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Hello all....I hope you all had great holiday experiences!!!!!

My mood was a bit up and down. It sucks not being able to go see Dad, but the dinners this year were different and FINALLY my family is being more health conscious and budget aware. I get so sick of turkey twice a year.

As I was editing through the "Vain" chapters I posted lat night, I didn't realize just how lengthy they had become..well, at least the oes featuring Wilshire and Bianca. As we all know, they have a very complex relationship, and I can't just be cut and dry when it come to them. That's not authentic to me. As you can see, I gave fictional characters some very realistic quirks, faults, and fears. I need to be able to relate.

It took me so long to write it, because I wasn't feeling anything but anger and frustration. It's hard to write a love scene when you're not feeling love. I hd to give myself some time. I didn't want to post anything half-assed.

I let time go by and I would write a little bit here and there. I would watch episodes of "Riverdale" and "Dynasty" just to get a little bit of inspiration. SLowly I found myself getting connected again, and my brain was able to be creative. I let this proceed with adding a few paragraphs here and there, then filling in with emotions. I had to envision them in a movie ...that makes things much easier for me .

LAst night when I did the final editing, I felt good, and I feel much better now. I think I am going to shut out the real world, except for paying bills and working out, and finish up on the things that I left hanging.

Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 38 pt. 2 -  Crying Out For More...

”Come to the poolhouse”


Bianca Dupree, dressed in a  soft cup bra made from a lightweight, stretch Leavers lace in nude, with all-over pink florals from Agent Provacateur, with matching boyshorts, gazed at the somewhat ambiguous message from Wilshire on her pink-crystalled Iphone6. Tossing back her luscious mane of raven waves, the teen nightmare, perched in the chair of her beloved, $250,000  Italian vanity, pressed her perfect toes into the pink carpet, shaking her head with a smug smile.

”Since when do you start barking orders?” she spoke aloud as she typed back, anticipating a smart assed response. “I'm your boss, remember?”

“You don't seem to mind me barking orders when I have you on all fours like a primped poodle...what the hell?” said Bianca, reading Wilshire's prompt response aloud. Fuming, flustered, and frustrated, the raven haired temptress shook her head full of dark waves fervently, throwing her phone onto her plush, petal pink dressed bed in a huff.

”Where does he get such big balls?” she asked aloud, a lucite Chanel cuff bracelet with the “CC” logo in pure diamonds sparkling in the light of her chandelier.  Staring at her glittering phone with a primped lip, her eyes , framed in butterfly -like lash extensions, relaxing, thinking of all the places where she and Wilshire had had the most profane, forbidden , yet passionate sex. The very thought of Wilshire's daily improving body, his abs, his back, his shoulders...the way he would trace his tongue around whatever jewelry she wore in her navel, the strong grip of his hands as he nibbled on her breasts ….the manner in which he flattened his tongue against her vulva as he ate her out...

”Oh!” Bianca cried suddenly, coming back into reality, tingles rushes up her spine. Suddenly feeling a rush of heat, she began fanning at her chest, making her way towards her showroom of a closet.

”Maybe...I'll just do a kimono,” Bianca said aloud, typing in “kimono” on a keyboard command display on beside the doorframe. As if by robotic magic, a rack of kimonos from all parts of Japan shifted their way in front of Bianca.

”Hmm...should I do pink with cranes, fuschia with chrysanthemums, baby pink with dragons...hmm....” she orated, sliding her hands through the rack. “Guess, I'll do the baby pink with the dragons. That's never seen the floor.”


Per usual, Bianca strapped on a pair of black Gucci “Ursula” high-heeled sandals with a thick ankle strap, made from shiny, patent leather , propped her well endowed behind on the golf cart,  her thick, dark waves blowing haphazardly behind her as she made her way to the poolhouse where her secret lover laid his head, filled with dreams of her.

The baby pink, silk kimono donning white, embroidered dragons holding an orb, graced her curves as if painted on, her nipples growing stiff, hardened by the cool night breeze. The sky was a beautiful ombre of navy, midnight blue, and cerulean, the clouds were sheer, like fluffy wedding veils. As Bianca turned a corner, she saw flickering shadows and bright lights wondering what the hell was going on.

'Feelings, so deep in my feelings...No, this ain't really like me...Can't control my anxiety...
Feeling, like I'm touching the ceiling....'

'What in the world?' thought Bianca, stopping the golf cart, turning the ignition off, careful to not disturb her expensive nails. Lifting from the seat in expensive, pink silk, Bianca stepped carefully onto the well manicured grass, strutting her glamorous stuff towards the pool.

”Hello, my pet.”

”What the hell?” Bianca gasped, placing her hand onto her silicone filled chest, her breath, short.  Dropping to her knees, she was gobsmacked, in pure disbelief at the scene in front of her.

' When I'm with you I can't breathe...Boy you do something to me...'

”Holy shit, W-Wilshire....what have you done?” asked Bianca, tears brimming from the corners of her beautiful, peridot eyes. “You nincompoop.”

The flickering shadows she had seen upon arrival emanated from the multitude of candles spelling “I Heart , You Bianca” , surrounding the Olympic-sized pool where Wilshire was standing in the shallow end, soaking wet, boasting his brand new body, and  chiseled face. Bianca, realizing just how handsome Wilshire was becoming, breathed slower, hoping her heart rate would return to normal before she fainted and ruined her hair.

”I- I can't believe did all...of...this....” she stammered, returning to her full height, the light of the tiny flames reflecting in her green eyes, the shadows playing across her cleavage. Trying her best to hide her smile, she gazed at Wilshire, uncharacteristically a bit longer than usual.

”Bianca, my sweet, I would swim across the ocean for you; light work,” Wilshire answered with a cocky grin, his brown eyes falling from her beautiful face to her breasts. Coyly, Bianca, crossing her arms over her chest, challenged her green eyes against Wilshire's browns, seeing a gleam that she'd never noticed before.

In truth, the ebony-haired, teen temptress didn't recognize that handsome, wet young man
as he walked toward her  in his light blue, Dolce and Gabanna swim trunks, his “eggplant” showing through the light color and wetness of the fabric. Wilshire was usually very meek and humble. This young man was confident to the point of tolerable arrogance, with an assertive edge.

”Come to me, Bianca,” Wilshire motioned with one hand, as the other hand grabbed on the rail of the pool steps for leverage. “The water's not too cold.”

”Since when do you start giving the boss orders?” Bianca challenged, her green eyes narrowing in her pursuit of regaining dominance. Chuckling softly, Wilshire looking over his shoulder, returned his look back to her, a slow lick of his lips following.

”In the next few minutes, you won't mind my subtle commands, Bianca,” Wilshire answered with a stern countenance. “Now...bring that perfect, perky little ass of your over”

Bianca, her jaw dropping, “hmphed”, before before stomping her high-heeled foot onto the concrete like a petulant child. How dare that peon speak to her in such a way that objectified her? How dare he be so damn irresistible?

”I said 'now', Bianca,” Wilshire repeated with narrowed eyes. “Get over!”

Fuming, biting her bottom lip,  Bianca, in her baby pink dragon kimono, strolled over to Wilshire, a lone tear streaming down her face. She was not sad, but overwhelmed. His gesture of his devotion and adoration was tearing her in half. His kindness; his will to create the most blissful emotions within her, whether they were duty or playful, made her heart do flips. However, when he was cold, speaking to her in a robotic tone, not caring for the comfort of her ego, made her heart cringe. As she walked, toward him, hearing nothing but the click of her Gucci heels against the concrete, his face seemed to glow, but his expression wouldn't change.

Inside, Wilshire's heart beat heavily against his ribcage as the gorgeous Bianca, her hair blowing away from her face in the cool breeze, the light from the flames of the candles, seemingly haloing her, approached him, the opening of the kimono allowing him a view of her wonderfully, defined legs. The same legs that he hoped his face would be buried in between and eventually wrapped around his waist.

