert, watching Blaise's head  suddenly snap backward, held onto her ass firmly as he drilled into her,  his own stick of dynamite on the verge of explosion.

''Cause I can't go on...Living in the memory of our song...”

”Albert! Albert...oooooohhhhh...ohhhh......! Blaise mewled, grinding her pelvis against her Prince's despite her inner workings becoming undone. “Ooohhmmiigoossshh....I'm...I'm...”

” love....oooh...ooohh shhhiiitttt..mee....mee to....”Albert cried, droplets of sweat falling from her breasts onto his chest from all their vigorous movements.

'Tonight..I give myself to you, Blaise...' thought Albert as a shock of adrenaline raced up his spine, causing him to grip Blaise's firm ass to a point where she flinched in pain. Blaise, trying to continue her pumping motions on Albert's cock, soon felt her own mind numbing flash, causing her body to fall forward, balancing her hands on Albert's sweaty chest for leverage, her breath, heavy and labored.

'I'd give my all for your love tonight...Give my all for your love...Tonight...'



Momentarily, their young bodies went paralytic, their mouths open with no words to be uttered.  Albert's toes, went numb and he had charlie horses in both legs. Blaise felt as if her soul had been ripped from her flesh, her arms without feeling, her butt cheeks tingling. All she could feel was the cold snap of the AC against her heated skin, seemingly freezing the beads of sweat on her back and breasts, her bangs clinging to her forehead.

”I love you!” they said in the midst of intense eye contact in  breathless declaration. Smiling, her wet, bi-colored bands plastered to her forehead, Blaise, easing herself from Albert's “occupancy”, crawled up his body, kissing him gently on the cheek before laying down beside him, placing a tender kiss, then playful bite, on his shoulder.

'Larke didn't mention this...'

“Yeh...yeh love me shoulders, don't yeh, lass?” Albert chuckled softly. “Yeh scritched me real good, there.”

”Ohhh..I'm saw-ry...” Blaise replied in a patronizing tone, gently stroking the Prince's sweaty chest. “ I can kiss it, and make it all better.” Feeling a blush rise to his cheeks, his manhood, sheathed in a rubber, returning to its normal ( and very impressive) size, Albert, reaching his arm around Blaise's sweaty back, leaned in for a tender kiss, the welts on his shoulders slightly stinging.

”Albert?” Blaise asked softly against Albert's lips, then adding a nuzzle to his nose,

”Yes, Princess?” he answered, humbly.

”Was...I everything you hoped?”

Touched by her sentiment, Albert, pressing his forehead to hers, smiled, feeling the corner of his eye becoming wet. Their lovemaking had surpassed any porn he'd ever watched, every sordid tale a stablehand ever told, and probably looked better than any scandalous photo of any government official traded in a yellow envelope for blackmail. What he and Blaise had  shared was not manipulation, tawdry, or lewd. What they'd shared was intimate, romantic, and a fairytale re-imagined.

” are every man's fantasy, but my reality,” Albert confessed, a tear streaming down his face. Blaise, being the sweet girl she was, wiped it away gently with her thumb. Every small, thoughtful gesture, made Albert fall that much more in love with her. Combing her bangs away from her forehead, Albert, smiling proudly, gazed into Blaise's eyes.

”You' first,” Albert confessed, before kissing her on the forehead. Blaise's heart damn near jumped from her chest. Albert was named one of the most handsome young men in the world, and to to discover she was the first to have him intimately was an admitted shock.

”Wow, oh wow,” Blaise answered in awe. Shrugging, Albert nodded.

”Many Princess, duchesses, and ladies in waitin' 'ave tried, but some of them were v'ry dist'nt cousins, too old, or just borin',” Albert confessed. “An' none of them loved horses. The key to Prince Albert's heart, is through his horses.”

”Oh shit, hahahaha! “ Blaise giggled, resting her head on Albert's chest. “Is it weird, or do we smell like each other?”

”I dunno, me love, what's it smell like?” Albert asked curiously. Sniffing the air, Blaise thought for a moment.

”Soap, perfume...your armpits...your ballsweat....” Blaise counted off after every sniff, Albert laughing at each quip. “Not much different than any of our other romantic....oh....”

