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R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

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The death of Alexander McQueen is so sad I have no words.
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I saw this after solong, and it brought tears to me eyes. This is beautiful. RIP McQueen :(
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That dress struck me to heaven. Protective and safe! Heavenly and innocent!
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gasp! I remember this outfit!!!
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Oh So tragic. It breaks my heart. Great piece by you though....yet again.
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aww, this is beautiful...I know, I was so upset about his death, He was a fashion genius...we always lose the best people....
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:heart: Such beautiful work... a sweet homage
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this is beautiful, i knew you would have done something for him, i was physically sadden about the news , at least we have his work to remember him by
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Apparently they will be showing his last collection in Paris, I really want to see it but I know it will make me so sad!
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fantastic tribute, it really so surprising, i opened the paper and there was the write up about it.
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What the freak? How did I not hear about this until just now seeing your deviation!?!? Crazy news.
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Das war in der Tat wieder so ein Moment, wo man den Tod so gar nicht erwartet hätte. (Vor allem, da er ja wirklich noch so jung war!)

Dein Bild drückt diese Trauer wundervoll aus. Ich finde es sehr schön, dass du Weiß gewählt hast und trotzdem nicht auf solch ein Detail wie diese tollen Schuhe verzichtet hast. :)
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Such a beautiful tribute. I'm just still in shock and so angry.
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May he rest in peace.
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Oh goddd I just found out he died. I'm going to go be sad forever now.
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I was so shocked when I heard what had happened. And in such a horrible way too... I hope he's resting now.
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I was quite saddened to read of his death too :(
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
At first I was unable to believe it.
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I saw it over on Facebook and thought it was erroneous information until I Googled.
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nice design and pose!

alexander mcqueen is dead?
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Apparently it was suicide.

I wanted to create an image like the mourning angels you often see on graveyards, thats where the pose and design (it's the second last outfit from his fall 2009 collection [link] ) are coming from.
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oh ok
thanx for the infos!!
i think i see what you mean

well done execution
cool emotion rendered.
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