Coming closer, Bianca, exhaling slowly through her lips, forced her usually confident, yet sneaky smile. What was this strange , overpowering feeling that was making her take the orders from the help? What was this witchcraft that was melting her icy reserve, allowing her hand to lay relaxed into his wet one, watching his thumb stoke over her well-manicured hand ever so possessively. Why did she allow him to to lift her hand to his peon lips and place them onto it? Why were her lovely, pale green eyes locked intensely with his chocolate diamond ones that once gazed at her in admiration but were now apathetic and seemingly lifeless?

' Ooh, now I'll never get over you until I find something new...That get me high like you do, yeah yeah...Ooh, now I'll never get over you until I find something new...That get me high like you do..'

Wilshire, the ever so doting butler, wanted to do cartwheels from the moment Bianca stepped onto the concrete in her beautiful Gucci shoes, the pink kimono barely covering her breasts,  the expanse of it hugging her curves, her calves flexing as she walked. She was a tangible fantasy, her dark tresses, framing her face with natural waves,  her olive skin glowing from just being cleansed, her only makeup being eyeliner and MAC 'Angel' lipglass. He could tell by her physical reaction that no one had ever been so thoughtful of her and even if she dismissed him later that week, his token of kindness would not be forgotten.

Reluctantly removing her hand from his lips, Wilshire, unable to form any words, stared at the beautiful young woman whose lips were parted, glossy, yet wordless. He had literally taken her breath away...

'I have her where I want her...'

'But a Troy Jeffries you'll never be...'

”Wilshire, this is so ….sweet,” Bianca managed to utter , trying not to falter in her position as 'boss bitch'.  “I hope you intend on cleaning up all the melted wax when you're done,” she added with a raised brow and smirk. Chuckling, Wilshire looked over his shoulder at his handiwork from across the pool and surrounding.  Bianca,  by nature, an ungrateful, ornery, bitch, never content or grateful of any damn thing. The main reason why Wilshire had bought so many damn candles and set them up in two hours, was in remembrance of her devastation, in reaction to Troy asking Larke to the Fall Ball  by way of a helicopter flying a banner.

”I planned on using the wax on you, to be honest,” Wilshire replied, coolly, kissing the back of her hand again, in such a way that she closed her eyes momentarily. “But I'm  going to wax that ass, regardless.”

”Oh really, now?” Bianca teased , giving him her 'eye' , raisig an artfully arched, dark brow. “What makes you think I want that from you?”

'Such arrogance,' Wilshire thought with a chuckle. 'Such a conceited bitch.'

”Well, you're here, aren't you? It doesn't take a genius to figure that out,” Wilshire retorted squeezing her hand a bit. “And you...Bianca Dupree, are such an insolent girl. You didn't answer my text.”

“Uh, I thought the conversation was over,” Bianca answered sheepishly, her attitude softening. “I'm sorry, Wilshire.”

' Listen to my heart go ba-dum, boo'd up...Biddy-da-dum, boo'd up...Hear my heart go ba-dum, boo'd up...Biddy-da-dum it just won't stop, it go...Ba-dum, boo'd up...'

As much as Wilshire wanted to succumb to her very rare apology, he fought the submissive reaction of  getting lost in her eyes, opting to lean upward, claiming her lips into an arresting, dominating  kiss. Ironically, in the hiearchy of all the lewd and lascivious things he and Biance would engage in, kissing the lips of the icy bitch reigned supreme. Knowing he'd garnered the opportunity of being her first kiss, first suck, first fuck, first everything Wilshire was more than confident that Bianca's future intimate partners would never stack up to him.

”Mmmph” was all Bianca could utter,  startled by Wilshire's bold, brazen move. Lately, her personal peon would be sol bold...smack her on the butt whenever he helped her into her Rolls Royce, and hi text ordering her to come to the pool was more than insubordination. She should have fire him, right then and there...but then again, he brought the fire to her soul.  Bianca, growing limp, grabbed onto the railing, grinding her heels strongly into the concrete.

Wilshire's tongue was ardent, playing maniacally against Bianca's, his teeth nibbling on her bottom lip. Bianca, forgetting that she was wearing the most expensive silk, imported from Japan, shaped into a kimono custom made for her body ( before the implants) , took her hand out of Wilshire's, wrapping an arm around his wet, muscular body instead.

'Biddy-da-dum, boo'd up...Hear my heart go ba-dum, boo'd up...'

Wilshire, more than obliged, relinquished his hold onto the railing, securing one of his arms around Bianca's waist. Her lips were matched in hunger with his, her breath warm and heavy, her breasts heaving. As she was a few steps above him, the sly butler took advantage of the situation, sliding his free hand up her unsuspecting thigh, his hand, wet, and curious.

”Oh,” Bianca replied against his lips, when his fingers brushed against the most precious, most priceless jewel that she would ever possess. The jewel that would tingle against the the wisps of his fingers or the rasp of his tongue. Feeling the snatch of her body,  Wilshire gently brushed  his pointer and middle finger against Bianca's lace covered crotch.

<p'Biddy-da-dum, it just won't stop, it go...I think I might die without you...How many ways can I say that I need you, baby, it's true...Feeling all over my body....You know how I like it...Ain't gotta tell you what to do, yeah yeah...'

”Oh...unnngh...” Bianca gasped, opening her mouth against Wilshire's. “W—Wilshire....”

”Yes, my pet?” Wilshire answered, swiping his fingers against that special jewel. “Yes?”

' Head over heels in love...Right in front of you, ain't gotta look no more baby (hah)...
I wanna build this love...'

”W-Wilshire..this is a very expensive silk kimono, I can't ruin it,” Bianca responded, in a cloud of heavy breathing. Chuckling at Bianca's ever-present, materialism, Wilshire, casting his glance downward, watched his own fingers slide in through the side of Bianca's wet, sheer panties, rubbing his knuckles against the moist, velvet petals that he' grown to love.

”Bianca, you're one of the wealthiest girls of the Teen Club, you can have another one made,” Wilshire cooed, looking upward, watching Bianca's beautiful green eyes roll almost backward as if possessed.

”, Sherlock,” Bianca huffed, almost losing her footing. Instinctively,  Wilshire, snatching his hand away from her crotch, quickly braced Bianca around her waist, stepping carefully backwards into the pool. Bianca, her eyes flying open, realized in horror that her expensive ensemble, was drenched, her Gucci shoes, possibly ruined.

”Wilshire!!!” Bianca screeched, pummeling him on his chest, only to be grabbed by both of her wrists. Standing in waist deep water, her kimono circling her,  Bianca was helpless, feeling loss and gain simultaneously. Wilshire, with a stern look in his eyes , yanked Bianca forward, claiming her lips in a kiss that made her fists relax, her hands entwining with Wilshire's. Wilshire, his cock aroused and ready, pressed into Bianca's middle, knowing that she was just as eager as he. She had momentarily forgotten that Wilshire knew her body in ways that were still unbeknownst to her. Wilshire could identify every tick, quiver, and quake of the raven-haired beauty's nubile body. The next guy would need a manual....and prayer, lots of prayer.

' This is such a crazy feeling, like...I don't want to get too attached, but I feel like I already am...'

As Wilshire's tongue played battle dome with Bianca's, the Romanian- Italian goddess, relaxed her body, her nerves following. Wilshire's serving hands showed mercy as they began untying the knot of the obi, tossing it onto the surface of the water. Feeling the front of her kimono opening from the front, Bianca, opening her eyes, halted the kiss, placing her hands on his pecs to pause.

”Wilshire...let me,” she insisted, using her well-manicured hands to slide the robe from her tawny shoulders, her ginormous breasts heaving as she nervously revealed her, tight, nubile body, dressed in expensive lace and wet, unblemished skin, her bellyring glimmering in the collective candlelight.

