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Cheap Beer and Ciggie Cheeks- gay romance story
The beep of the machine woke Terrence up, even though he was already standing. He slowly took the two-minute lasagna out of the microwave. It was a bit big, but he was always a big eater.
He looked at the small but unmoving line in front of the coffee machine and sighed. His throat was parched but he said nothing. His digital watch said '1:24'. No time.
He sat at an empty table and began ingesting the cheap cheese and sauce. Each bite reminded him of a better meal from home.
He finished early, so he spent the rest of the time looking around the room.
May was still a looker after all these years. Her pencil skirt accentuated her curves. He thought she was wearing a little bit of makeup but he couldn't really tell.
She was talking to Kei, who appeared to be chatting her up. Terrence heard something about Kei's home country but couldn't decipher words heard so far away, hidden under the grumble of the old coffee machine.
Kei had a misshapen mouth that moved to the side when he talked. Whe
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Dazzling Darlings: Overjoyed Otaku- a yuri story
Beep! Beep! Takara shut the alarm clock off. She groggily opened one eye and shrieked when she saw the time.
She dressed herself with the speed of Idaten[1] despite fumbling for the fasteners. After tripping over the carpet mat underneath her bed she hobbled towards the kitchen.
When her hand met the cool sturdiness of the kitchen bench, her smile was as maniacal as it was triumphant. She made herself some toast and decided that the best course of action was to put in in her mouth and eat it on the way to school.
The race against the clock to her destination was made more exhilarating by the toast’s constant reminder of her similarities to many anime characters.
The word ‘Dojikko’ repeated inside her head until she reached school, then reality set it. No one at this school described her that way.
The way people looked at her made it clear that, behind her back, they would call her either an annoyance or a freak.
A list appeared in her min
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Dazzling Darlings: Generous Gymnasts- a yuri story
Chiyo took a deep breath before running towards the spring board. She attempted to focus even with a gang of eyes bullying her with their presence. She jumped on the spring board and leapt to the first bar, spinning around it like a wheel. She turned her body around at different angles as she went round and round the bar. She performed a handstand on the bar before whipping her body towards the second bar.
The next thing she felt was vinyl slapping her face as she crashed onto the mat. She had not reached the second bar.
Her coach helped her up. “Not your best, though I’m sure you know that.” he said, writing on a piece of paper attached to his clipboard. He twisted his head towards the line of girls waiting to run to the springboard. “Next!”
Hoshi ran so fast it was as if she was sprinting, but with no noticeable exertion. She pushed her legs against the springboard and, with legs as straight as planks of wood, jumped perfectly to the first bar. Her movem
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Dazzling Darlings: Beautiful Bikers- yuri story
Yasu tapped her pencil repetitively on the desk. She stared at the blackboard with half-closed eyes. She forced her eyes open with her fingers at regular intervals.
Regret punctured her spirit as she compelled herself to stand up. “Why do I have to sort out all the paperwork in the mornings?” she grumbled.
She picked up a rolled-up newspaper and slammed it against a hapless student’s desk. “Why is your uniform incorrect?” she asked. “What would the teachers say about a tie like that?”
“Shut up, Demon Eyes!” the student snapped.
Yasu inhaled and exhaled slowly to prevent herself from defenestrating the boy. However, she vowed that, if anyone called attention to her frightening red eyes ever again, she would kill them.
Her homeroom teacher finally arrived, her hair dishevelled and a single book hanging by her fragile fingers. She put on a smile that, as if with a mind of its own, completely refused to make up for her deep, gravelly vo
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Dazzling Darlings: Friendly Fangirls- yuri story
Sayuri was not one to keep secrets. Her family always trusted her, her friends liked her for her openness and miscellaneous acquaintances perceived her as a naively honest, happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine. Secrets did exist in her, but they were buried so effectively that no one saw her as a liar.
Mao was not one to feel like a stranger around Sayuri. The two had spent the previous year gushing about pop sensations ‘Cool’ Kasumi and ‘Cute’ Hotaru. This began when Mao saw a keychain with Hotaru on it attached to Sayuri’s schoolbag. The two were inseparable ever since.
Sayuri’s bronze hair was long, wavy and flowing. Her hazel eye salmost sparkled and her skin possessed a tan that would render any sun god envious. In her free time she wore clothes which billowed in the breeze, frequently dresses, and her uniform was always impeccable.
