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- Thanks and see you soon

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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2009, 12:52 PM…
yep, pretty much all I wanted to say!

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Evil Spammer Warning

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 6, 2009, 2:32 AM
Just in case you haven't heard about it yet, there are currently comments on DA saying:

"Hey. check out this funny blog!! LOL CLICK HERE"

"Hey. I think i saw your picture on this website/blog here CLICK HERE"

Please, do not click on the link in these messages, they are evil.

Here's some info: [link]

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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2008, 11:10 AM
First of all thank you guys so much for the DD!! Many thanks to :iconsnapesgirl34: for suggesting my Burlesque Peacock piece (… ) piece and :iconikue: for featuring it! You guys are awesome!!

Second of all: My friends :icongellnerism: :icondanielauhlig: :iconchristiannauck: and yours truly are going to have an exhibition in a beautiful gallery/shop in Berlin/Friedrichshain. The opening party will be Saturday , 1. of November , so if you are in Berlin it would be super-amazing if you could come. The finissage is Saturday 29. of November.
More information:…

That was that!
As always: Keep drawing and check out these German artists/ friends of mine:

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Inspiration from the past

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2008, 8:04 AM
I have often said how much I like blogs, especially those which build up archives. I have often heard the quote that living in this fast developing digital decade not much of our time will be preserved for future generations, but I think quite the contrary. So many great people are working on filing whatever they think is worth it, and are even nice enough to make it available to anyone. So here is my list of favorite blogs dedicated to archiving beautifull illustrations and design of the 20th century. Do you know more?

Cartoon Modern:
ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive:
Animation Backgrounds: animationbackgrounds.blogspot.…

Golden Age Comic Book Stories:…

Today's Inspiration:… out his flicker archive, tons of great art in huuuuuge sizes)
Design History:…
Vintage Posters:…

Patterns from the past:
Decades Inc: …;

Check it out!

As always: Keep drawing and check out these German artists/ friends of mine:

:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks: :iconmichaelvogt: :iconpolygraphiker: :iconambroggio: :iconat-gms:  :iconkeksfish: :iconreginade:  :iconscebiqu: :iconkarlsonkracher: :icongold-seven: :iconthorbad: :iconunbemerkt:

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fashion inspiration

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 23, 2008, 5:16 PM
I'm reading a lot of fashion blogs and I thinks they are a really great inspiration. Here is a list of some great ones:

Street style blogs:
Face Hunter:
The sartorialist:… and
The Style Scout:

I find them refreshing, because these photographs show actual people and unlike comercial fashion photographs, in which the models are made to look more like soulless plastic mannequins, they show a lot of character and personality.

The Bag Lady:

I love these two, because a) the girls who do them seem to have great taste and b) they are great for a quick inspiration if you don't want to draw the same boring pumps and handbag over and over.

Vintage dresses:
Do I have to say anything more?

Fun read:
I do not always agree with her, but mostly it's great fun. I have to warn you though, it's sometimes provocative and sometimes it's mature content, she doesn't post any naked pictures but has some photos of sex toys, so don't go on her blog with little kids around or you might have to answer funny questions.

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Kiriban and good news, everyone!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 14, 2008, 8:42 AM
I wasn't that concentrated last night so I forgot almost everything I wanted to say.
First of all: The amazing :iconjanaschi: has made an incredibly beautiful painted version of a little sketch I had posted on my blog. I absolutely love what she has done with it:

Collab with MissMatzenbatzen by janaschi

Second: In case your wondering were the big girl love comes from lately: I've been doing the illustrations for a style guide for bigger women by Tine Wittler a German TV-show-host. I've done about 90 illustrations for this book, it's gonna be full of my pictures. OMG I'm so excited! It comes out in April in Germany:…
I'll have to ask the publisher if I can show some stuff already, though.

Third: I'm kind of close to 20,000 pageviews so whoever catches the screen shot of the 20,000th pageview will get a drawing of his choice.

Fourth, as always: Keep drawing and check out these German artists/ friends of mine:

:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks: :iconmichaelvogt: :iconpolygraphiker: :iconambroggio: :iconat-gms:  :iconkeksfish: :iconreginade:  :iconscebiqu: :iconkarlsonkracher: :icongold-seven: :iconthorbad: :iconunbemerkt:

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Kiriban and sorry for being so lazy with comments

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 13, 2008, 5:08 PM
I've been lazy with answering comments and even with commenting on other artwork lately, but I'll try to catch up on that so bear with me please!  :meditate:

In other news: I'm kind of close to 20,000 pageviews so I decided to claim a kiriban (is this the correct verb?). Whoever catches my 20,000 pageview and sends me a screenshot I'll draw something of your choice.