”Eh...what's wrong?” Albert asked, noticing that Blaise's attention had diverted downward. Quickly, Blaise rushed from her side of the bed, making a mad, naked dash to the bathroom, closing the door behind her with a slam.

”Bloody hell, what's the matter?”  Prince Albert, said aloud before looking over onto the space where Blaise had laid, discovering a few fresh spots of blood on the once fresh, white sheets.

”Oh....woooww....”Albert said aloud, not quite  knowing how to react. 'I was her first rodeo. She's embarrassed about the blood.'

As he ascended from his side of the bed, making headway to the bathroom, he heard the running of the sink. Knocking gently on the door, he waited patiently, until the water had stopped, leaving nothing the sounds of the TV, air conditioner and traffic from outside.


”Me love, can we chat a bit?” asked the Prince, stark naked, running a hand through his hair. Gently, the door opened, Blaise, wearing a white bath towel concealing her nudity, smiled meekly, her beautiful face flushed. Albert opened his arms, inviting her into an embrace of love and understanding. Blaise, overcome with emotion, crushed into his body, tears streaming down her face. Rocking her from side to side, Albert kissed his future wife on the crown of her head. He was always thankful for their height difference for that very reason.

”Albert..I...stained the sheets..I'm sorry,” Blaise remarked, feeling embarrassed. “I don't know what else to say.”

”It  don't bother meh, lass,” Albert reassured, stroking Blaise's back.  “ We are each others' firsts. Our souls have become one. Beddin' can always cleaned,” he added. “Nothin' to be shamed of.”

”But, where will we sleep?” asked Blaise, looking up at the most wonderful young man from across the pond. “You've got this room bound  so tight with security, even I can't leave.”

“Correction, lass...yeh free to leave wheneva', but papp'razi will f'llow there's a scadal for yeh arse. An'  person'lly, ' I don't relly want yeh to leave, I jus' made love with yeh...I'd be a bloke to let yeh leave,” Albert followed, framing Blaise's lovely face with his hands. “Yeh me future wife, me future wife will always be by me side.”

”Even when I pee?” Blaise asked jokingly. Rolling his eyes, Albert laughed out loud.

“I'm gunna keep me  joke to me'self,” Albert offered, smirking. Blaise, her imagination going to the left, let her jaw drop to the floor.

”You naughty Prince, you!” Blaise scolded lovingly, feeling more secure in her boyfriend's arms. “So...just where are we sleeping?”

”Well...hones'ly I was hopin' for another ride at the rodeo; if I meh be so 'onest, “ Albert confessed in comical bravado. Blaise, shaking her head in disbelief, adjusted the folded towel at her breastline. Her man was just too much!

”Whet we c'n do, babe...we c'n use the pullout couch ovah there, get some p'llows, sheets...'nd cuddle, sleep, fuck...whet'eva...” Albert continue with a roguish wink, stroking Blaise's cheek with his thumb.

”Wait...did you just say, 'fuck' ?”   Blaise asked, blinking incredulously. “I've never....”

”Ev'rything don't require formal'ty, me love,” Albert reminded, with a wave of his finger. “Does ...'sit on the throne' sound bettah?”

”The hell...” Blaise's mouth fell open. Prince Albert had become quite little horndog in an hour and a half's time. She could even feel the hardness of his young shaft bumping against her stomach through the towel she wore.

”Well, Your Majesty, we'll just have to see, now won't we?” Blaze cooed, reaching her hands lower to give Albert a squeeze on the bum....


Song Lyrics: “My All” by Mariah Carey

Vain- Chapter 37 pt. 2
Sorry this one took me so long. I've been so distracted and damn near out of it. The one thing I can say is I love watching the episode "Visit From a Prince" because it dispels the myth that distance is a general problem for ALL relationships. I have always believed that to be bullshit because look at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I can go back even further to Prince Rainer and Grace Kelly of Monaco. If people are truly meant to be together, they will make it work, come hell or high water.