Mao’s almost straight black hair was in untidy pigtails. Her eyes were technically green but they appeared almost
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Dazzling Darlings: Thrilling Thespians Part B
Ran stood up and patted her friend on the head as the latter leaned on the desk. The sun was blindingly bright but the air inside the classroom was cold as King Snæ 1 because someone decided that the air required conditioning.
“It’s going to be alright. Don’t pay attention to Noa. She was being a total bitch.”
“Don’t say that,” Chouko replied between sobs. “She was… trying to be nice.”
Shun plodded towards Chouko. “Are you okay?” Her voice was uncharacteristically quiet.
Chouko explained the rejection to the girl, who nervously tapped her fingers on Chouko’s desk. When she heard about Chouko’s love for Noa, Shun smiled and the hollow pitter-patter of her fingers stopped.
“I didn’t know you were a lesbian,” she said in a surprisingly giddy voice.
Chouko almost chocked. “That’s one way of putting it.”
Ran laughed, staring at Shun closel
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Words and Hatchets- The Lieutenant Fanfic
January 17, 1790
Talbot Silk held his head in his hands, grabbing at his hair. He had snuck out of his barrack and was now drowning in the stars above him. The soothing embrace of the wind did little to calm the pain in his head.
Two paths opened up, both with cracked ground, a thick blanket of fog and ominous sounds in the distance. Daniel Rooke, a man most saw as a traitor and an incurable eccentric but whom Silk saw as a worthy companion, stood on one path. Silk's fellow colonials, birthed in the same country as him and with similar experiences to him, stood on the other. He cared for the people at each track, but knew that he could not walk along both tracks. Once he decided, there was no return.
Silk lied on his back and let the faint light of the stars gallop into his eyes, taking refuge in the stars' simplicity. He found it supremely ironic that he had only understood his friend's obsession with the stars after Rooke had returned to Britain. He was allowed to love all of
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Who's Afraid of Sojourner Truth? Part 4- FINAL
[NORMAN and HARRIET exit. MARGARET and JAMES are momentarily silent in an atmosphere of quiet intensity.]
MARGARET: We're never going to change, are we?
JAMES: I wouldn't dream of it.
MARGARET [almost in tears but in a soft voice] And the boy?
JAMES: We can always have another one. [changing the subject to NORMAN and HARRIET] Young people are so fascinating, don't you think? They always seem to think they can rule the world, one pro... one little cell at a time.
MARGARET: What would happen if I... did change? If I... was like Norman or Harriet?
JAMES: I'd divorce you. I don't need that attitude in my house. [his voice becoming almost gentle] Now get some sleep or your old man will yell at you.
MARGARET: I want to read for a few minutes.
JAMES: What in the world's name would you want to read? 'Narrative of Sojourner Truth'?
MARGARET: [a little testy] I meant light reading. I... I don't have the courage to read something like that right now.
JAMES: Are you afraid of Sojourner Tr
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Who's Afraid of Sojourner Truth? Part 3
Page 103 (Act 3)
MARGARET [shouting]: Answer it! [softer] You can be our little servant around here for a while, and you can serve us, the nicest, richest white family in America. Doesn't that sound fun? You can start being a servant right now.
NORMAN: Look, lady, I'm no flunky to you.
MARGARET [cheerfully]: Sure you are! You're ambitious, aren't you? You're probably wishing for a better life as we speak.[1] You didn't chase me around the kitchen and up the goddamn stairs out of mad, driven passion, did you now? You were thinking a little about your career, weren't you? You young ones are always about your career. You hardly focus on what's important. [Lost in her imagination like a child playing dress-up] But since I'm from a white family I know what matters. A nice, big house with a white picket fence, and a happy marriage with at least one child. That's not too hard, is it?
NORMAN: You've gone off your rocker.
[Door Chimes again]
MARGARET [calmly, surely]: No, baby, I haven't. Go an
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Who's Afraid of Sojourner Truth? Part 2
Page 94 (Act 2)
HARRIET [still with her dream]: I DON'T WANT TO BE... NO!
JAMES: How wonderfully ignorant you are. If only I had your childish naivety. You have no idea what's going on, do you?
HARRIET: NO!... MY SKIN... [Begins to cry] I DON'T WANT... TO LOOK... BLACK... I don't... want... to look... black. I'm afraid! I don't want to be hurt anymore... PLEASE!
JAMES [nodding his head... speaks with a mix or rare compassion and amused disapproval]: I should have known.
HARRIET [snapping awake of her nightmare]: What! What?
JAMES: I should have known the whole business... the headaches[1]... the whining... the...
HARRIET [terrified]: What are you talking about?