And once again keep drawing and check out these German artists/ friends of mine:

:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks: :iconmichaelvogt: :iconpolygraphiker: :iconambroggio: :iconat-gms:  :iconkeksfish: :iconreginade:  :iconscebiqu: :iconkarlsonkracher: :iconblensig:

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  • Reading: rumo by walter moers
  • Watching: firefly again
  • Playing: castlevania dawn of sorrow
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I really love the internet and all the advantages it gives especially to us artists. I am constantly trying to improve my drawing skills, and I wouldn't know what I would do without the advice of these guys who are so great to be sharing it for free.

Bert Monroy:
This guy is just amazing. You can download little movies (about 30 minutes each) where he introduces us to many cool photoshop features (some episodes about illustrator too). I think I'm not a beginner with Ps anymore but in every episode I've watched so far I always found at least a little tidbit I did not know yet. And he seems to be a very cool guy, I just love the way he talks:…

This one is for all the people who are working with illustrator. It's a blog that has everything about illustrator: from beautiful free patterns and brushes to little tips about illustrator and even longer tutorials.

Something ver useful: Secret photoshop shortcuts:…

Alberto Ruiz recently posted a list of his favorite figure drawing books including links were you can download them FOR FREE! I highly recommend you check out the rest of his blog, he is a brilliant illustrator and sometimes he posts scans of older illustrators which are always cool too.…

mark Kennedy of "temple of the seven Golden camels" posts his thoughts about everything that has to do with drawing - composition, figure drawing, colors and tones... It's always a nice read:

That was that so far, I'm sure I have forgotten someone, there are just so many great people out there.

So far, keep drawing and improving and don't forget to have fun while you're doing it!

Check out these german artists/ friends of mine:

:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks: :iconmichaelvogt: :iconpolygraphiker: :iconambroggio: :iconat-gms:  :iconkeksfish: :iconreginade:  :iconscebiqu: :iconkarlsonkracher: :iconblensig:
  • Listening to: manarama playing gotham racing
  • Reading: big trouble by dave barry
  • Watching: sinspons season 18 - not sure if I like it
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I've been tagged by :iconohanneli: but have been really busy the last two weeks - I still am - so I didnt find time to answer it until now. So here are 8 random facts about me:

1. In my teen years I used to be a communist
But not one of the kind who thinks USSR or China or Cuba were cool, I was into Trotzky . I liked the whole idea of the permanent revolution. What made me turn away from it, is I find the idea maybe a little to simple? old fashioned? I wouldn't say though that it is overall stupid or that man are just not good enough for that kind of society.

2. I have the strangest musical taste
For proof check out my profile:… You'll find Mike Patton projects or Slipknot next to Zero7 or Dinnah Washington. I guess I have a split personality or something.

3. I quit smoking for love
I actually quit smoking after I met my boyfriend for the first time. I figured since he didn't smoke he would find kissing a smoker super-disgusting. I started smoking again after 8 moths but then I really thought it over again before we moved in together and haven't smoked since then - almost four years now.

4. I used to have dreadlocks
...and did all the illegal stuff that is usually connected to it. ;) Don't do it anymore though, I don't like how lazy and kinda stupid I get from it.

5. I'm addicted to blogs
I recently discovered the google reader - thanks to my dear friend :iconrockyoursocks: and I am recently subscribed to no less than 266 feeds. It goes from artist's blog over fashion, political, games and even recipe blogs. If you want my OPML-file note me!

6. I (we) love cooking
Me and my boyfriend seem to be the only couple that gets along while cooking together. Actually I couldn't imagine cooking alone it would just be preparing food but not really fun. I'm thinking of doing a comic sometime which describes some of our favorite recipes and how we usually cook them together.

7. I love Joss Whedon
I really adore the characters he creates. They are loveable but not free from mistakes, actually sometimes you can really hate them - I'm rewatching the third season of Buffy while I'm working (somehow that improves my productivity) and I really want to slap Xander for being so bitchy, but on the other hand its just natural for the character to act like this and sometimes its even really funny.

8. I more than happily in love but don't remember our anniversary date
I really love my boyfriend, and I've fallen in love with him the day i first met him (see #3 ) but I honestly cant remember what day that was (some day in October I think). Lucky for me he doesn't either. He's the greatest thing that ever happened to me anyway and we share so much (especially the obsession for drawing) that I never really missed having a special day, because every day is special with him. - Oh my that was so cheesy! It's true anyway :heart:
his DA account in case you didnt know it already: :iconchristiannauck:

So now I have to curse..err.. tag 8 other people I take:

:iconpolygraphiker: :iconrockyoursocks: :iconkeksfish: :iconblensig: :iconreginade: :icongebtionary: :iconscebiqu: :iconshan-puu:
Sorry you guys, if you don't have time to answer it, just tell me.