“Holy shit, Bianca,” said Wilshire, letting out a low whistle while Bianca freed herself of the dampened article, her nipples straining against flowers and lace. Asking no permission, Wilshire traced his fingers along the outer shell of her right ear, watching Bianca's pale green eyes, blink closed as he continued along the curve of her neck, to her collarbone to the top of her gummy-bear  breasts that  had settled nicely into the flesh pockets  created by Dr. Rojy. Despite having seen and tasted her entire body countless times, it was always a new adventure.



When her eyes opened again, and her expression became soft, and almost innocent, Wilshire felt the darkness and ire that rested deep inside his heart subside for a moment, admiring himself for the trance he had seemingly put her in from the mere touch of his fingers.

”Yes, Wilshire?” she purred when his his thumb stroked against her nipple. Wilshire, feeling himself grow very stiff under the surface of the water, cleared his throat, trying to regain his concentration. He hadn't gone to all that trouble just to fuck up his own plan. Tonight, he would own Bianca's mind, body, and soul.

'Your lips, your smile, your tenderness, ooh baby...The way you walk, I can't resist your style...
When I sleep at night, I dream of you, ooh baby...I wake up wet, thinking of you, ooh baby...'

If not for the cunning smirk that followed Bianca's response, Wilshire would have drowned his reserve in the pool.

”Strip for me, my pet?” Wilshire asked in a cold monotone, the usual warmth of his cinnamon brown eyes, leaving. Chuckling, Bianca, tossed her head of half-wet ebony waves to one side, disbelieving her butler's sudden bravado.

”You've become quite comfortable giving me orders, my dear Wilshire,” Bianca challenged, placing  her hand over his, almost covering her extremely large breast. “You seem to forget your position in our situation.”

Tossing his own head back, Wilshire laughed mockingly, using the facts that he was taller and stronger than Bianca as his ace in the hole. He could have easily backed her against the retainer wall of the pool and fucked her mercilessly, yet romantically, to display his dominance, but he knew that would  only prove that he would succumb to her every demand. He needed to show her that he was very much in control of her mind; their bodies were in a mutual agreement.

” seem to forget what positions I've put you in...and you've enjoyed” he dotted by squeezing her breast with a bit of pressure that aroused her, and made her wince at the same time.

' How can a man like me...Convince a girl like you...To be his lover and one and only...'

As Wilshire kissed her tenderly on the forehead, Bianca could not withhold her smile or her intrigue. Wilshire's physique had transformed from the Marshmallow Man to Captain America. Any other time she would have cringed from his touch or abhorred the thought of his lips pressing against hers much less his tongue exploring the sweet cavern of her mouth. But lately, during their heavy lovemaking sessions, she'd noticed changes in his stomach, more width to his back, and his face was becoming more chiseled.

When Wilshire's lips met with hers again, she moaned softly, feeling relieved that he was, by contract, her “property”,  but worried that the other girls of the Teen Club would notice him, too.

Bianca couldn't let that happen.

Opening her mouth a little wider, Bianca took the aggressive route, letting her tongue dominate Wilshire's, crushing her huge breasts against his chest, brushing her wet pelvis teasingly against his hardened shaft. Wilshire shivering, used both callused hands to grip each of Bianca's perky asscheeks, his fingers playing with the back entryway.

 'How can I make you see...That I'm the one for you...And nobody does it like me...'

Her eyes squeezed tight, Bianca rested her head against Wilshire's neck, her arms wrapped around him as his fingers penetrated her through the water, the texture of the sheer fabric adding extra sensations. Pressing her lips together tightly, the raven-haired with tried her best not to cry out like a banshee.

”Wilshire...ooooh....” she moaned against his neck, her breath warm yet shaky. Wilshire, feeling very satisfied with himself, observed the pool. Bianca's obi floating on the left....her kimono floating on the right.  Her hair, which was reverting back to its natural waves was like a dark veil of death trailing around her waist, the flicker of candles turning the scene from erotic to horror.

For she was the monster that he desired....and he was Frankenstein...

'Hey pretty girl...Can I be your man tonight, baby? Hey pretty mama...Can I sleep with you tonight?'

Bianca, uncharacteristically making the first move, kissed Wilshire again, easing them backward toward the stairs of the pool. The blissful sensations he generously bestowed her with his fingers, were even more delightful from his tongue. Though these brazen thoughts would have made her question her upbringing ( and her choice of partner), that was not the time to be prudish....

”Come...Wilshire....make me come Wilshire?” she pleaded, carefully walking them backward, her green eyes begging desperately. “I need you so badly.”

”Bianca...?” asked Wilshire, feigning surprise as they waded through the water. Her sudden initiative , and the strength of her hold on his waist almost made his heart fly from his ribcage, but he knew better than to express his joy.

'She knows what to say to get what she wants from me,' he thought, when they reached the steps. Bianca, gently releasing Wilshire, carefully stepped up back ward until she was on the first step that met with the pool's deck. Wilshire watched as his half-wet paramour reached both hands behind her back to unhook her obnoxiously expensive bra. As the shadows flickered against her beautiful face, the lowly butler gazed as her extremely large, silicon filled flesh globes seemingly bounced out from their bondage.

' Hey, pretty girl when you come to my room tonight...I'll make you come through the night...'

Assuming the role of teenage temptress, Bianca, throwing her bra into the pool with the rest of her clothes, stared at Wilshire, feeling the wet insoles of her Gucci heels sticking to her feet. The shadows from the flittering candles gave Wilshire's newly chiseled expression an air of mystery and even sinister. She watched his eyes rake her from her hairline to her toes, taking in every curve and every angle that he'd kissed, smelled, and nibbled. Upping the ante, Bianca, taking a long, dark tendril around her finger, twirled it seductively, biting her bottom lip.

“Oh Wilshire darling....” Bianca began, spreading her legs, built by Pilates, gymnastics and horseback riding, a few inches apart. “I'm wet.”

” pet, you are in a pool,” Wilshire retorted, coming closer to the steps, eventually looming over Bianca who leaned backward, coquettishly avoiding his advances to kiss her. Wilshire, managing to brush his lips against her cheek suckled it, chuckling when she squealed.

”I'm wet in another way, Wilshire,” Bianca whispered, strands of wet hair falling into her mouth. Kissing her cheek, then trailing down her neck, Wilshire, engulfing every bit of Bianca's tender, succulent skin between his lips 'hmmed' his way to a naked breast, the dusty pink nipple stiff  with excitement.

'  Your legs around my waist so tight...I'll slide down south to taste you right...You taste so good to me...'

”Well...hello there,” said Wilshire to the nipple, before playfully flicking it with his tongue. As her mouth parted open, Bianca, her mind in a trance , closed her eyes, while Wilshire suckled her right nipple, his free hand tracing lines down her taught stomach.

Even though the anticipation of having her pleasure box ravaged was driving her to madness, Bianca always appreciated Wilshire's “attention to detail.” Not one inch of her perfect skin was ever erogenous zone was ignored.

As Wilshire teased and tantalized her silicon-filled funbags, Bianca, wailed like a hungry kitten, the length of her hair becoming wet as it trailed along the curves of her body. Wilshire's tongue tired of her nipple, desiring something a little smaller, yet a  little sweeter.

' How does a man like me...Seduce a girl like you...How can I make you my one and only...
How can I make you scream...'



”Keep your eyes closed...”

”Okay..Wilshire,” Bianca answered, shutting her pale peridot eyes, leaning back against the stairs, her head resting against the deck. Inhaling strongly, she could feel the cool breeze of the night air whisper against her perky dusky nipples, her long hair becoming drenched ,  and the butler's tongue laving against her inner thigh, teasing her with anticipation.  

'There's no one else for you...'And nobody does it like me, baby....'