JAMES [ugly]: Does he know about this? Did you start doing this to yourself before you met him?
HARRIET: Doing what? Stay away from me!
JAMES: Don't worry, snowflake... I wouldn't... Oh, my God, that would be a joke, wouldn't it? But don't worry, snowflake, HEY! How do you do it? Hunh? How do you distance yourself from the only
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Who's Afraid of Sojourner Truth? Part 1
‘Who’s Afraid of Sojourner Truth?’ Pitch
Dear Editor,
Enclosed in this document is a series of scenes that could be included in a new play entitled ‘Who’s Afraid for Sojourner Truth?’. I believe this shall make for a valuable examination of the human condition that will enthral audiences for many years. I request that you send me a reply with your thoughts on these scenes and any advice you have for the piece as a whole.
Yours sincerely,
Anabelle Pierce
Who's Afraid of Sojourner Truth Characters
Margaret (Martha)- Named after Margaret Walkers[1]
James (George)- Named after James Baldwin. A theology professor
Harriet (Honey)- Named after Harriet Powers. Believed to be mulatto[2] (instead of slim-hipped)
Norman (Nick)- Named after Norman Lewis. A biology professor
The scene is the living room of a house on the campus of a small Alabama college
Afraid of Sojourner Truth[3] Possible Scenes
Page 19 (Act 1)-
JAMES: Biology, huh?
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Sirius- The Lieutenant fanfic
November 23,1834
One of the first things Daniel Rooke learned about Antigua was that wind did not dance there. Sure, wind did prance around him during his childhood in Portsmouth and his fleeting moments in New South Wales, but in Antigua, rather than dancing, the wind bullied him, spraying salt into his face as he lived in this seaside town.
It was because of this that looking up at the stars, almost but not completely made painful by his vivid memories, was far more taxing, but that certainly did not halt his endless thirst for knowledge. He stood outside a school he had built, holding a worn but still useful telescope.
A young boy, near the same age as the Cadigal girl he befriended in New South Wales, crept up to the man, curiosity scarcely hidden inside his spasmodically heaving chest. To him, finding the words to ask questions was as fraught with difficulty as recognising the Sirius and Betelgeuse was easy to Rooke.
The struggle was mutual, as Rooke had trouble learning th
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Footlike Weight
I stared into the distance, at a door too large for me to open. The footlike weight on my back did little to give me courage in such an endeavour. Trust me, it may have looked like open space but it was definitely a door.
The floor was damp like a freshly-used towel, the air cool as tiles. My wide eyes searched for the perfect place to make my home for my children and for the next few days.
Light jumped into my eyes like a horrific monster. I swiftly turned my entire body towards the feel of a screeching wooden door whose distance from the transparent door seemed to be the distance between the top of a redwood tree to its mossy bottom. Doors always felt so weird. If there was anything I missed about living in the wilderness, it was the lack of doors.
Well, except for those pesky trapdoors. I know I shouldn’t discriminate against those who make trapdoors, but they are surely the cruellest inventions on the planet. Except for spears, of course. A friend of mine got killed by one of
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Meikakuna Reviews: Hanjuku-Joshi
The chapters read were translated by scanlation group Wings of Yuri, though there is an official English translation by Jmanga available online.
This review contains discussions of sex. I understand that the Yaoi Yuri Alliance is a SFW haven, but this manga is impossible to look at without addressing its sexual elements. I attempted to keep this review as clean as possible, mentioning sexual acts without going into graphic detail about the acts shown in this manga.
What is ‘pornography’? This question plagued my mind before, during and after my reading of respected yuri mangaka Morishima Akiko’s ‘Hanjuku-Joshi’. Does a romantic yet realistic lens into the reality of lesbian relationships in Japan become pornography when there are sex scenes involved, especially if those scenes are as explicit as they are in this work?
‘Hanjuku-Joshi’ is centred around two relationships at a single-sex high schoo
:iconmissmeikakuna:MissMeikakuna 1 0
DD: Thrilling Thespians- yuri story- Part A
[See description for notes]
Chouko joined the applause as the black curtains fell. “That was amazing!” she exclaimed to her father, who smiled.
“I’m glad you liked it. Maybe when you’re older you’ll be on the stage like that.”
“Really?” Her father nodded. “Do I get to wear the pretty costumes?”
“Of course. Which show would you like to see next week? Romeo and Juliet?”
The features of Chouko’s chubby young face buckled in disgust, her hands gripping the seats as if preparing to run away from the concept of romance.
“But that’s about love!”
“Well, some day you may fall in love and you’ll think differently about Romeo and Juliet. Remember that.”