Albert makes Blaise feel special, and appreciates her warm, genuine character. Blaise sees Albert for more than just a title and it's overwhelming just at how he admires her independent nature, and does not see it as a threat. He has learned much from her. Relationships should help you grow as people, not be a platform for competition.

Stay tuned for more chapters as I have much pent up emotion I need to release....

Beverly Hills Teens owned by Cookie Jar, Ent.

OC "Rocksi" is mine
Hello all!

It's been 42 days and my father is still missing. This is so nerve -wreaking....I am trying my best to keep my wits but some days it gets hard. When someone does some stupid shit at work, I don't think twice about calling them out on it, because I truly don't give a crap who "likes" me or not. Shady is shady, and sadly, this occurrence has shown me the true "ugly" in some human beings. Be careful out there.

I'm trying to stay balanced. I still work out, but it's twice as hard, and I try to write more to get that anger out. Funny thing is, in my "Vain" fanfic, most of the girls' love interests are from Scotland, and I had a conversation with a Scottish guy yesterday. He even wore a kilt so I could see one in person. Now, I gotta be careful what I write, because that energy is making things manifest..hah ha

I needed to laugh a little, cuz currently, life ain't funny .....

Hello all...

It's been 28 days and my father still has not been found. The police and I have been trying to speculate where he could possibly have gone, and his silver alert is nationwide, but we still come up with nothing. People in my town have called the police when they see a man who fits his description, but it's never him. I am trying my best to stay hopeful, and pray for his safety and return daily, but I can't lie when I sit here and say that I am questioning what I did to deserve this?

The most.."unique" stuff always seems to happen to me, and I lead a very quiet life. All I want to do is sell doll clothes, workout, write, and finally go on a vacation. I never thought that wanting to enjoy life for at least a moment would be so damn difficult....

Am I wrong for feeling this way?

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Disclaimer: Beverly Hills Teens is not my property only my OC Areli “Rocksi” is. The series is owned by DIC/Cookie Jar and others involved. This is a mixture of sweet and sass, so a few little naughty words and some “intimate” situations may slip, causing you to blush a little. But I do promise you some laughs and some realness; life imitates art. Rated M

by Missmjwilson

“Boy you're so hard to believe
Why do you show her love
But there's none for me
Boy you don't make sense to me
Cause I don't have much to offer
But my heart and soul
And I guess that's not enough
For you to notice me ..”-Jojo

Chapter 37-pt. 1 –  My Secret Love

'I'm going to really miss this,' thought the gorgeous cowgirl, taking a sip of a bubbling beverage, the reflection of headlights and streetlights dancing against her beautiful, blue eyes.

Even though Blaise was no stranger to the breathtaking Hollywood Hills in the dead of night, there was just something awe-inspiring and mystical about the shape of the mountains' peaks  seemingly  carving their existence against the sky; the stars, simply spectators, pushing against each other to catch a glance.

Combing her fingers through the length of her two-toned hair, Blaise sighed, smiling with uncertainty. Would she be able to indulge in gorgeous nights like this in Scotland as a freebird or a caged one? Had Albert put any of those thoughts in perspective, or was he caught up in the fairy tale allegory that was indeed their love?

Prince Albert's interview with GQ had been sincere and cerebral. Through that kind, sweet demeanor belied a lion heart that was strong, passionate about his country, yet sentimental in regards to charity and his duties a world ambassador. Prince Albert was like the month of March...heavy like rain, but soft like the petals of mornings flowers, and nonetheless unpredictable. As she sat quietly during the interview, Blaise had not expected him to take her hand into his while he spoke, adding a kiss or two to punctuate certain points to the interviewer. He especially shocked her when he asked of her recollection of certain events  they'd shared just to get her feedback on her emotions.

”Blaise, what is your favorite memory of your time with Prince Albert?” the interviewer asked curiously.

Blaise, turning to Albert, meeting her blue eyes, with his unique ones, smiled, blushing just a bit. Her growing out bangs, blonde, streaked with chocolate brown, falling onto her eye.

”My favorite memory...would have to be...” she began, chewing on her bottom lip, feeling the squeeze of Albert's hand.

”I would say, the day we first met, because I fell in love  with him, not knowing he was a Prince. He was just ...Albert...” she had answered, while Albert smiled shyly. “He was Albert, and he loved horses.”