Wilshire, kissing the soft, smooth skin along Bianca's toned inner thigh , spied the wet, floral crotch of her panties, her love cove visibly pulsing with need. Being a devilish rogue, the lovesick butler, gently stroked along her sensitized area, smiling at the way her body jerked, and how her breath seemed to catch as she shrieked.

'The sweetest sound is her submission,' thought Wilshire as he began kissing toward his favorite part of her anatomy. Learning the geometry of Bianca Dupri's body had been quite the lesson, and he loved his “afterschool tutoring” and at times “extra credit.” Although he had taught her more than the vice versa, he appreciated being the professor and the student. The Romanian-Italian goddess would often scream little things in either of her languages, which was also an added bonus.

”Ooohhh....ooh....Wilshire...please hurry...” Bianca pleaded, the brush of his fingertips against her clothed labia placing chills through her spine. “I need you....”

'Hey pretty girl...Can I be your man tonight, baby?  Hey pretty mama...Can I sleep with you tonight?'

”As you wish, my pet...”

Wilshire, having no cares to cost, quickly ripped Bianca's panties in half, exposing the damp pink petals of her sensual flower. Bianca gasped, not only from the sound of her expensive unmentionables being torn to shreds, but from the shock of the cool breeze against her exposed flesh. Not wanting to tarry any further, Wilshire, lowering his head between Bianca's thighs, flicked his tongue against Bianca's labia, lifting her legs over his shoulders to keep her steady.

It was then that Bianca's mouth fell ajar, her eyes opening to an upside down cabana,  and dancing, flailing  flames of  carefully placed candles. Out of habit, her soon to be dry rotted Gucci heels found their resting place against his upper back , pressing into his skin from every jerk of her body.

Wilshire, feeling the scratch of the pointy heels against his skin, directed his focus on shoving his tongue inside of Bianca's tender, tight walls, his upper lip pushing against the little hood that hid her “fun spot”. Her love cave was always smooth, free of hair and tasted of mangoes and peaches. As Wilshire dove his tongue in and out of her, he wondered if the next guy would savor her taste as much as he did, or even devour her with such ardor.

”W-wil----shire.....oooh.....W-w-ilshire....” Bianca uttered through quivering lips, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Her senses heightened, she could hear her own breath, feel the warmth of the candles, the brisk of the night air, and the texture of Wilshire's eager tongue rubbing against her pleasure pearl. The butterflies that often fluttered in her belly whenever Wilshire was attending to his “duties” , had scattered, making her skin rush with tingling sensations.

'  Hey, pretty girl when you come to my room tonight...I'll make you come through the night...'

”Ooohhh...ooohh....” Bianca wailed, as she thrashed against the water causing droplets to splash onto her breasts. “Wil...shire....oooh.....”

Stretching her arms out above her head, gripping at nothing but the air, Bianca, exhaling sharply, thrusting her breasts to the midnight blue sky, squeezed her eyes shut, wanting so so badly to suppress the inevitable. She was going to explode, meaning Wilshire's tongue would ceases its sensual assault on her clitoris, and her head would start to spin.

With Bianca's entire labia in his mouth, Wilshire, being the apt pupil, began “writing” the alphabet with his tongue. Bianca shrieked, writhing like a wrangled snake wanting to break free. Wilshire could her hear balled fists pounding against the concrete of the deck, her heels digging hard into his trapezius.

”Ooo da-mi mai mult ( give me more)!' Bianca wailed in Romanian as her legs began to shake despite Wilshire holding them firmly. He loved it when she she begged, cried and screamed, rather than bark her vicious orders at him to schlepp her expensive shit.

' There's a candle that's burning in my heart tonight...And the flame is full of my desire...
And I can't help but desire you in my bed tonight,,,'

”Oooohh....” Bianca grunted, raising her head a bit, seeing Wilshire's head tossing from left to right, his hair a dark blonde damp mess atop his head, her stomach, wet, peppered with sweat. Looking up from his pleasurable duty, Wilshire, letting his tongue hang from his mouth, made eye contact with Bianca, reveling in the pretty begging her glazed green eyes revealed. Her bottom lip was trembling, her beautiful face was striped by the shadows from the candles' flames. She looked erotic; almost animalistic...wanting to command him to finish her off, but knew she had lost control at that point.

'She's beautiful when she's vulnerable, but she's at her weakest,' thought Wilshire, making sure Bianca was watching as he continued writing the alphabet against her clit, taking note how her head fell back as he crossed the “Q”....

' And I'll touch you in the places...Where no one's been before...And I'll kiss you in the places..
Where men sometimes ignore...'

”Wilshire....oooh....Wilshire....Wilshire...” Bianca shrieked on and on, feeling the butterflies traveling all through her body, goosebumps forming under her flesh. Wilshire could taste the change in her body chemistry, her pheromones wafting under his nostrils.

He only had a few more letters to go, but Bianca's lithe frame was quaking under him, and he just didn't know how long he could withstand her Gucci shoes pummeling into his back, his neck becoming painfully welted from the heels.

”WILSHIRE!” Bianca screamed as Wilshire reached the letter “V” . “WILSHIRE!!!!!!”

'And I'll take you to a level...You've never felt before'....

As spirals of passion swirled from her abdomen to her brain, Bianca, her breathing irregular, her nipples hardened, her back curved upward, pressed her lips together, trying her damnedest  not to squeal loud enough to wake her staff. Wilshire was doing things that were not of their usual routine, and her stamina was really being put to task.

”W-Wilshire...I'm gonna ...I'm gonna....OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Bianca warned as her body began to convulse. Despite the unsteady shaking of her legs, Wilshire,  writing out the letter “Z” on her clitoris, continued until his beautiful paramour's body went paralytic, emitting a tasty, sweet cream from her nether regions.

' And though you won't understand it...You'll cry and ask for more....'

”WWWWIIIIILLLLSSSSHHHIIIRREEEEE!!!!!!” Bianca cried before clapping her well-manicure hand over her mouth, tears streaming from her eyes that still viewed the world upside down. Her body was quaking so violently it almost scared her. As Wilshire lapped up the remains of her satisfaction , Bianca jerked, her senses over 9000.

And he still wasn't done....

Wiping his sticky lips, Wilshire chuckled, watching Bianca's breasts as they heaved through her labored breathing. Looking up at him shyly, feeling heat rise to her tear stricken cheeks, Bianca , combed wet, sweat soaked strands away from her face. With her legs still resting on Wilshire's shoulders, she was still defenseless, at his mercy.

Loving the softness in her expression, Wilshire stroked his hands gently along her calves, knowing she was ticklish, finding joy in her muffled giggles. When she wasn't being treacherous, her girlish nature would sometimes reveal itself in blushes, winks, and subdued laughter. She was actually precious when she wasn't being an arrogant bitch.

'Hey pretty girl...Can I be your man tonight, baby?'


”Yes, Bianca?'

”Make love to me?”

'Hey pretty mama...Can I sleep with you tonight?'

Trying his best to hide an oncoming tear, his heart melting, Wilshire, kissing Bianca on her left ankle, closed his eyes. Remembering that morning in the limo where they had fucked into a entire mess, she had told him she loved him then. But later that day he was once again a worthless oaf with the intelligence of an aardvark. She still didn't understand ..that word “love”, when abused, could result in some very serious repercussions and consequences...

'Manipulative assed bitch...' thought Wilshire gazing into Bianca's pleading green eyes. He could not help but become even more aroused as he raked over her naked body, half submerged, yet completely drenched with sweat and treated water.

”Bianca, are you asking me, or demanding me?” Wilshire responded, stroking her calf. Chuckling haughtily, Bianca pursed her lips together.

”You would always serve me in any way that I ask, “ Bianca reminded. “And I want you to serve me that sea monster poking through your swim trunks.”

