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Christopher Kane Fall 2010 rtw

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Christopher Kane combines biker style black leather with romantic flower embroidery and what should have been an extreme contrast looks like it was always meant this way. Fantastic!

I have posted a gif with my process on my blog: [link]
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2 words

You rock
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That's what I like to hear! :D
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The way these figures fold into each other creates such a fantastic flow. I love that it's on a white background, because it becomes about their patterns and positions without any other distraction.
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those boots are phenomenal!
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Can I fav this twice? This deserves so much more favourites!! :)
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stunning colors nd drawing ,r these for fasion magazine
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lovely shoes *o*
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Ah, tolle Blumenmuster!

Du solltest viel mehr Zeichnungen bzw. Skizzen uploaden! Die Skizze zu diesem Bild ist total schön. (Ich finde, dass sie teilweise sogar dynamischer wirkt als das Endprodukt.)
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:hug: Thank you Anneli!
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If this comes off as an insult, I apologize greatly, it is meant to be a compliment, but your art always looks better and more enterging than the actually clothing
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No it doesn't, thank you! :hug: I think the simple runway pics often dont show the clothes in their whole beauty, the advertising campaigns that come out a few months later are a different story.
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love the patterns!
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your most welcome (^_^)
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I love these fashion illustrations you do. :)
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you should put all the fashion models you've done in one deviation.. that would be great :)
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I haven't seen his collection yet but it looks exciting! And I love all the shoes I've seen on the runway this season. A lot of knee-high boos with open toes, which is rad!
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Absolutely! It's is a little impractical - after all this is supposed to be Winter clothing - but I cant wait to see how this will be done in streetstyle, maybe peeptoe boots with big fat wool socks? Hehe, I'm sure omeone will come up with something better.:D
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