Licking the taste of her beverage from her lower lip, dressed in a large, blue and green plaid fleece shirt that Albert often wore to the stables, Blaise, standing in the window of Albert's suite in the W Hotel, gazed at the scene of the  busy night, the lights brilliant with various colors like a roving Christmas parade. The sound of the shower coincided with the television...some CW show was on, and Blaise had already seen that particular episode. Lifting the collar of the shirt to her nose, Blaise, inhaled, then smiled.

'I should borrow this and “forget” to give it back,' she thought, smirking, thoroughly enjoying the scent of the young man who'd stolen her heart and refused to return it. Two chambers of Blaise's heart held excitement beyond measure, the remaining two chambers held nervousness. Prince Albert had declared her as his future Princess before he'd even met her, and was steadfast in keeping his word. Claiming the beautiful cowgirl on the magazine cover had been his sole purpose for even visiting America. What would have seemed a fairytale to most had been made reality for the two of them, and soon a popular publication would explain it in print.

Albert and Blaise had connected on the strength of their love of horses, compassion for the human spirit, and their graceful spirits. The couple's incessant loyalty was the glue that held them together, but in all honesty, the physical need for touch, tease, and taste was not something they could suppress for so long.

Exhaling slowly, pressing her free hand to her left breast, Blaise tried her best to calm her speeding heart, her tummy filled with butterflies. The mere mental image of Albert's unique eyes and squared jaw made her blink hard momentarily, breathe out through puckered lips, while shivers ran up her back. Even the gentle touch of his hand against her shoulder or waist would make Blaise's stoic form turn to silly putty.

On the drive to his hotel room,as  Blaise's vehicle was tailed by a motorcade, Albert had reached over to play with her bi-colored strands of  hair, telling her how extraordinary she was and thanked her again for wearing the gold boots. Albert paid attention to little things that most guys his age would have taken for granted, or not given a shit, at all. Despite all the lavish gifts he had bestowed her with, Blaise was satisfied with simple, sweet gestures and kind, adoring words.

Taking an even heavier swig of her favorite, Welch's Sparkling Concorde Grape juice, from a wine glass, her mind swirling with happy thoughts,  Blaise hadn't realized the shower had stopped 15 minutes prior. She was oblivious  to her proverbial, “handsome Prince,” wearing droplets of water, and a soft, blue, Nautica bath towel, creeping up behind her.

Albert, his smirk coy, but confident, stepped lightly behind the beautiful teen goddess in front of him, her long blonde hair streaked with chocolate, reaching down her back like a cloak.

”That view is quite breathtakin' it'nt it, lass?” asked Albert, suddenly hugging her from behind, pressing his “excitement” against her healthy butt  that was high and tight from all her squat workouts and riding horses. “An' yeh pret'ty fetch yeh-self”

'In the thunder and rain...You stare into my eyes....

Blaise, jerking from surprise, almost choked on her drink. After carefully swallowing, she turned to face him, a look of alarm on her face. “Albie, you scared the shit outta me,” she replied, patting her chest to help the gulp down. “You almost wore this grape juice!”. Despite having on a fleshtone Natori strapless bra and Bliss cheeky thong, she felt suddenly naked, vulnerable under his steady gaze.

”Now, who else were yeh expectin' to be in this room 'cept yeh and I, lass?” Albie retorted with a raise of his thick brow. “Sec'uity ain't lettin' no one in, not ev'n the 'ousekeepas. Ain't nobody gunna disturb us...” he added, taking Blaise's left hand into his, placing a kiss on top of it, her cheeks turning to blush.

….And no sign was necessary. “Blaise, yeh've made meh the 'appiest man in the world, yeh know?” he stated rubbing th back of her hand against his cheek. 'Ah cahn't wait to mek yeh me Princess, officially.” Albert wondered if his friend, *Prince Harry of England, had felt the same way when he met his future wife, **Meghan Markle.

”Hmmm...'Princes'....I'll finally know what it feels like to be Bianca Dupree,“ joked Blaise, as Albert released her hand, to kiss her on the bridge of her nose, laughing at the giggle that followed. Tonight would be no talk of horses, school, friends, Scotland, or palaces. If Albert was lucky, there would only be the constant cries of his name.

