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Mercury Brightman Book 1 Cover

This is the cover of my book, beautifully illustrated by Meredith Dillman. This has been a long project for the both of us. It was a commission three years in the making and I am glad I finally got it to her. The book is due out soon people!

I am responsible for the typography, and Mere, is responsible for everything else you see here. I could not have done it without her and my editor Jodi. You girls rock!

See Mere's originals...
Front: [link]
Back: [link]

In a collaborative agreement Mere and I are going to share this on both our DeviantArt Galleries... she will post it when she gets the chance.

I am now accepting pre-orders for the book. Pre-Ordering, April 20-May 12
. Please also see the lovely cover by Meredith Dillman, View Cover. Oh and before you buy it... test drive the first 3 chapters: 1, 2, & 3. Thanks everyone for your support!

Other Ordering

Primary Medium: watercolor, ask *kyrn

MERCURY BRIGHTMAN © Mary E. Gober, 2007
Cover Artwork © Meredith Dillman, 2007
All rights reserved.
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Wow, it's beautiful. Tell Mere I think it's lovely. I am writing a book too. I have been planning for months, and just started writing a few days ago. I have just started chapter two today [yeah!]. You can find the first three paragraphs here on DA. The link is in my signature, if you want to read it.
MicrosuedeMouse's avatar
Ah, looks very good! Sounds amazing too, I'll have to check it out :D
TanyaWolfMystery's avatar
Wow!! I agree... the cover looks so awesome! And the summary really makes me want to read the book... is it possible to order and ship it to thailand? O.O would be great if yes :lol:

nice story theme! =D
vamp-princess667's avatar
When it comes out, I'll get it from the library! It looks awesome! I love the colors.
missmarypotter's avatar
It's out now, but you have to order it online.
or my page which escapes me at the moment, but you can search my name "Mary E. Gober" and it should come up. Thanks.
vamp-princess667's avatar
Alright, I'll look it up. ^^
vannylla's avatar
It really makes me wanna read the book!
I still can't buy it, but I think I'll be able soon, it sounds so good!
hope everything goes fine for the book!
You have my wishes of sucess!
missmarypotter's avatar
Thanks. It needs a real editor to run through it with me. I did my best. Some may not like it, but I do. Maybe you will. Thank you for your interest. I appreciate your positive thoughts.
nickolaus's avatar
That looks cool. I loaded my galley up before the ISBN. I just got an ISBN on the project now and I got a magazine contacting me for promo materials about two anthologies I edited within this year. Congrats on getting your project done nd out there.
CapnFlynn's avatar
Very nice work from both of you! I do like the layout and the font choices.

How are you finding the self-publishing route has been for you (said the fellow self-published author)? Fairly happy? Successful. You certainly have a lovely-looking book here.
missmarypotter's avatar
Self-publishing, stinks, but it is doing fine. I would do better if I had money to advertise, but I don't. My big goal is to get a literary agent so I can get a real publisher. *know any??? ;) :wink:*

As for the cover... totally rocks! I knew what I wanted, and I knew one of the best artists out there. I knew I wanted her to do my cover early on. I stuck with her because loyalty counts. I say to people, that even if you don't like my book, the cover art is hard to not like. I say judge my book by its cover... it says alot. ;) But still, I like your cover and your font. Good choices. Perhaps when I get through my upcoming promotion and have some free up spending money I will order/pick your book and add it to my pile-o-books to read. I am knee deep into my second novel, so I may not get to it right away.

Thanks for the fave! Good luck to you too.
CapnFlynn's avatar
Gah, don't I know it!

There are some agents' blogs I read ... I'll scare up the links for you if you like. A couple of people on LJ have recently got agents through the internet-connectedness thing, which seems like a good route to take if you can!
missmarypotter's avatar
yep, it is a start. :D Thanks!
nickolaus's avatar
I am published on both the self-published circut and the independant press. It is tricky if you don't have the channels to get your book out there but it seems like it is more acceptable in the fantasy genre than it is with horror, but when it is with horror people are publishing themselves more because the stories are just a lot more shocking self-published and self-released -- it is easier to get the self-published pushed out in conventions and such. The self-publishing goes hand in hand with stories too controversial to go to press and for non-fiction.
CapnFlynn's avatar
*gah, there was supposed to be a question mark after "successful", not a period!
Mari-ninja's avatar
WOW!That's really nice. :)
missmarypotter's avatar
tell *kyrn you like it, she is the cover artist. I just wrote the book and layed out the cover typography. :D Thanks!
night-shadows-3's avatar
Do you know when it will come out in stores. It sounds so interesting. I want to read it.
missmarypotter's avatar
to be honest, no. As soon as I get a literary agent, then I can get a professional editor, then I can republish it and get it distributed in stores. I apply for literary agents often. You can purchase a cheap $1.99 downloadable copy here [link]

also writing publishers, telling them you think they should publish my book also helps. Oh and any Borders should be able to order it for you... just give them this ISBN: 978-1-4303-1464-6

also preview the first three chapters free, see if you are still interested: [link]
bee-nana's avatar
This is fantastic!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Congratulations on all the sales......I saw the comment from five days many have you sold now? :wow: How wonderful!!! :D
missmarypotter's avatar
101 total thus far. :D
bee-nana's avatar
That's awesome!! :clap:
Katied2's avatar
I'm so happy for you that you got your book published!!!! What a lovely cover as well, she did an excellent job!!! :hug: :dance:
missmarypotter's avatar
I recently sold the 100th book! Yay!!!
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