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Lady Gaga

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I'm still working on my caricature skills.
This time I chose Lady Gaga. I think she's totally awesome and dont want to hear anything else! ;) I like my pop artists eccentric.
I love this whole concept she has going for herself. If you dont know, check out the music video for paparazzi [link] The whole style concept, performance and music is just perfection - plus its with that hot Swedish guy from True Blood.
She seems to be a really sweet person too, check out this intervie with her: part1 [link] part 2 [link]
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I love the style in which you made this ^^
madapathy's avatar
your style captures her so well :heart:
love eet :''''')
GoGo-T-W's avatar
Out of all the Lady Gaga "fanart" I've found, this is just so original and fantastic looking!
Caricature is such a wonderful style.
TomatoNose's avatar
she makes me crazy i love her xD
twisted03's avatar
I really don't like lady Gaga, but this piece is just great :) Very well done.
EmyWesker's avatar
Ich finde Lady Gaga ist eine gute Sängerin. Das Bild ist wunderschön es sieht ihr verdammt ähnlich. ^^
DarkNightGlow's avatar
Awesome I lvoe how you capture her escence
Jesslo's avatar
I totally agree with you!!!
In fact, I was just listening to Monster (from Lady Gaga) and looking for monster drawings in DA.
Found your monster breakfast drawing and then the Gaga illustration.
Ha ha, nice coincidence.


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VirginiaVitamins's avatar
This is amazing! beautiful work!
ammeyellah's avatar
Lady Gaga is amazing! I love the way you drew her makeup here; it's one of my favorite looks for her!
GuiltyOtaku's avatar
Oh, you captured her so well! <3

And I highly agree; she's such a fascinating girl! Anyone who can make bow lips and a bow made of hair work is someone special. xD
DracheaRannak's avatar
Made of pure awesomeness! I just draw her today as well :)
ADriana-XST's avatar
and i dig that hairstyle :D
annalouise-art's avatar
Lady Gaga is amazing~ You have to respect her! xD Your portrayal of her looks great, you even got the teacup in xD
Moruto's avatar
She is most absolutly fantastic! No doubt i do too love them excentric! "Someone asked me, Lady GaGa, do you have a dick? I said yes, and it's much bigger than yours!" XD and yes! don't you just love her whole persona? XD ok ok enough about Gaga

This piece is awesome! XD
IndigoCrystal's avatar
I like the hands the best. They're so wonky and cool looking!
CrystalWhiteInk's avatar
i like Lady Gaga too; i tend to respect those who stay true to themselves and whatever image they tend to create as opposed to morphing their personalities to conform to what some people value. :) lovely caricature, by the way--i love how complex you went with this one.
xxLulu's avatar
She's hardly stayed true to herself as Stefani Germanotta; "Lady Gaga" is a completely different person and is the biggest sellout I have ever seen.

Of course she is conforming to what people want to see; she is the biggest puppet in Hollywood, and sex sells. That's why she was unsuccessful as a nineteen-year-old pianist, and had to start taking off clothes for people to notice her. Her style of music changed completely to annoying dance beats for teenagers to consume, and not at all like the ballads she used to write. She's morphed beyond recognition.
CrystalWhiteInk's avatar
Well, I'm glad that you have your own opinion and are capable of expressing it coherently. We all see from different points of view and it was interesting to read yours.
heysawbones's avatar
I have her album. I was not really a fan of that song until right now.

Holy crap. When they wheel her in and she gets up on arm braces.

._______________________ . I literally gaped.

It's that cool.
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Isnt it? That was exactly my reaction to that scene! :D
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