”Are you thirsty, Albie?” Is your throat dry at all?” asked Blaise, politely offering him her glass. His palate quite parched from talking so much earlier, the Prince nodded, gently taking the glass from Blaise's well-manicured fingers, finishing off the sweet, sparkling contents. Troy Jeffries had told him at the Gran Ball, a girl was truly in love when she offered a guy a drink from the same glass. Albie was very thankful to Troy in that moment.

Blaise's heart rate had finally returned to a normal, but as her eyes went down towards the hills and valleys that comprised Albert's abdomen, the contrast of his tawny, sun played skin against the soft blue of the towel that was wrapped low under his hipbones, teasing toward the “playground” it concealed, she could feel her pulse rising again, a tingle rushing to her butt cheek.

”Are yeh okay, me love? Yeh seem a bit flustered,” Albert noticed, handing the glass back to Blaise, proceeding to trace the curve of her waist through his favorite shirt, in awe of the way it hung over her hips and grazing over her strong thighs.

”Yeah...I...I'm okay,”  Blaise, sputtered,  turning her head away shyly, in pure disbelief that this was her moment. Yes, she and the Prince had shared many a romantic night during that summer in Scotland, and the previous night had been quite torrid, her lower area tingling from the memory of his tongue swishing back and forth against her most secret place, but tonight....oh tonight....

”Princess...t'night I want to share me soul with yeh,” Albert explained, placing his hand against Blaise's right cheek, forcing her to look up at him. “I love yeh, immensely...and yeh me first love, and meh only love,” he added, gripping her waist to express his point. “ Please say yeh b'lieve me, lass.”

' I can feel your hand...Movin up my thighs...'

'Vapors...these are the vapors Tara Belle keeps talking about',  Blaise thought, almost wanting to cry from the sincerity of Albert's words. Finally, she was receiving the affirmation that she never thought possible. Prince Albert was not one of the flaky guys from the Teen Club. She could take him seriously, because he did not want to have other experiences to compare. He saw her from afar, made the effort to meet her, and got what he wanted. Despite his royal stature, he claimed her worth fighting tradition of laying eyes on another royal. He chose his heart over what was “proper”. He Facetimed her, Skyped her, framed pictures of them and hung them on the walls of the palace which was deemed quite unorthodox. Even now, Prince Albert was breaking royal protocol by being in a hotel room with a young woman he had not yet wed.

Prince Albert, despite his sweet, good boy demeanor, had a rebellious spirit. Although he was never arrogant with his constant rule-breaking, his pursuit of a teen girl who held no lineage to the royal family was not unheard of, but indeed “controversial”. But he gave no shits about how things “looked” to the public eye. All he wanted was to be happy with the young cowgirl with the confident voice, level head, and thick thighs.

”I...I love you, too, Albert,” Blaise answered, reaching over to set her empty glass on the nearby table. Albert, quickly snatching her by the waist, arrested Blaise's lips in a kiss so passionate, she gasped with wide open eyes, her hands flailing.

”Mmmmphhh...” was all Blaise could reply, as Albert's eager tongue cut off  any words she'd prepared. Desperately trying to keep from tumbling against the window, the California cowgirl gripped Albert's shoulders, finally closing her eyes. As always, his kisses were intoxicating and soul tearing. He had ways of taking her to another world. Albert's hands, complete with callouses from handling reigns and saddles, reached lower to Blaise's  hips, trailing around, grabbing a good and plenty of firm, heart-shaped rear end.

”Mmmmphhhh..Albie!” Blaise playfully scolded, breaking their kiss. “You naughty boy.”

' Skirt around my waist...Wall against my face...'

”Me shirt looks great on yeh love, but it would look even betteh...on the floor,” Albert alluded, leaning his forehead against hers, his hands fumbling with the hem of her “borrowed shirt. “ I always thought gells stole hoodies in 'Merica?”

