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Frostblade Irelia Rework


I got the chance to work on an Irelia skin rework (& one of my favs!) <3 The final release has been modified a bit, this is the iteration before the changes. Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy frostbutt! :3

Model viewer & more shots here~…

Concept by Gem Lim

Irelia © Riot Games 2018

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© 2018 - 2021 MissMaddyTaylor
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Lokenauz's avatar
The frostbutt reamained intact lol
Shadowfang3000's avatar
I really liked the fur pelt look, a shame they got rid of it
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
Thanks! & yea, I feel the same v_v
Velinis's avatar
This skin rework is nice and all as it's own thing, I just miss that it's almost nothing like the original Frost Blade skin. The dark blue and brass/gold-colouring is really nice. 
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
Sorry about that :( I'm only a freelance 3d artist on it, had nothing to do with the decisions made at Riot ><
Velinis's avatar
Oh, I know that, no worries on your end. I was just saying how I liked the old scheme. 
tamkib1's avatar
gota love that shiny hair !
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
brenot6's avatar
Good times when the blades looked like ice, now Riot made them look like plastic blue. Definitely this version is better. 
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like it :D
TeslaEffect's avatar
Wished they didnt edit this skin, it looked fine as it is here.
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
Thank you! I agree, I prefer this version more mainly for the colors! ^^
TeslaEffect's avatar
Yeah I liked the hair, it was unique among all the other winter skins. 
Antsstyle's avatar
Lovely work Maddy! You did an excellent job bringing the rework to life here :)
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
Thank you very much! ^__^
eXticey's avatar
I am so mad at the reddit circlejerk about it.

The fur may ended up a little too much, but there was no reason to gimp it so much.

I especially adored the purple crystallized hair. *sigh*

People can be so overzealous for no goddamn reason.
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
Yea, but I can see that it might have been a bit of a departure from the original skin design. I prefer this version too primarily for the purple hair XD But I'm glad you like it! ^^
eXticey's avatar
Still, it was ridiculous how people lashed out on you over at Twitter (and probably elsewhere too)
It's a concept issue, not an execution one.
Even the concept wasn't so bad.

Yeah, I kinda miss the brass decorated blades and whatnot, yes, it did feel more Winter Wonder with the excessive fur.
But there was a middle ground, and they forced them to turn it into a pile of blue goop.

Did you have to do the updates on it too?
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
I agree, it's a lot more fantasy/winter wonder with the fur and ice & the new compromise could have been altered a bit more - it's hard because their schedules are so crunched to make any major changes once it's on PBE >_<

One of the artists in-house at Riot made the adjustments, not sure who ^^;
eXticey's avatar
Oh well. Either way, don't let any of this discourage you <3
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
Definitely not! ^^ As an outsourcer, it's out of my hands anyway XD
WindSwirl's avatar
Good work! I like that hair. ^^

I suppose you guys intentionally kept her butt splash art right? :D
MissMaddyTaylor's avatar
Thank you! :D Haha and I'm not sure, working as a freelancer now, idk what calls they make or why XD
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