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Gainsbourg and Birkin

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I think I tore a muscle this morning during my pilates excercise. I could hardly walk the whole day and even sitting on my chair hurts like hell. So I decided I could at least have a little time off with a private drawing.

You have probably heard of the amazing blog "Draw Serge!" [link] already. If not you are in for a treat. Not only does it commemorate the amazing artist that was Serge Gainsbourg but it is full of lots and lots of beautiful illustration contributed by many different amazing illustrators.

So this is my contribution. I am quite happy with it, I feel that I have pushed my style a little bit further in the direction I want to pursue. There are less gradients than in my other work, I avoided excessive detail and I like that the shapes are more abstract and expressive. I also enjoyed doing a caricature quite a bit, I'll definitely want to do more in that genre (is that the correct term?).

This is my color sketch. The piece actually had a black background until it was finished my boyfriend suggested i turn it of, which instantly made it look 40% more powerful - maybe even 47% ;) so I kept it.
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acla13's avatar
That's really their mood and spirit!! You catched both perfectly. :thumbsup:
Natl999's avatar
I love it, very cool! nice style you have as well :)
GothicFeverDream's avatar
oh miss i love it she almost looks like a feisty anne hathaway
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Ha, true, there is definitely a resemblance!
Seyreene's avatar
Nein, wie cool. Die beiden funktionieren ja super zusammen! Hehe, und dieses Kleid (?)... Passt ebenfalls sehr gut.

Ich finde die Hände toll. :)
Fungasm's avatar
you're really good at this style. <:
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it!
Crithon's avatar
oh wow, what a sexy piece. He's so morbid and decreped, and she's so sleek and sexy, as the smoke just spins around the two. WOW! AMAZING
Sorry about tearing your arm. If it helps I tore something in my ankle, don't know what, but I got 7 blisters over it.
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Thank you, I'm happy you like it! :hug: I always wanted to do something a little more sinister. :)
Sorry about your ankle, that sounds painful! Hope you get better soon, I am finally feeling better today.
Crithon's avatar
your work is just coming out swimmingly. Man I really want to buy a print of it. I'll get it soon, just need to build up some cash.
My Ankle is getting a bit worse, trying to rest it off, but like since comicon was like 4 days since I had it treated. Just need to stay off of it.
cbernie's avatar
I really love the way you stylize figures (especially the feet and hands in this piece in particular). I like the girl's kind of vacant expression and her lips, and I love the guy's ears, haha. Very fun piece to look at :B
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Thank you, I'm really glad you like it - I love your work!
reginade's avatar
Woah, super-elegant! :wow: Hast du das schon eingereicht? Am Ärmel scheint ein Stück gelber Stoff zu fehlen, aber bei der lässigen Pose stört das nicht. Auf jeden Fall hängt er genau so im Sessel wie der echte Serge.:D
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Danke für die lieben Worte! Ja, ist schon eingereicht. Und stimmt, dass sieht so aus, als ob ein Stück Ärmel fehlt, fehlt aber eigentlich gar nicht - Scheiss Simultankontrast!
ArneSReismueller's avatar
der style ist einfach so verdammt cool!
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Danke dir, schön, dass es dir gefällt! :)
konglomerat's avatar
Du hast so unglaublich viel Spiel in deinen Illus, beneidenswert.
Nicht so beneidenswert ist die ungesunde Hautfarbe der beiden, aber das macht das Négligée wieder wett.
Gute Besserung auch.
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Danke dir! Da muss ich aber jedes Mal auch extrem drum kämpfen, es fällt mir unglaublich schwer, da nicht immer wieder zu detailreich und semirealistisch zu werden. Aber schön zu hören, dass es so rüberkommt. :)
Scebiqu's avatar
Ich kenn die beiden zwar nicht, aber irgendwie sehen sie böse aus. Extrem cool böse versteht sich. :)
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
Hehe, na wenns so rüberkommt auch ohne dass du sie kennst, dann funktioniert das Bild ja! :D
YourFathersMustache's avatar
nice design
i hope ur butt feels better
MissMatzenbatzen's avatar
LOL, yeah, it finally started aching today. :D
YourFathersMustache's avatar
ha whats with that big grin?
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