”Well...girls, steal hoodies, and guys gift plaid shirts” Blaise answered, licking her lips, tasting sparkling grape juice. “But... unfortunately most of the guys in Beverly Hills walk around shirtless,” she added, playfully poking him in his well-defined chest that was smooth like wet pebbles.

'I can feel your lips...Oooh...'

”Is that so, yeh?” Albert grinned, as he began unbuttoning the shirt from the bottom, stopping at the center when her well-muscled stomach complete with a blue diamond, star-shaped bellyring came into view. “Well, since yeh stole me heart and kep' it, yeh can keep this shirt, too.”  Catching his breath, letting Blaise rest her hands comfortably against his chest, which was still a bit damp from his shower, Albert unbuttoned the last button that was hiding her cleavage.

'Holy shit!' Albert could not suppress a low whistle when the peachy-tanned globes held high and firm in an expensive, nude-colored bra made his heart almost stop...the heaving of Blaise's chest as she breathed didn't help make matters any easier.

”Shit!” Albert breathed a curse, forgetting to ask before he quickly palmed both Blaise's breasts in his hands, the nude, strapless bra making them look bigger than they were. “Babe...Ah've got to ask...”

”Yes Albert...they...they're real,” Blaise joked, knowing that he already knew. As many times as her breasts had been in his mouth, the fact was obvious. Albert, shaking his head at his girlfriend's wry sense of humor, laughed loudly, almost drowning out the TV.

' I don't wanna stop just because...People walkin by are watchin us...'

”Shhhh...Albert,” Blaise warned, placing a finger over her lips. “You don't want security to bust the door down!”

”An' let 'em see these amazin' breests? Naw..these are all mine, me love!” Albert joked, caressing the handfuls of Blaise's generous bosom, making her lips part into a small exhale, her head, falling backward momentarily.

”Ooohh shit, Albie, what are you doing? You're making me crazy,” Blaise admitted, feeling her shoulders going slack as Albert walked them backward until she was supported by the window, where half of LA was probably seeing her smushed asscheeks. Taking advantage of opportunity, Albert began placing kisses on the side of her neck, making her reserve completely fall.

' I don't give a damn what they think...I want you now...'

”, wh-what are you doing?” Blaise asked hypothetically knowing damn well, her Prince knew exactly what he was doing...the innocent, boyish act never worked with her.

”Close yeh peepers, lass,” Prince Albert commanded gently, as his lips moved against the soft crook of Blaise's neck. Sliding his large hands under the cups of her bra, Albert allowed his thumbs and forefingers to squeeze, tweak, and tease her dusky pink nipples. Blaise, forgetting how to speak English momentarily, gazed at Albert with inquisitive eyes, words unable to be put together.

”Just rest yeh head, and trust meh, lass,” the Prince continued, stopping his ministrations to make certain his blonde beauty closed her eyes, resting the back of her head against the window, her palms flat  against it for support.

”Albert..half of Los Angeles will see my ass...”  Blaise rebelled.

”It's a such a nice ass, though, me love,” Albert retorted with a wink. “Bless 'em with such a lovely sight.”

' I don't wanna stop just because...You feel so good inside of my love...I'm not gonna stop no no no...

'He smells so good,' thought Blaise as she inhaled the scent of the Royal Scottish Lavender soap that was one of the most heavenly fragrances in the world. Needing to touch him, Blaise, lifting a hand from the window, caressed Albert's forearm as he laved a wet trail from the side of her neck to her left breast, taking the nipple completely into his mouth, suckling like a hungry kitten.

”Omg...Albie..” Blaise cried through a hitched breath, jerking when his teeth gently grazed her sensitive pebble. “Oh shiiiittt!”

' I want you...All I wanna say is... Any time...And any place...I don't care who's around...

Keeping her eyes closed, Blaise, allowing her other senses to rule, shivered and shook, feeling Albert's hands leaving her breasts, her wet nipple becoming cold from the breeze of the AC. She felt Albert slowly, pushing the plaid shirt down from her shoulders. Blaise lifted her hands from wherever they were to allow it to fall completely from her body, hearing it land in a soft plop onto the soft carpet.

' All you gotta do is just walk away and pass me by...Don't acknowledge my smile when I try to say hello to you, yeah...'