Check out these german artists/ friends of mine:

:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks: :iconmichaelvogt: :iconpolygraphiker: :iconambroggio: :iconat-gms:  :iconkeksfish: :iconreginade:  :iconscebiqu: :iconkarlsonkracher: :iconblensig:
  • Listening to: manarama playing gotham racing
  • Reading: big trouble by dave barry
  • Watching: sinspons season 18 - not sure if I like it
  • Playing: wii tennis
  • Eating: pimpkin seeds
  • Drinking: white whine
I fear the spoilers! Like many others I'll take a little DA break just until I'm through with the book! You can still write me notes though, I'm checking once a day.

See you soon!
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Thats right but you can push it by looking at other artists.
So here I'm presenting you three great artists I recently stumbled across and that really impressed me. You might already know them but if you don't I highly recommend you go check them out:

Kirsten Ulve:
She has an amazing vector style, the way she handles form and color is just mindblowing. And her girls are just gorgeous! You'll need flash for her page though.

Lynne Naylor:
She seems to be involved in all the cartoons of the last ten years i really liked: Ren and Stimpy, Fosters, Powerpuff girls... You should check out her paintings!

Chris Reccardi:
Lynne Naylors husband, they worked together on quite a few projects.…

Tadehiro Uesui:
he is just amazing. His use of composition, texture, and color is just ... well you really have to check him out, the site might be a little hard to navigate because its Japanese but its so worth it!

That was that. Always a great inspiration are good friends, so check out mine:

:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks: :iconpolygraphiker: :iconambroggio: :iconat-gms:
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:boogie: :dance: :boogie: :dance: :boogie: :dance: :boogie:

Wow! A daily deviation!  

I don't know what to say thank you so much! :blowkiss: :hug:
Thanks for all your kind coment, I'm flooded with work right now, but I will answer as many as possible. Also I want to thank :iconblownspeaker: for the suggestion and :icony2jenn: (who also has a great avatar :)) for featuring "I love comics"…
I tried to express some very personal feelings with it, and while working on the comic I wasnt quite sure, if it would even be interesting for anyone, so its nice to see, that so many people feel the same.

As usual:
check out the gang:
:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks: :iconcaroma:
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Hi Folks!

I have been kind of busy lately with my final exams, so I havent had the time to answer any coments and stuff. But I will be finished soon and I'm really looking forward to checking out the tons of new deviations you posted meanwhile. :wow:

:wave: keep drawing and dont forget to check out the gang:
:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks:
Ha! I finally talaked my friend carolin into getting an DA account.
I got to know her in school, It was always a lot of fun working with her on school projects cos you could always get creative with her. She is a very cool person and fun to hang out with.

She is also a very good photographer, so pleeeeease check her out: :iconcaroma:

As usual:
check out the gang:
:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks:

And keep on drawing and posting inspiring artwork! :wave:
Okay, okay now I got tagged twiceI guess I can't ignore it anymore. :picknose:

(Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic: (6) weird habits/things/secrets and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours....) text copied from :iconkai-s: who was also frindly enough to tag me, thank you man! :nerd:

So, these are six veeeeery weird things about me:

1. I'm a girl, but I hate girl's music, soul or R'n'B or all that soft crap really really gets on my nerves so much I get really angry. :pissedoff:

2. I can't help it but I always have to listen very carefully to the lyrics of songs. If the lyrics are stupid I canot listen to the song anymore, no matter how much I like the music. There are a lot of bands of who I wish they would sing in a lenguage I don't understand.

3. I bite my fingers - not my fingernails. It's a bad habbit and doesn't look good but I can't stop it. Must be some subconcious complex I have. :psychotic:

4. I like cooking, what I like about it the most is to cut fresh raw meat. :stab:

5. I  really really really wonder, how I can suggest a featured deviation, anybody who knows how?

6. I can't think of anyone I can tag next, I have no friends :cries: – at least none that haven't been already tagged.

Now that I told you all my emberassing secrets I want you all to check out this cool piece of art in return:…

And check out these cool guys:
:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks:

Keep drawing and posting cool and new deviations!! :wave:
Im back!  :airborne:

I haven't been posting or even been able to check here becauseI've been veeeeeeeery busy. :work:
I've had my written exams in my abitur, wich is the German graduation that enables you to go to university. Yes I'm kind of old for that (just got 25 today!!!), but at the age of nineteen I was more interested in sex, drugs and rock'n roll and dropped out of school. So now I had to go back to school cause I want to go to university.
The exams went quite well and now I'm having a little more free-time again.
Thank you all so much for commenting on my work. I'm really happy to see, that so many people like my one page comic about comics (… ) :blowkiss:

So long, keep drawing!

Visit also:
:iconchristiannauck: :icongellnerism: :iconrockyoursocks: