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Balmain rtw Fall Winter 2010

A collection full of glittery gold as fabric, as embroidery, as sequins .. well in any form you can imagine it on clothes? Of course I love it!!
In many reviews I've read that people are a little tired of the shoulders and suggest Christophe Decarnin should get rid of them already. While I understand where this is coming from - there was a big hype when they were introduced in the Spring 2009 collection and now they are not exactly new anymore. But - to use a really far fetched comparison - this reminds me a bit of how people were disappointed by the special effects in the second Matrix movie because it was just the first movies style refined and could simply not amaze like the first one because it wasn't new anymore and also had been copied in every other movie of that time.
The Balmain shoulders may draw inspiration from the forties or the eighties but are really unique and have created a signature silhouette - They wouldn't have knocked everybody of their feet like they did, if they would have been just a fashion history reference. Everybody knows the unique look of classic Dior Jacket from the New Look collection or the classic Chanel costume, and we expect to see these basic looks on the runway newly interpreted again and again in very different collections - and it is really interesting and fun to see how versatile these shapes really are because they work in so many new styles and concepts. So, why not accept the Balmain shoulder silhouette as the same thing? What do you think?

Sketch and ref are on my blog: [link]
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i llooooooooooooooooooooovee this dress so much!!! i would buy if i had the means to do such
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:heart: Another great fashion piece...& who doesnt love Balmain !!!...& personally i love the big electro shoulders...they are dramatic & down right fabulous !!! Balmain brought them back making them work for today's styles perfectly!!...but he is a genius so why should we except any different !! I love how you did the glitter gold..great sequins effect...I can just look at your fashion piece all day til my eyes hurt.
Keep "em Comin....Please!!!
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Striking and beautiful! Great work!
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Oh such time taken to show that majestic glitter! :) Well done, really caught my eye.

As for the dress in question, I love their take on wide, big shoulders. They're padded up and structured, but not as much as in years past with other designers. There's something softer and feminine about them.
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Dieses goldene Punktemuster ist unglaublich O_O
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holy....!!! I cannot believe the texture I'm seeing done here!! utterly incredible!!
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oh god, that texture/circles are amazing! i love how you varied the colors. gorgeous job, i love how her body stands out against the texture too.
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i already have shoulders like a football player :( but ive always loved high colors or shoulders, anything dramatic in shape or decor at the top is very favorable to me, and i love this btw, reminds me of the city at night
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nice job on the dress particles style.
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hat was von Erté, wundervoll!
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Stunning! The sequin effects are pure genius! :wow: :clap:
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I´m not a big fan of the shoulders, mostly because I would look like a rugby player in that dress. A glittery, sparkly rugby player ;) But I judge dresses based on whether they would look good on me, opinion isn´t impartial.
But I looooove the dress!!! :clap::clap::clap:
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I LOVE Balmain shoulders. Even though it's true he has been using it a lot in the latest shows but I just adore everything he does and his fall RTW collection was one of my favorites

This is gorgeous! I love how you made his dress out of dots only. Looks hard to do haha
I love ittt<333
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