There she was...the young woman Prince Albert had pledge his heart's allegiance...

Unable to wait, Albert quickly unlooped the towel at his waist, letting it fall onto the carpet. Despite the cold air making his skin prickle, Albert, feeling suddenly emboldened, reached behind Blaise's back to unhook the cursed bra that was teasing him relentlessly. After casting the expensive article to the side, the Prince placed kisses in between the perky mounds of flesh, taking his lips lower down to the tightness of her belly.

' And all you gotta do is not answer my calls when...I'm trying to get through...'

”Ooooohhhhh....” Blaise moaned, lifting her head to the ceiling. How much longer would her eyes have to see darkness until she could feast on the light that was him?  Albert's lips and tongue played games against her bellyring making her giggle from being ticklish. When his teeth nipped against the hardened muscles, she squealed.

Pleased with his work thus far, the handsome Prince with hair the color of chestnut and chocolate, lowered to his knees, pressing his nose against Blaise's tender flesh, wanting to smell and taste her simultaneously. Love made everything seem delicious, even the platinum of her navel ring against his tongue tasted sweet. He could smell the wake of her “wanting” it was heady, yet persuasive..begging him to taste what it was offering.

' To keep me wondering why, when all I can do is sigh...I just wanna touch you...'

Kissing under her navel, Albert gently gripped Blaise's outer thighs, coaxing her to spread them a bit. As if by a sixth sense, Blaise, jutted her pelvis forward inviting his face to meet it halfway, building the sexist of convex arches in her lower back, her shoulders pressed against the window for support. Her womanly center was tingling, as I the butterflies had traveled from her belly to that special place in the middle...

”Hurry baby,” she commanded softly, in a tone so husky, even she didn't recognize it. Nodding obediently, knowing she felt the softness of his hair against her stomach, Albert, sliding the crotch of her underwear to the side, exposing the ripe, luscious peach that dared to tease him...

' I just wanna touch and kiss...And I wish that I could be with you tonight...You give me butterflies inside, inside and I...'

Taking no dalliance, the Prince, burying his handsome face between Blaise's strong thighs, rubbed the flat of his tongue against Blaise's pulsing, wet mound, tasting the very essence that made her soul so sweet, yet sexy without shame. Feeling the very wind being knocked from her lungs, the humming of the AC bringing her to the real world, Blaise, opening her eyes, looked down, seeing a mass of soft, brown hair moving up and down between her legs, a feeling of a wet tickle, making the knot of sensation in her core slowly unravel...

”Unnnghhhh...Albert...please..don't stop...” Blaise pleaded, her blonde tresses curtaining her half-nude, muscular body. Albert's hands were firm, yet gentle holding her outer thighs, his tongue was aggressive, yet driving pleasure into her soul in a way that words could not explain. She had no choice but to run her fingers through the crown of his hair, her only way of holding on...

'  All I gotta say is that I must be dreaming, can't be real...You're not here with me, still I can feel you near to me...'

Albert, intoxicated by the sweet taste that was his beloved, carefully lifted one of her thighs over his his shoulder, allowing him more access, more lusciousness to feast upon. His tongue was swirling, flattening against every part of her labia his tongue could find, not letting any petals of the precious blossom be neglected. Her scent was dominant in his nostrils and upper lip, his tongue coated with her sticky dew. The Prince could feel Blaise's hands combing gently through his hair, forfeiting the urge to snatch...her moans were heavier, coming straight from the gut...

Blaise could feel her body from the inside out. The sensations were working from the tips of her perfectly polished toes, to her thighs, to her nipples, and her brain. Albert's tongue was like a magic wand, whirling sparks of power through her core, making her squeal and whisper in the same breath, making her blue eyes wide and dreamy at the same time...

'   I caress you, let you taste us, just so blissful listen...I would give you anything baby, just make my dreams come true...Oh baby you give me butterflies...'

Judging by the intensity of her trembling body, Albert, stopped, retracting his tongue from her clitoris, not wanting her to come with out him. As selfish and torturous the moment seemed, he wanted their encounter to be a blissful, memorable moment for the both of them, as a future King shared his kingdom with his Queen.

