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Tavi Gevinson

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By now you probably all know fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson. Personally I think she is awesome and I always enjoy reading her blog. She has a unique fashion sense and a great writing style.
I loved her iconic Stephen Jones hat at the Dior Couture show, and thought she looked perfect for the occasion, that and because the little controversy around it, that made it even more iconic, is why I choose it for this portrait.
Oh and also beacuse I am a little ashamed I drew so goddamn ugly when I rushed in to save her honor ;)

Sketch is on my blog: [link]
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I do love her myself...i love her fashion sense...BUT i have to say i didn't dig the hat. I think it looked ridiculous & i do like the over the top, quirky fashions & i just adore a great hat but this just didn't do it for me. lol....but your artwork of it is usual.
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Tavi is going to be a household word, everybody will know her name.
Just saw her on Fashion Television, her knowledge and style...simply stunning.
I wish she had a deviantArt account.:)
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I can't believe she's only 13, I really can't. Love this picture and that hat. :heart:
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Ich dachte zuerst, das Blaue wäre eine Strickmütze... Aber sie hat ja blau gefärbtes Haar... ^^;
Anyway, diese Schleife ist cool! Groß, aber man kann ja wunderbar durchgucken. ;)
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if i had that bow, i would so wear it, regardless.
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love it, very impressive!
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Die Nase gehört einbisschen mehr nach links. Sonst ist es richtig gut. :)
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