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harry Potter

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I wanted to try out more caricature. I had a lot of fun with the Serge Gainsbourg piece and I recently got the amazing Al Hirschfeld book "Hirschfeld on line" [link] I can really recommend it. It is full of beautiful drawings, and there is a comment by Hirschfeld himself on almost every drawing, so you really get an insight into the world of that genius.
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Crookshanks! <3
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Very nice job! :la:
LOL harry is spot on! that rigid square face and those eyes are so funneeee
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Interesting style. They are recognizable in this stylized form. Really unique! And I just looove Crookshanks :D
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I like how while you used the movie for the characters (harry's got GREEN eyes) their pets seem to look how they were discribed in the book, Pig small and fluffy, Hedwig, sleek and superior and Crookshanks shaggy and ragged.
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She's drawing the actors, not the ones from the books. Daniel Radcliffe's got blue eyes, and I don't think they've done anything about that since the first movie (if they even did it then).
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I knwo it's quite agrravating even though it is prominent in the books... but then again the filmakers did that with a lot of things after the second one...
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Here via _odella_'s rec in LJ's fangirl_tour.

I adore your graphic style! This is one of my favorite depictions of the trio.
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I fell in love with your style of art :)
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great composition!
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that's... aw, who am i kidding, i'm not a huge hpfan, but that is stylish as all HELL. i salute you.
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wow great )) recognizable ;D
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Love it! Rupert's never looked so good! :D
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I really love the style of this picture!!!!!
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Very fun...I love your style...with a retro feel...nice!
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Your style is fantastic!
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Fantastic peace but... Harry's eyes are green
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Cat is awesome! :) mine used to sit like that :)
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i like a lot. Awesome job
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the only stylized ron I have ever liked! Really lovely. Nice job
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