”Say please, Bianca,” Wilshire answered coolly, growing sick of her mind games, but wanted to slam inside of  her walls so badly he could scream. Placing another kiss to her ankle, the butler stared at his boss bitch with a consternation that almost scared her.

Sighing in defeat, the shadows of the many candles playing against her beautiful features, Bianca, trying her best to keep her stance, glared at Wilshire, shaking her head. How she managed to taste the slice of humble pie was beyond her...

”Wilshire, will you please make love to me?” Bianca asked slowly, trying her best to sound sweet when she really wanted to kick him in the face for being so damn defiant.

'Hey, pretty girl when you come to my room tonight...I'll make you come through the night...'

Silently, with a cold expression in his chocolate diamond eyes, Wilshire walked himself into Bianca's space, leaning in to kiss her passionately. Bianca, caught by surprise, opened her mouth eagerly letting his tongue roam freely into her mouth before she enclosed her lips. Wilshire's hands, sliding first up,  then  down her legs , crept underneath, the hardness of the step hitting his knuckles. Nevertheless, with a renewed strength Wilshire lifted Bianca so she was sitting on the deck with her legs wrapped around him.

' Ooh, now I'll never get over you until I find something new...That get me high like you do, yeah yeah..'

Bianca, who was unusually, hypnotized by Wilshire's aggressive kiss welcomed having her head pressed hard against the pool deck, her lustrous, wet hair fanned underneath her. Taking his lips away for a moment of breath, Wilshire eased his swim trunks lower, letting Bianca catch a glance of the hard work he had been putting in...working out with Rocksi, a girl he barely knew, to impress her, the girl he'd always dreamed about. Rocksi had been very kind in training him secretly through Skype and texting him meal plans. Even though she felt that his motivation to impress a girl was peculiar she hoped that he would end up feeling better about himself, for himself.

Rocksi had created a monster...

”Wilshire?” asked Bianca as the elastic waist band of his pants revealed a lean lower midsection, pronounced hipbones, and of course....Godzilla. Stopping his striptease below his knees, Wilshire smirked, taking a look at his own package feeling very proud.

”Yes, my sweet?” Before his raven-haired paramour could answer, Wilshire claimed Bianca's lips into another kiss, only this time she embraced him, her nipple tickling against his wet skin. Reaching between them, Wilshire , using two fingers, felt the smooth swollen flesh that he had delightfully tasted earlier.

'  Ooh, now I'll never get over you until I find something new...That get me high like you do...

”Oooohhhh....Wilshire....please....?” Bianca whispered desperately against his lips.

”Please...what?” Wilshire teased back, removing his fingers, rubbing the tip of his shaft against her swollen nub.

Silently, Bianca screamed, the teasing was just too much. The chemicals in her brain were simmering and she just couldn't get her words together. Clutching Wilshire with the tightest of death grips, the onyx-haired heiress bore her peridot eyes into his, knowing he needed her consent.

”Wilshire.....please....make love to” she half asked, half commanded, knowing she needed confidence in her begging. “Please?”

' Listen to my heart go ba-dum, boo'd up...Biddy-da-dum, boo'd up...Hear my heart go ba-dum, boo'd up...Biddy-da-dum it just won't stop, it go...'

”Please, Wilshire, make love to me?” Bianca implored, lifting to press her forehead against his. “I-I love you...”


Being a fool for her always and forever, Wilshire, with no preamble, slammed inside of Bianca, causing her to wail  initially from the unexpected pain, but soon moaned with deep, guttural pleasure, when Wilshire started his rhythmic motions inside her body. As Wilshire kissed her, tears streamed down Bianca's beautiful face, but not from sorrow...

This time felt different, Wilshire's skin was firm, his body was hard,  his hands were combing through the nape of her wet hair, probably tangling it more than it already was. His kisses were hungry, almost aching for her, and as his body rocked inside of her, swirls of passion hit her brain and words could not be uttered.


Wilshire's mouth would never confess that this intimate encounter in the pool was indeed unique from their other intimate encounters. It wasn't the candles, Bianca's shoes, or Wilshire's big reveal.

Looking down at Bianca's half-lidded eyes, the elevation of her breasts upward to the night sky, her nipples swollen and  hard from the cool air, the muscles of her taut stomach sinking and flexing in regards to Wilshire's strokes, the often emasculated butler smiled warmly. As he panted, making sure his evil, yet beloved boss bitch was receiving immense pleasure, he closed his eyes, wanting to concentrate on the feeling of her damp walls clenching around his shaft.

Everything in Bianca's sight was becoming blurry from tears. As she slid her hands up and down Wilshire's forearms, she could feel his veins and while  raking her fingernails along the wet hairs of his arms, goosebumps. As she raised her head, kissing him with urgency, his shaft drove deeper into her, making her gasp in delight.

The heat from the candles, the sound of the water, the deep tone of Wilshire's grunts, the smacking and splashing from their vigorous fucking, made Bianca's heart beat rapidly. Not knowing what Wilshire was feeling...or thinking....without her controlling words rattled her a bit, but for the moment she enjoyed the freedom of not having control.

Sensing she was thinking too much, Wilshire took the initiative of reclaiming Bianca's lips into a kiss, his tongue delving in between their lips. Against his pectorals, her nipples were wet, cold and hard, her hair was soaked beyond recognition, and that damn Gucci heel was digging into his lower back like a fishhook, but Bianca was malleable, bending to his will, damn near meting into him. She didn't care that her eyeliner was becoming a mess or her once beautifully coiffed hair was ruined.  She was needy, hungry, passionate for him....and he was enjoying every minute.

”W-Wilshire....” Bianca strained to say, feeling that loosening tie in her lower belly...the sensation that was too much and too good at the same time...  as much as she enjoyed Wilshire's disco stick, she was on the verge of implosion...”

”W- Wilshire....oooh....shiiittt....Wilshire....” Bianca shrieked, her pale green eyes flashing wide. “I'm gonna....I'm gonna....” ….

A whiplash of energy raced through Bianca's veins to her brain, forcing her mouth to elicit a scream. Knowing all too well what he had done, Wilshire carefully slipped out from inside of her, her creamy essence covering his shaft. As she twitched, splashed of water knocked over a few candles, compromising the fiery heart that Wilshire had lovingly built. While Bianca thrashed uncontrollably, Wilshire holding her by the hips watched as the beautiful hellbeast pounded her fists against the concrete, water splashing about. Her gorgeous body was streaked with flickering shadows from the candlelight that remained, her dark waves clinging to her curves. Watching her perfect lips part as she panted for air, Wilshire smiled, smugly.

This was the moment that he'd been “training” for..mentally, creatively, and physically. Falling in love the enemy had been treacherous for him, but the now depleted Bianca would soon receive her karma in the moments to come....

”You're gonna what, Bianca?” Wilshire asked, gazing at the shadows tracing Bianca's gorgeous features. As much as his heart was guiding him to kiss her tenderly with assurance, his mind would not let him. Combing wet hair from her forehead, Bianca, coughing a bit, regained her breathing, the night air causing her to shiver. Looking up at Wilshire, naked, and unusually handsome made her feel a bit shy.

”Wilshire Allen Brentwood, I love you,” Bianca confessed, meeting her pale green eyes with his cinnamon ones.

Wilshire, trying his best to not look shocked, gazed at the darkness of the sky. The look in Bianca's eyes were so sincere, yet confused, and her voice was gentle, which seemed abnormal. Maybe it was the scenery, the candles. Maybe it was the oxytocin ….but the butler knew in his heart that the heiress did not mean what she had just said. Her actions never showed it. Love was not selfish or abusive, and people in love sure as shit didn't use each other.

'She just wants to win.'

