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Random from Magic Advisor fanarts

Norwegian-Swedish Honey Attacks
      " This is great! " Agent TT beamed in awe when he was seeing the seaside with his other female Lunivian companions. The middle aged man in normal height sighed which they found them ridiculous spending time on the shores in this cool and windy Autumn morning.
    " Stanley, please put some sun tan lotion on my back?" the blonde Lunivian lady named Mahrjhan sweetly asked and put her hands on her boyfriend's shoulders.
   " How can you wear a bikini? It's so cold! " Stanley whined and held his arms as he was slightly shivering. " Can't you see several days from now, it's gonna be winter!"
   " What? It is only a few degrees below freezing? " Kaehlix the shorter blonde shrugged. " You humans are so weird! "
   " Yeah! So warm! " Moahnn the tall brunette lady took a dip into the water using her feet.
   " Whatever, whatever, " Stanley sighed and turned to the other companions. " Ho
:icone31:e31 11 13
Vad tycks by ellenseriekonst Vad tycks :iconellenseriekonst:ellenseriekonst 2 4 Scarletwhite commission #2 by LadyCinderWolf Scarletwhite commission #2 :iconladycinderwolf:LadyCinderWolf 6 3 PrimNUnis: Im Mean! by AzabacheSilver PrimNUnis: Im Mean! :iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 4 5 Lizzy and Prim, in love by ellenseriekonst Lizzy and Prim, in love :iconellenseriekonst:ellenseriekonst 2 4 MissMagicGirl - GuestArt by AraPersonica MissMagicGirl - GuestArt :iconarapersonica:AraPersonica 13 6 Infr nummer 1-2018. by ellenseriekonst Infr nummer 1-2018. :iconellenseriekonst:ellenseriekonst 1 10 Lizzys and Prims boy Linus-ellenseriekonst by ellenseriekonst Lizzys and Prims boy Linus-ellenseriekonst :iconellenseriekonst:ellenseriekonst 1 2
MKonsultantvsChampions: Giggle War Prt 1

An ephemeral form was floating about the living room of a well kept 17th century house, strangely the translucent creature had a form that made it look like a baloon covered in a bed sheet, but it had a face with cat ears and whiskers, which it twitched as it looks through the shelves.  It reaches into a shelf it is searching through and pulls out a compact disc case.  Then it removed the slivery disc from within it. It leaves the living room and floats through the house passing a pale red headed woman go by it dressed in a red bathrobe with her hair done up in bright curlers.  " Morning, Ghosty! ", the woman said as she carried a coffee cup past the ghost as it waved to her and headed into another room.  The ghostly being then floated over to a CD player set on top of a chest of drawers.  It open the player and loaded the disc into it, which the player began to read the disc and then as it finished on it's liquid crystal screen flashe
:iconazabachesilver:AzabacheSilver 2 3
Magic Advisor, the Mystery of the Pocket Watch
“The magical brick is talking to us!” shouted Princess Eleanor in awe and wonder. She knew the centuries old building must be the right one, even if there was no household staff to greet them or any sentries anywhere in sight.
“I will see you in a moment.” spoke Lizzy into the intercom, reassuring the guests waiting at her doorstep.
“We will be patient, oh self-aware brick thing! We find you fascinating!” replied Prince Gabriel excitedly.
“Arf! Arf!” uttered Eratosthenes (a wire-haired dachshund), before jumping to lick the intercom speaker.
“Um… Hello there.” said Lizzy in an inquisitive tone as she opened the door to meet her guests, who were dressed just as eccentrically as they talked.
“Um… Um… Um… Uh…” muttered Prince Gabriel, blushing as he tried to think of what to say.
“What brings you here?” asked Lizzy.
“A-A-Are you the magic advisor?” asked Prince Gab
:iconclockworkmultiverse:ClockworkMultiverse 2 9
Isie, Bibbi vs Prim- ellenseriekonst by ellenseriekonst Isie, Bibbi vs Prim- ellenseriekonst :iconellenseriekonst:ellenseriekonst 2 2 Magic Advisor -  Bibelgnget (2)-ellenseriekonst by ellenseriekonst Magic Advisor - Bibelgnget (2)-ellenseriekonst :iconellenseriekonst:ellenseriekonst 2 2 Magic Advisor - Bibelgnget (1) -ellenseriekonst by ellenseriekonst Magic Advisor - Bibelgnget (1) -ellenseriekonst :iconellenseriekonst:ellenseriekonst 1 2 Isie Isbjrn vis Prim-ellenseriekonst by ellenseriekonst Isie Isbjrn vis Prim-ellenseriekonst :iconellenseriekonst:ellenseriekonst 2 2 Lizzy o prims son -ellenseriekonst by ellenseriekonst Lizzy o prims son -ellenseriekonst :iconellenseriekonst:ellenseriekonst 1 2 Lizzy sketch by wolfbanefoxglove Lizzy sketch :iconwolfbanefoxglove:wolfbanefoxglove 2 2
I am so grateful for all wonderful fanart / fan fiction my comic has received. <3 If you make fanart please let me know! :D