Bzzzz! Bzzz! Chouko shrieked and sat up, batting the bee away from her mouth. As she opened her eyes she noticed that one of her legs was up in the air.
She looked at herself in the mirror while lowering the leg. She still
:iconmissmeikakuna:MissMeikakuna 1 2
Dazzling Darlings: Cute Cosplayers- Yuri Story
Cute Cosplayers
Takara looked at herself in the mirror with a beam that could fill even Achlys’ heart with joy. Her turquoise wig was carefully combed for meticulous accuracy. Her makeup made her look just like the character and he violet and bright blue costume was made out of the most exquisite materials her money could buy. Suddenly the hours spent working in a restaurant did not seem so gruelling after all.
She prayed that no one would make fun of her for cosplaying as a light-skinned character despite having African heritage.
She looked at the image of her favourite anime character on her laptop. “Oh,” she said. She searched her vanity table for her red pendant. She eventually found it underneath a beanie. She hurriedly fastened it around her neck as she heard her mother call out to her.
She raced down the stairs, tripping every few steps. She slammed her head in the door before opening it. Her mother laughed, placing a dark-skinned hand over her own mouth.
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Victuuri by FadeIntoCosmos Victuuri :iconfadeintocosmos:FadeIntoCosmos 414 19 Orange. by vulgar-sweater Orange. :iconvulgar-sweater:vulgar-sweater 142 12 look how gay they are by arinapastel look how gay they are :iconarinapastel:arinapastel 34 9 VOCALOID| SALVATOR by gumimecv VOCALOID| SALVATOR :icongumimecv:gumimecv 73 4 Lollipop? by 161141 Lollipop? :icon161141:161141 140 2 To the Moon and Back by aussie-dragon To the Moon and Back :iconaussie-dragon:aussie-dragon 69 6 Infinite tenderness by AliveArsenic Infinite tenderness :iconalivearsenic:AliveArsenic 11 0 Warm by Vulgar1sm Warm :iconvulgar1sm:Vulgar1sm 255 8 -- Huevember Day 11 : SU Pocky Day -- by Kurama-chan -- Huevember Day 11 : SU Pocky Day -- :iconkurama-chan:Kurama-chan 123 9 Bathed in Light by Teddybear-93 Bathed in Light :iconteddybear-93:Teddybear-93 76 3 gravitation by signore-illusionista gravitation :iconsignore-illusionista:signore-illusionista 71 3 Victuuri Art Patchowork by KGxspace Victuuri Art Patchowork :iconkgxspace:KGxspace 237 9 Victuri by KuroKohaku Victuri :iconkurokohaku:KuroKohaku 413 28 Eros or Agape by EryenArt Eros or Agape :iconeryenart:EryenArt 890 47 Yuri On Ice by EryenArt Yuri On Ice :iconeryenart:EryenArt 1,117 49