Stepping backward carefully away from her, Wilshire, unable to respond at that moment, could only stare at her, watching her sit up straight, her wet hair clinging to her beautiful body like a cloak. Her expression was hard to believe, for her eyes looked sad, but her mouth was tight, almost  stern.

”I'm going to go dry off ...put on some clothes, and clean up all these candles, Bianca,” Wilshire supplied, turning his back to her. Bianca gasped, catching a glimpse at the welts on his upper back achieved from her shoes.

The welts stung, and the chlorine was not making it better. With balled fists at his side, Wilshire, looking over his shoulder, watched Bianca cross her arms over her ample bosom in response from cool, night air, or shivering from her intense orgasm.

”Wilshire?” Bianca called in her infamous , condescending tone. “You get back here, now!”

”Bianca, my pet, you must get back inside before you catch a death of cold; you know how much you hate sneezing,” Wilshire, retorted, positioning his body into a breaststroke.

”Wilshire! You bubble -headed gorgon! You get back here, now!” Bianca shrieked, standing to her full height, only to get splashed by Wilshire as he paddled toward the other side of the pool.

'OOOh ! How I hate him so much!' she thought, turning on her heel, making sure that he could not see that she was in tears.


Song Lyrics: “Boo'd Up” by Ella Mai, “Pretty Girl, by Jon B.

Vain- Chapter 38 pt. 2
This one took me a loooong time to get finished because I didn't want it to sound like some random session. Wilshire and Bianca have the most interesting relationship out of all of them, but I can't let it be too easy going ....

Beverly Hills Teens is owned by Cookie Jar, Ent

OC "Rocksi" is mine

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by Missmjwilson

“ Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this
An anti-social pessimist but usually I don't mess with this
And I know you mean only the best and
Your intentions aren't to bother me
But honestly I'd rather be
Somewhere with my people we can kick it and just listen
To some music with the message (like we usually do)
And we'll discuss our big dreams
How we plan to take over the planet..”- Alessia Cara

    Chapter 38 pt. 1 -  Home All By Myself...

”All by myseeeellllffff....don't wanna be...all by myself....anymore....” , sang Nikki Darling  as she  took a hot, bubbly bath with white rose petals in the water, while ordering a brand new, 5 carat, Emerald cut Canary-diamond pendant from 14 Karat ( where Rocksi's mother worked).  After slathering her skin with coconut oil, drying off with a heated towel, and  dressing herself in a yellow, lace tanktop from Victoria's Secret with a matching pair of boyshorts, letting the firmest parts of her perky butt hang out, she walked slowly in soreness to her huge, king sized    bed swathed in a gold, sequinned comforter, and a mountain of pillows.

” Are my calves killing me,” she muttered, pulling back the comforter, exposing the cream, 1,000 thread count sheets lined with metallic gold threads, crawling underneath. Sliding her hands, underneath a few sequinned and gold satin pillows, she found the  remote to her Samsung Smart TV, the TV of all the Teen Club members.

As she surfed through the channels, Nikki, her chest-auburn hair draped down her body like a cloak, her nails sparkling, her skin smelling of roses, she observed the number of dating and reality shows. All the girls looked the same, wore the same outfits, and talked the same shit. All the guys were built the same, had the same haircut, and talked the same, lame shit. But the word “love” was not ever mentioned, but the terms, “stalker”, “crazy”, “psysho”, and “obsessed” were.

”Are they fucking kidding me?” asked Nikki  as she took a peek of “Ex on the Beach” on MTV. “This shit is ridiculous! Is the was what relationships have been reduced too? Am I really missing anything?”

Nikki shook her head at the lack of communication between the couples, the cheating allegations, the insecurity of the girls, the narcissim of the guys. There didn't seem to be any “love” , but possession. Good-looking guys with no souls, or self-esteem, clinging onto pretty girls who lied on Instagram for likes and popularity. Bet. Scratching her temple, stretching her muscular legs, Nikki groaned, wondering if the whole “love thing” was even for her.

” Oh my gosh..and they call me 'dramatic'?” Nikki grumbled, with a raise of a full, arched brow.' Geez Louise. Hell,  I can't be doing something that  damn outta bounds if I have a secret admirer,' she thought, gazing at the vase of gorgeous yellow flowers that had been delivered to her during her fitness class, sitting on top of her dresser.

When Nikki wasn't lost in a flourish of rehearsals and auditions, she was bored. As much as she enjoyed the company of her Teen Club friends from time to time, going on adventures and having roasting sessions with Bianca Dupree, she loathed  being group with the “undateables”,  the cute girls with no date at dances, but Nikki was usually best dressed of them. Yeah, their group pictures would always<.i> break the internet, but still, she wanted to be “Boo'd up” like Blaise, and now Tara Belle.

”You have a notification on your website, Nikoftime”....said an automated alert that sounded like Nikki's own voice from her MacBook. Lifting her sore body upright, Nikki smiled. Her adoring fans always knew how to cheer her up! She never felt lonely when they showed up.

”Coming, my darlings...” she uttered,  crawling  over to her nightstand, lifting up her laptop and specialized table that Chester had made for it to keep her bedsheets  from burning.

”Go to Nikoftime website”, she said commanded, setting the laptop onto her lap. Oh how she loved voice command!  

”Okay, Nikki,” her laptop answered, showing the homepage to Nikki's site. “Go to notifications,” Nikki added. “Please.”

Immediately, Nikki was shown a screen showing all her comments and notifications from her live video earlier in the car with Tara. She had linked the video from Facebook live to her own site for her fans and followers who didn't like Facebook. Propping her back ody against a few pillows, Nikki scrolled through the comments giggling with glee.

”So sweet of you to talk about Chester, Nikki read aloud. “Thank you for saying, that, He was definitely a voice for the people who were hurting silently,” Nikki voiced, while the computer typed.

”Thank you for letting us know that having wealth doesn't mean's your friend? She's really cute”, Nikki read aloud shaking her head. 'Geez, can I just be featured?' she thought before answering: “ You're welcome, and Tara is doing just great. Considering who her boyfriend is, I'd say she was doing excellent,” Nikki said in response, continuing to scroll.”

“Your makeup is always on point, how do you keep it on while you work out?”

”I use Final Seal from Ben Nye. We all use it in theatre because of the hot assed lights. I always use it when I'm dancing, and you can even swim in it,” Nikki supplied, scrolling onto the next comment.

” What is your favorite Linkin Park song?”

”From the Inside”.

”Have you met all the members of Glasgow Smiley Face or just Blake?”

”I met Blake at the luau,” Nikki answered, plainly. She was not going to reveal anymore of Tara's business.

 “Isn't your other friend dating Ian from Glasgow Smiley Face? The girl that was on X Factor? “ Nikki read aloud, letting out a yawn.

”I don't know, I' trying to get a date of my own,” Nikki answered, growing wearing of the waning interest in her that was seemingly evident from the questions about her friends.

”What the hell is going on? Why do I feel like the third wheel to Jett and Tara Belle on my own damn website?” she muttered, scrolling but ignoring, before her mood got any worse.  ”Oh, looky... someone sent me a pm, “ she noticed, clicking on the icon. “They wanna ask about Blake and Tara in private, eh?”

”Your tribute to Chester Bennington was very kind and very remarkable. You looked very beautiful as always, but I sensed something is bothering you. I could see it in those beautiful violet eyes of yours. If you need to vent, I'm here for you...Hylandismyland,” Nikki  read aloud, suddenly softening, releasing a low exhale.

”Wow...someone cares, “ said Nikki, combing a few strands of hair away from a face that was gorgeous, scrubbed clean of makeup, a little bit tan from sun exposure.

”Hmm...I wonder if he'll let me see his face or if  he's gonna be the Invisible Man,” Nikki shrugged. “Take me to Skype, please.”

