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NOT FOR SALE! And I don't give out my work for free. Please buy the official Sans figure at FanGamer.

This piece was kind of a doodle for me!  Sans from Undertale fan art. I got a 3d printer recently and decided to print him for my first test. It was a great learning experience The lazy bones Sans Icon 

Edit: Since a lot of you guys are curious, I use the Form 2 3d printer. I printed this guy in 3 pieces (head & neck, torso, and legs) then socketed them together. Sans Chat Icon 2 

Check out my painted version of him here! ->

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would be a cool 3d print for my kid. Too bad you won't post it, but not bad work.

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I don't sell it out of respect for the creator, but glad you like it!

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helllll yes i want 1

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Glad you like it! XD

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um can u teach me to be a famous artist plz?

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If you keep practicing and pushing your craft, you can easily build a following ^_^ It's taken me 10+ years to get where I am now & I'm still learning new things!

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Did you make this 3D model yourself? If so this is amazing!!
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Yes, and thanks :)

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Heyo! I'm sure you get asked this a lot, I see it was asked many moons ago. My son loved Sans, I have a resin printer, and I am curious if you've changed your mind about selling the .stl of this file for personal use only. I've researched that Toby is more relaxed about individuals selling fan art. If you're still not interested, I understand :)
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Hey! Sorry I didn't see this soon x-x Unfortunately, I don't plan to sell the file but if you're still looking for a Sans figure, Fangamer has an official one for a good price here! :)… 
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what an absolute amazing sans render, the best I have seen so far, hope he makes it into smash dlc 
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Thank you very much! ^_^
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Where can I get the file? :D
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Sorry, I'm not giving out my model ><; 
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Will you in the future? Maybe not even publicly post it but email or something? (I need to print snas lol) Its cool if you're not sure yet.
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I don't have any plans to, since Toby doesn't want people to sell fanart ;_; sorry about that!
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