”Albie....?” Blaise panted in a bout of sexual frustration. “W-why'd you stop...I was so close...”

His nose and mouth shiny, the Prince was silent, lifting Blaise's let from off his shoulder, making sure it was firm onto the floor before standing to his full height of over 6 feet. Blaise's face was flushed, her bangs sweaty, her breathing rushed.

”Me love...I'm jus' gettin' started, “ he explained, nonchalantly before lifting her up bridal style, carrying her to the bed, her panties soaked to the brim, the scent of her, stagnant in the air.

Lyrics: “Anytime, Anyplace” by Janet Jackson ...”Butterflies” by Michael Jackson
* & ** Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are happily married and their wedding inspired this scene.

Vain- Chapter 37 pt. 1
Yes, I'm still writing, it's the one thing that is keeping me sane. It's so funny how it was a few weeks ago I was happy, celebrating the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and then suddenly I'm getting calls from the police that my father is missing!  It has been 19 days and the only "possible sightings" and still not him. I'm hopeful, though.

Anyhoo, I really like writing about Blaise and Prince Albert because in the original cartoon, Albert pretended to NOT be who he was to impress Blaise. the fact that he flew across the world to meet her made me smile a bit. He went the distance. That's real love if you ask me.

Beverly Hills Teens owned by Cookie Jar, Ent.

OC "Rocksi" is mine
Here I Am,The One That You Love-Lion-O and Sheba
"Here I am
The one that you love
Askin' for another day
Understand the one that you love
Loves you in so many ways
Here I am
The one that you love.." - Air Supply

After watching a video explaining what Season 2 of the 2011 Thundercats was intended to be, I needed to re-visit my "Heat" fanfiction featuring my beautiful OC "Sheba". Also, seeing that my dad has had a silver alert on him for 13 days now, and I love him dearly, I must point out that Sheba had a very close relationship with  Lion-O's dad, King Clawdus. Despite being the Princess of Kemetra (Egypt, to us, where cats were revered) , Sheba served as a general in the Army of Thundera in the war against the Lizard people. Grune the Destroyer does not like her, because she does not act like a "Princess" but a warrior. Sheba fought for King Clawdus and his sons, her best childhood friends. However, she and Lion-O had a very unique friendship, so much, that much of her clothing was his old clothes. But over time, friendship became longing, and longing became love...a real love. A love that only the starts could write.

Sheba is not perfect. She curses, she likes to fight, and she smoke Valerian to chill out. She's blunt, but maintains composure, and she supports Lion-O in all his aspirations. The person you love should also be your best friend. King Clawdus, and King Mau-ret ( Sheba's father. Sheba is half Siamese cat and half Egyptian Mau) always joked that either Tygra or Lion-O would be a great Prince of Kemetra or Sheba would be a great Queen of Thundera.

With that being said, I contacted :iconroryalice: to have this picture of Lion-O and Sheba , married, becoming one Spirit, with both insignias in the air. But what titles are they carrying and for what kingdom? And how is it that Sheba can hold the Sword of Omens when no one else, can?

Guess you'll have to read :)

Thundercats is owned by Sam Register,Ethan Spaulding, Michael Jelenic and Tobin “Ted” Wolf. It is produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

OC "Sheba" is mine

The art was paid for by me, :iconmissmjwilson: and created by :iconroryalice: as tagged.



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Hello all!

It's been 42 days and my father is still missing. This is so nerve -wreaking....I am trying my best to keep my wits but some days it gets hard. When someone does some stupid shit at work, I don't think twice about calling them out on it, because I truly don't give a crap who "likes" me or not. Shady is shady, and sadly, this occurrence has shown me the true "ugly" in some human beings. Be careful out there.

I'm trying to stay balanced. I still work out, but it's twice as hard, and I try to write more to get that anger out. Funny thing is, in my "Vain" fanfic, most of the girls' love interests are from Scotland, and I had a conversation with a Scottish guy yesterday. He even wore a kilt so I could see one in person. Now, I gotta be careful what I write, because that energy is making things manifest..hah ha

I needed to laugh a little, cuz currently, life ain't funny .....



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