Upon her gentle command, the laptop's programming took Nikki to her Skype screen. After typing in her username and password, Nikki called Hylandismyland,  hoping he'd answer. Despite not knowing his true identity, Nikki was perfectly satisfied with the attention he'd given her, thus far, it was better than nothing.

Keithan, who'd kept his Skype page available in case Nikki had decided to ring him, had fallen asleep on the couch in his suite. After hearing the Skype ring, his aquamarine eyes opened, a smile crept at the corner of his average-sized lips.

” heart is singin' right now..but, I'm gonna shit me-self,” said Keithan, the handsome churchboy of Glasgow Smiley Face , said under his breath, clicking the “answer” icon for the call.

”He...hello there,” said a raspy, feminine voice. :This is Nikki from Nikoftime. Is this Hyland?”

'Holy Shit! She's so majestic,' thought Keithan, gazing at Nikki through the camera, but he had been smart to disable his own. “''ello there, lass, 'ow are yeh? Yeh lookin' very well in yeh video earlier.”  Wearing a light blue, fitted v-neck Hanes T-shirt, and a pair of fitted  Hudson jeans, the dirty blonde keyboardist rolled his shoulders backward. After an intense practice came an intense workout. Glasgow Smiley Face was going to indeed  leave a very searing impression on the rich kids of Beverly Hills.

”Hmm...thank you, yeah...road rage is not my best showing, sadly,” Nikki answered, stretching her arms above her head, forgetting that she wasn't wearing a bra and her dusky mauve nipples  were prominent through the yellow lace of her tank top. “But that pink G Wagon was getting on my damn nerves!”

Keithan, currently at a loss for words, just wanted to choke kiss Nikki at that point and slide his hands underneath her lacy top. Her hair, her skin, the way she puckered her lips and licked underneath her top lip before she added a sentence, were turning him much he snatched the red, black, green and blue tartan throw blanket provided by the  hotel from the armrest on the couch to cover the tent he was on the verge of pitching.

”Yeh only human, missus,” Keithan cooed, scratching the back of his head. “Other than that, 'ow was yeh day?”

'No one ever asks me that,' she thought breaking into a smile, a smile that unbeknownst to her, Keithan could see. “Well, my day was pretty funny...and ironic, and serendipitous.”

” I ain't got no car...And I've got one pair of jeans...They've been stretched too far...And now they're weak at the seams...I can't say what's next...And I got nothin' up my sleeve...But I don't lose my head...
Cause it ain't really up to me...” Keithan began singing, unable to resist.

”And I'm doing just fine...I'm always landing on my feet...In the 'Nik (Nikki pointed her fingers to herself to heighten the pun) ' of time...And by the skin of my teeth...I ain't gonna stress...Cause the worst ain't happened yet...Somethings watching over me...Like Sweet Serendipity...” Nikki sang with a bright smile.

”Yeh got quite the voice there, missus,” Keithan commented, with a nod. “Yeh should get that on wax,”  he added, noticing that a bright red blush was seeping into her cheeks.

”Well..I mean...I do theatre...musicals and shit. When Bianca had her Halloween party, I dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and everyone made me sing 'Be Our Guest',” Nikki declared proudly, placing a hand to her breast.

”'nd who was the lucky bloke playin' Beast?” asked Keithan , curiously, resting an elbow on his knee. Chuckling Nikki rolled her violet-grey eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering.

”Not, no damn body,” she answered flippantly, with a wave of her hand. “I took a candle from Bianca's dinner table and called it 'Lumiere'!”

Keithan, unable to contain his laughter, fell onto his side, guffawing. The beautiful girl with the raspy voice was funny as shit. He would love to take her to Falkirk to see The Kelpies, and invite her to learn the history o the steel and iron industry. Pretty boring for other girls, but a romantic girl as Nikki could find beauty in a mud puddle.

”But, enough about me, I need to learn more about you, Hyland,” Nikki supplied, pulling her legs I under her butt, combing her generous tresses over to the left side of her body like a street-wise Rapunzel.

'Oh shit, and here's where the ruse begins,'  Keithan thought giving thanks to God that Nikki couldn't see the nervous sweat forming on his brow.  Nikki, tapping her well-manicured fingernail to her full bottom lip pondered at what kind of questions to ask.

”What's your....favorite color?” she asked, wanting to make things comfortable, rather than pointed.

”Green,” Keithan answered, breathing a sigh of relief. The color green was in his family's tartan as well as his favorite kilt. “And yours?”

”I love yellow...all shades, all tones...especially gold..and Canary diamonds,” Nikki said with a wag of her brow, holding up her right hand which donned her favorite, Van Cleef and Arpels emerald-cut, Canary diamond ring with 2 carat side white diamonds the  3 carat yellow in the center.

”Duly noted, but I cahn't get you diamonds , missus,” Keithan lied. With the amount of money the band was making while on tour , as well as their fee for other public appearances, he could buy Nikki a whole damn jewelry store.

”That's okay; I can get my own diamonds...daffodils, would be perfect, though,” she replied, adding a wink. “Yellow means positivity, golden opportunities, and rays of sunshine,” she added, sounding like a cheesy, afterschool special. “And regardless of how shitty I may feel at times, I always look for the bright side.”

”That's a great outlook to 'ave, m'lady.  So let me ask..if yeh could go back in time to any period of 'istory, where yeh goin'?” asked Keithan. “And whet yeh gunna learn?”

”Oh wow...shit!” said Nikki with a pretty face of amazement. Looking around at all the pictures of her favorite movies, and actresses, she laughed out.

”What's wrong, lass?” asked Keithan, watching Nikki, laying onto her back, so her face  was close  to the laptop and her pretty feet were tracing against the Italian leather, button upholstered, swirl headboard, which had been used in a commercial for teenage skincare products. With her breasts pointing to the ceiling, and her muscular legs posed in such a way, Nikki gave off the impression of a pinup girl.

”Oh...nothing's's seem so interested in me, and it's shocking,” Nikki confessed , placing her hands over her well-defined abdomen. “I guess I would go to the age of Shakespeare...and try to have a conversation with the Bard, himself...and beg him to let me play Katharine the Shrew...but with my luck, he'll let a man do it, but oh well.”

”Wow...that's rather intriguin',” said Keithan resting his chin in his hand, his grin wide as a Cheshire Cat. “I wanna go back to the Dark Ages, and learn to be a blacksmith.”

”You wouldn't want to be a valiant knight? Jousting...wanting to win the hand of a fair maiden?” Nikki inquired, pushing auburn-chestnut hair away from her face. “Wear chainmail and walk like a tin man?”

Chuckling, Keithan found the whimsical look on her face quite precious.”Aye...but a knight isn't a knight without a blacksmith,” he  remarked with a confident nod. “And ..instead of hurtin' another mate to win the hand of a fair maiden...why can't a man come home to his own beautiful maiden; a woman whose heart he already has?”

Placing her hand onto her toned tummy, Nikki smiled, a blush rising to hr sheets. “Sounds like there's a romantic streak in you, Mr. Hyland,” she alluded with a primp in her lip and a twinkle in her violet-grey eyes. “Duly noted.”

”There' much 'bout meh I hope yeh get to know, missus,” Keithan reassured, his dirty blonde hair grazing against his shoulders. “As I'd like to know more abut yeh.”

”Oh...what all would you like to know?” Nikki asked with a raise of her brow. “The night is young, and we have time, “ she added wiggling her tired toes. Stretching his muscular arms over his head, Keithan, with a satisfied lick of his lips, pondered on his next question.

”Wherebouts yeh from,” he blurted, dropping his arms. “Yeh accent don't sound lahk a Valley Girl.”

”Haha..nah, Jett's accent is Valley girl...I was born in Manhattan, New York and lived there up until I was 8, “ Nikki began. “My  mom's parents are immigrants from Russia and Poland,  my father's parents are from Greece. I'm Jewish.”