Check out my social media and other sites! :)

My homepage:……

Magic Advisor homepage:


Read my swedish blog and shop here:

Paranormal and magic page:

Buy my books:…



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Magic Frigren
Welcome to my deviantart page! I am a writer and comic creator.

I love everything fairy tale -like. Everything whimsical and surreal. I am inspired by legends, folklore and strange and mysterious things.... :) I am a big nerd / geek. I especially like reading / watching science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and comics / cartoons. I also like exploring classics from different genres and anything with a focus on the psychological or philosophical. I am interested in old Hollywood and early silent films. I collect oddities from the past that speaks to my imagination. Like old letters, postcards, photos... I also collect dolls / toys. :) I enjoy reading nonfiction as well and exploring different subjects like history, folklore and the mystical.

Here you will find my comic Magic Advisor :) Its a fantasy comedy and I hope you will like it. :) I also post traditional art, mixed media works, poems and crafts... I like exploring short films and stop motion as well.
But my main focus is Magic Advisor. :)

I love meeting new people. Making friends is what makes Deviantart fun.
If you have a comic or art you think I would like please don't hesitate to let me know! :D

I hope you will enjoy your stay on my page!

My personal homepage:…

How are you all? Allergies is killing me but apart from that I am enjoying spring. :) 

I am currently waiting on the translation of my swedish novel to be done, working on the sequel in swedish, developing my publishing company so I can start working with other authors and working on getting Magic Advisor out as printed volumes in english. 

Tomorrow I will post 4 new pages of Magic Advisor! Stay tuned. :) 

Untill then maybe you would like to watch my latest video about dream interpretation? :) I have been slow with making videos but I hope to get back into it again and drawing more now as well :)

Let me know what you are up to!!! Heart 
New Magic Advisor is up! 4 new pages :D 

Also I opened my mysterious flea market doll. A doll operation... ;) Here is the video of what I found inside... ^^; 

I may have gotten more then I planned when buying this doll...


I been a bit off lately but I will catch up on my watch list now. :) How is everyone? 

I am working on the next Magic Advisor update and I am excited to share it with you all soon :) I hope to make some kind of Valentines day art because I always have fun with that. But I prioritize working on the next couple of comic pages so we shall see. I kind of want to draw pinup Prim for Valentines day. Well, I actually I always want to draw pinup Prim :D 

I also been working on my latest video about symbols and spirituality. Here it is: 

I hope everyone is doing well Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

I been working really hard on this video. In it I look at the history of the Horned God and the connection between horned beings, goats and the mystical and magical. From the positive pagan god Pan to the evil devil. What has created the link between the occult and horns? Find out in this video!

In the video some awesome people allowed me to use their art :) 

Here is a showcase of the art used: 

The vvitch by ZaniaBezovchuk Inktober 10 - Night fly by Balafenn-noz
The VVitch by heshers Inktober Day 5: Occult by KuudesSilma
baphomet by acidicmonster Nine-Horned Deer by Obelis

A big thank you to: 

I hope you will enjoy the history lesson video haha :) 


AzabacheSilver inspirerad me to start a group for Magic Advisor :) I thought it would be a great way to show all amazing fan works Magic Advisor has received and make more people see them all :) It is under construction currently and I am still figuring it all out. Let me know if anyone would like to help me out as an admin :) 





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