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Development of a Mary Sue



I've never really understood why people would tear down someone who writes a Mary Sue. Often these writers are only children.

Don't let them win.
:bulletblue: If you see this happening, speak up! Remind people that everyone deserves to be treated politely, no matter how well they write or how long they've been writing.
:bulletblue: Contact an admin if you believe someone is being attacked.
:bulletblue: If this happens to you, block them. Bullying is not constructive criticism, and you don't deserve it. Above all, don't let them stop you from writing.

Mary Sue Safe Zone by MissLunaRose

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do you really want to feed into their delusion of being this super cool and awesome guy who's a multi-million dollar millionaire, the "flawless" hero (flawless being in big ass quotes because usually they have terrible flaws but don't receive consequences for it because they're the main character) of the multiverse, and having a harem of over 3% of the population?

the answer is obviously no because their ego will shoot through the roof