”Oh wow..does anyone else in yeh fam'ly 'ave eyes like yers?” Keithan continued, noticed the heart-shape of Nikki's gorgeous face, and the fullness of her well-arched eyebrows. “They're ve'y distink”

” great-great grandmother on my Dad's side had them, “Nikki recounted. “When I was born my eyes were blue , and as I got older, they finally settled onto this color. I always got asked if my eyes were people ask me if my body's real...and I'm definitely not the one to be asked that question,” she added with a wink, throwing shade where it needed to be.

”Yer body's incr'dble , sumthin' from a comic book,” Keithan breathed, shaking his head in disbelief. The definition in Nikki's legs and calves was amazing, but the diamond shape of her shoulders, and the hills and valleys of her abs ( visible through her yellow lace tanktop) were enviable. Lifting the hem of his shirt that was hidden under the tartan blanket, Keithan checked his own abs, breathing a sigh of relief. He was good. Churchboy was blessed.

”Why, thank you, Mr. Hyland,” Nikki replied with her Scarlett O'Hara Southern accent, and a wave of her hand. “I have always relied on the kindness of strangers.”

Keithan could only laugh hysterically. Her facial expressions and little quips in conjunction with Nikki's unique beauty and Mae West sass,  made his heart beat strongly against his chest. She was precious with a very infectious spirit.

As he watched her in silence, he noticed the small, humble smile creeping at the corner of her lips, her lengthy hair laying along the muscular curves of her body like an eternal scarf. She was a temptress, without even trying, unaware of the innate power she had to break a young man's heart.


Vain- Chapter 38 pt. 1
Sorry this took so long, but I had to make it good for our Nikki :)

Beverly Hills Teens owned by Cookie Jar, Ent

OC "Keithan" is mine

Hello my divas and divos...

I hope you all had a great holiday last month. I know not everyone celebrates it, but keep in mind, being thankful and appreciative of all the things that happen good or bad in your life, open your Universe up to more blessings. I know it suds weird when in reference to bad things and we all cope differently, but in light of all the shit that has happened to me, I can say that I have been at my job 7 years as of November 23rd, and despite the asshole managers that tried to put me out, they were put out instead. I always stood in truth and called out the wrong that affected me. I always tried to handle those things privately, even when they tried to humiliate me in front of people. To me, that's a weak bitch move...needing an audience to watch your dirty work. No one was clapping for any of those people, trust me.

In all the bad situations, a gained new wisdom in handling situations that repeated themselves. We are not in control of other people, we can only control our reactions to their dumb shit. You have to have confidence in yourself....fuck the should NEVER strive to be the work "favorite" ..just work.

I experienced a huge decline in my clientele when the "other girl" came around....for awhile people were calling me by "her" name and acting as if I didn't exist. My manager even took days away from me and gave them to her. When I called out "favoritism" of course, there was denial, but all of a sudden, my clients have crept back up and I was offered mre days of work. The hurricane damaged a lot of stores in our mall, thus making the weekdays  very slow,   so I declined the offer of additional days thus to not set myself up for failure. I don't like going to work to just do nothing. If people have to try to destroy you to get ahead, let them have their ill-gotten gains. On days when I'm not working, I'm building on other things, or taking bus trips to parts of town to market myself. I'm pretty good at saving money and buying smart. As long as my priorities are handled, I don't worry for much.

My clients as of late have been wonderful, very open and honest people. We talk about any and everything. I think the angry trash of the past is gone and all this new, fresh love is coming in. And they come asking for me because the love the bond we have created and they appreciate me for listening. I'm very thankful for them letting me a part of their lives, even if it is for an hour.

Also, I am thankful for you all. When I first started posting my stories on here, I was in a very horrible relationship and writing was my outlet. I thank you all for standing by me through all these years and the ones to come ...

I am currently updating a chapter for "Vain"...stay tuned :)

Love you all and I appreciate you  
Hello all....

How is November panning out for you, so far? I had the annoying incident of jurt duty selection last week, and the way it's done in my county's court system is quite comical. I was excused because the Assistant District Attorney was familiar with my father's case. Our Courthouse looks like an episode of Matlock. Our baliffs look like actors on Andy Griffith. 

As far a my current living condition, a fourth person does make things feel a little congested, but she cooks and helps out which is great. However, my having to wake up at 4 am to ge time int he bathroom tkes a toll on me throughout the day and it's going to annoy me at some point. I get  to the gym at 7 am and leave at 10, to get on the bus to the mall where I work. Even on my off days, I will go to the mall to sit outside on the benches and write. That's what I have to do to get some peace.  The weather has been pretty decent lately, and I wrote a lot  of my fanfics during the fall/winter season. For some reason it's harder for me to write during the summer, and I never understood that. but yeah, I have been writing rough drafts pen to paper, and editing before I type and post on here. Writing is probably the only thing bringing me some semblance of peace , because even the doll thing is becoming frustrating....

Work has been okay, its the military ball season, and clients have been plentiful. I'm hoping to save up enough to go to Negril, Jamaica next year. I need a break from this place ....


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According to my okaa-san, I started drawing at the age of 18 months. She still has my first piece of artwork in the family album in our old house. i used to draw comics based on my favorite Saturday morning cartoons like "Jem" and"Ghostbusters" and basically just drew all the time. I also designed fashion when I was a teenager. I started writing fanfics in 2002 for other fandoms and am happily writing fanfics on deviant art :)

What are you're favorite makeup brands?
- In no particular order: IT Cosmetics, MAC, Kat Von D, Urban Decay and NYX.

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-TIGI BedHead, Big Sexy Hair, Nexxus, Paul Mitchell, Kinky Curly, Design Essentials and Redken

Favorite Skin Care line?
-This is dependent on the client's skin care needs and I use products prescribed by my Dermatologist

How do you plan your commissions?
I have to really analyze and judge just how important the scene will be visually. I m also inspired by music, culture and colors. There is always some type of symbolism in all of the pieces I commission.

Are your OC's based on you?
-Actually, my Oc's are based on women that I wish I WAS when I was there age(s). I wish I had the confidence they had...not to mention their wealth.

Are you gonna model anytime soon?

Will you compete in bodybuilding/figure again?
-Probably! It's a little tough to get a workout in nowadays, but i haven't abandoned the weights, trust me. In fact I go mall walking early in the morning with the senior citizens

How many piercings are in your navel?

-Living in the country, mosquitos, fleas, roaches, racist people who try to fake it, people who are rude for no reason, people who walk slow in front of me when i have to pee, acne, acne scars, people who dont wipe off their sweat on the gym equipment, and people with no sense of humor.


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Hello all....I hope you all had great holiday experiences!!!!!

My mood was a bit up and down. It sucks not being able to go see Dad, but the dinners this year were different and FINALLY my family is being more health conscious and budget aware. I get so sick of turkey twice a year.

As I was editing through the "Vain" chapters I posted lat night, I didn't realize just how lengthy they had become..well, at least the oes featuring Wilshire and Bianca. As we all know, they have a very complex relationship, and I can't just be cut and dry when it come to them. That's not authentic to me. As you can see, I gave fictional characters some very realistic quirks, faults, and fears. I need to be able to relate.

It took me so long to write it, because I wasn't feeling anything but anger and frustration. It's hard to write a love scene when you're not feeling love. I hd to give myself some time. I didn't want to post anything half-assed.

I let time go by and I would write a little bit here and there. I would watch episodes of "Riverdale" and "Dynasty" just to get a little bit of inspiration. SLowly I found myself getting connected again, and my brain was able to be creative. I let this proceed with adding a few paragraphs here and there, then filling in with emotions. I had to envision them in a movie ...that makes things much easier for me .

LAst night when I did the final editing, I felt good, and I feel much better now. I think I am going to shut out the real world, except for paying bills and working out, and finish up on the things that I left hanging.

Hope you enjoy!



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