I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted a story/fanfic. I've been busy with university, work and writing stories to post here.

I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys know what stories and fanfics I've been working on. Some I'm writing, others are still in the planning stage.

Current projects:

Mars Under the Great Ruler's Thumb- From North Korean Servicemen to Turkish Oil Wrestlers to Rwandan Politicians, every man deserves love, even in authoritarian regimes, right? Love stories between men all over the totalitarian world. Completion status: Just started (less than 1 chapter out of 13 written)

Neon Sweat- Yukari is a shy, bookish exchange student about to suffer through two weeks of American Spring Break. Things become less miserable when a hard-drinking, hard-partying American girl IA befriends her and shows her a world of fun and excitement. Things also get more complicated when IA asks Yukari if she wants to experiment with her. Completion status: half (9 out of 16 chapters written)

Blue, White and Red All Over- Allemandré is a dedicated journalist trying to uncover the secrets that the brutally controlling government of Glaisille is hiding. Completion status: unknown (perhaps half, though I started writing this on a whim so I don't know how long it will be)

Sapphoric- A series of historical lesbian romance stories from the Stone Age to the Iranian revolution. Completion status: 3 out of 12 chapters written.


'Really want to work on this' projects:

Ota-Cool- Tall, scraggly and obsessed with anime, Souta is attractive to very few women. Luckily that doesn't matter to him because he's in love with his best friend Kouta, a guy who loves anime just as much as him. Will Kouta shift his attention from 2D girls to the guy who's loved him for years?

B-Grade Bogan- Tony is a Muslim Australian with Egyptian parents. He likes flirting and watching B-Grade Movies. He's surrounded by bogans. Oh, and he's gay. Incredibly, openly gay.

Myst of the Northern Heart- Myst, a mysterious muscly maiden, breaks out of prison. She decides to destroy the empire that put her there, and so she goes on a long trip from Japan to France, making new allies and helping out other harmed towns.

Magical Delinquent Armada- Takeshi Aoki and three other members of her gang are sent to a reform program to help them turn from violent thugs to caring heroes. The program requires that they become magical girls and use their skills to fight evil.



The Kiss of Death and Embrace of Life- Marcellus, a teenage victim of bullying, wants to die. He won't admit it to Alban, a grim reaper, but it's true. The fact that Alban has the hots for Marcellus makes things all the more complicated.

The Protagonist- Luka is a Protagonist manipulated into joining a school for characters, where she meets Love Interests, Villains, Sidekicks and other Protagonists. She creates a group for people who want to be freed from the box they were forced into. Will they make a change or will the school shut them down?

Amicable Adults- Short stories about lesbian relationships between adult women.


Will work on eventually:

Elegant Elders- Short stories about lesbian relationships with elderly women.

Worldwide combination- Can girls with different backgrounds, styles and personalities work together? Well, magical girl teams at the company Intermix must do exactly that in order to defeat a superpowered misogynist while using powers based on their interests.

Partners in Every Time- Gay romance stories set in different times in history, From ancient Assyria to 1980s Australia.

Muscle vs Mascara- "You're too girly to be hot." This harsh rejection made Isamu determined to prove his crush wrong. He's dead set on becoming a model, and maybe he'll find love along the way.

The Rose-Lily Exchange- An all-boys school full of gay guys. An all-girls school full of lesbians. What happens when a curse is put on these schools to make the gay guys act like yuri stereotypes and the lesbians act like yaoi stereotypes? A group of people who weren't affected by the curse tries to solve the mystery behind the curse, of course.

May work on/continue but need to improve on:

Bows and Ties- Christina likes Brent. Brent likes Christina. Things should be easy, right? Well, both have to struggle with their sexualities as 'Christina' actually identifies as Christopher, and has since he was a kid. Can Brent get over his own ignorance to enter a relationship with another guy?

Not All Tolxers Are Equal- In a world where magic powers are commonplace, discrimination based on a person's type of power is rampant. Some people fall victim, others stand up and fight the hatred.

Warning: Fabulousness Ahead- A mysterious drag queen searches for LGBT youth that have magical powers themed after the rainbow flag. These teenagers must use their powers to defeat a superpowered hate group called the 'Federation of Families and Freedom'.

The Way Through the Woods- Allen Hanks is fairly average, if a little afraid of showing his own opinions. He is also naturally curious, which leads him to find a large house in the middle of the woods, which is filled with ghosts who had met violent ends.

Butterfly Black- Kaiya hates the world. The world punishes her for this hatred by turning her into a Magical Girl. Will this make her change her mind or make her hate the world even more?

Limited: Reliberated- A remake of an old fanfic I wrote years ago. Len is a slave who has feelings with his master Gakupo. Gakupo allows him to run some errands for him, leading to meet a kindhearted salesman named Kaito. Will he stay with Gakupo or escape with Kaito?

Mirai no Children- Popular Singer Hatsune Miku's life is turned upside down when she is given a talking fan which tells her to protect the world from an evil group who wants to steal seven crystal 'Musical Notes'.

Kill or Be Kissed- Miku and Luka have been enemies for years. To hide from the police, after one too many violent fights, they disguise themselves. What happens when they met each other's disguises and fall in love?

Burning Ice- The Rowtag Ransacker is a fearsome supervillain who becomes obsessed with unmasking his nemesis Tundra. Is this just a regular villainous obsession or is there more to it?

At Sixes and Sevens- Oscar has a choice- should he be with the sweet Christian girl Maria or the confident, sports-loving guy Ru? Why not both? A tale of a growing polyamorous network of relationships.


MissMeikakuna's Profile Picture
I'm just a fangirl with a passion for writing. I love Vocaloid and anime, both of which influence my writing. Profile pictures from Holy Girl Paradigm by Morishima Akiko.



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