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Immigration Reform
There were so many. Once I understood something about where I was and what they were, the part that tore at my mind was how many identical chambers lined the wall across from me, and my side had to have just as many.
It was seeing her that helped me understand my impossible situation. She’d been uncommonly tall when I spotted her in her sleeveless dress at the intake process, and now she seemed a hundred meters or more.
“So, Emily, on what little paper there is,” she sounded like she was giving a practiced speech to the woman following her, “They’ve been deported.”
I understood English but I’d avoided letting them know. Somehow I’d use it to my advantage. Somehow she’d pay.
“Nobody’s looking for them in El Salvador or Nicaragua or whatever, and officially they’re not here, so liability and risk are effectively zero.” She was so confident and smug. I was going to rip her hair out and feed it to her.
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Size Con 2018 in Review
⭐ Size Con 2018 Review ⭐

Apologies for my delay in getting this review to y'all, but better late than never!! 
I know I say this every year, but seriously, this year's Size Con completely blew me out of the water!! Y'all totally missed out on an amazing event!! Luckily I'm here to fill you in on what happened so that maybe you'll consider joining us for 2019 😏First, some information about our setup and the vibe at the event.
This year we were at an even bigger venue than last year. We had 4 large rooms and a 5th smaller spill out room for overbooked events and for volunteers to take a break. Aside from a 1 hour break at noon for volunteers to take lunch, our schedule was crammed packed! We often ran close to 3 different events every hour!! It was nuts!! 😅Setting up this schedule was quite the challenge, as we tried to make sure attendees didn't feel as if they had to give up one event they wanted to go to for another. For example we may book a
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I came home from class on Friday excited as always. Friday nights were for going out and forgetting everything else. I was ready to hit the bar immediately, but when I pushed open the door to our apartment, Rachel was on the rug, laying on her stomach with her chin in her hands.

Her shoes were in front of her, side-by-side and facing me. Red bottom lace-trimmed platform pumps. I froze in the doorway, standing and watching her as I let my bag drop to the floor.

“Oh, you’re home.” She barely glanced up, dropping her eyes back to her shoes. “Come here.”

I did as she did and watched her shoes as I stepped into the room. The one on the left seemed to wobble a bit and my already racing heart pounded all the more. I should be down with her, so I lowered myself, stretching my legs out to the side and sitting in front of her on the floor.

“Notice anything?” She smirked, bending her knees behind her, kicking her bare feet back and forth through the air while watching me.

I stammered and I nodded. “I think, maybe--”

She interrupted me. The instant her voice began mine automatically ceased. “Go on, take a peek.”

Even though I half-expected it, I never prepared for the rush of seeing this. I leaned all the way down until my cheek brushed the carpet. I shivered with this sighing coo when I saw him struggling, pinned by the weight of Rachel’s shoe.

He was maybe in his forties, but I could only see part of his face and some of his arms. He was tiny and trapped, two or three inches tall.

I knew that he’d been bigger than me. I knew that Rachel had shrunk him--it had been a while, but it wasn’t the first time. My body buzzed when I imagined the instant he’d gone from being a tall, powerful man to a helpless speck at my girlfriend’s feet, but almost immediately a cloud of guilt smothered my excitement.

He was a person--he had a family and a life. Was he married? Did he have kids that were going to miss him, going to never know how he’d disappeared? This was an actual human life.

Pinned under Rachel’s gorgeous shoe.

I shivered and asked. “What happened?”

Rachel was cool and casual. “I was at Starbucks and I liked his wife’s necklace. She wouldn’t give it to me, so when I came out of the bathroom wearing it he started asking too many questions.”

“You followed her into the bathroom?” Of course she did, but couldn’t resist asking the question.

“Well, yeah. It’s a cool necklace.” She ran her fingers along her neck, brushing the deep red stones set in the thick golden chain.

“What happened to her?” I felt my voice quiver with the question, and Rachel noticed it too. Again I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear it from her. She flashed me a grin.

“She was right where he is now. I scraped most of her off, but there’s probably a tiny bit left on my sole for him to see.”

I groaned while the shrunken man’s struggles surged. The designer shoe on top of him tilted bit by bit, leaning a little to the side, then settled back into place with a wobble.

Their lives meant less to her than the instant gratification of having a necklace. She was unstoppable, reckless. Impulsive and vain, sadistic and cruel.

And I loved her. I worshipped her in every way, and even though Rachel might not be capable of loving anything but herself, she liked--or at least appreciated--me. She kept me. I couldn’t tell if I was her partner or her pet, but there probably wasn’t much difference.

“You’re quiet.”

I had been. I’d rolled over onto my belly and was resting my chin on the back of my hands, watching the little man strain and gasp under the weight of an empty shoe. That sunk in now that she’d shaken me out of my thoughts, and the hollow ache of shame crept back into my chest.

I imagined his confusion when he ran in to check on his wife and found nothing besides maybe a little red smear on the bathroom tile. I could almost experience his terrified despair as he dwindled away to miniature size, suddenly able to see and smell the bits of gore on the bottom of Rachel’s shoe.

“Why don’t you tell him what I’m going to do?”

I flushed a little at that. I had to close my eyes and take a long, sighing breath. There was only one thing to do with the people Rachel shrunk. We weren’t going to keep any tiny pets around our apartment. I mean, he was already under her shoe.

This poor man. He’d lost everything in an instant, all because my selfish girlfriend decided she wanted something. I kept my head lowered but lifted my gaze to look into her sparkling dark eyes.

“Can I see him?” It came out as almost a whisper.

Rachel’s response was to slip a finger inside the back of her shoe and tilt it back on its heel just enough to expose him. He was still in the shadow of the raised pointed toe, but now I could clearly see his scuffed, anguished face, his torn slacks and wrinkled sweater.

“Hey there.” It was such an awkward thing to say and I felt it as soon as the words tumbled out of me. I could see the tears that had dribbled down his little cheeks. I could see his tiny chest rising and falling, his arms beneath him ready to push him up so he could take off running.

“Oh no, no, you don’t want to go anywhere.” Suddenly I was scolding him like a child. Rachel heard me and let the shoe drop back down on him with a dull thud. When she leaned it back again, blood was running from his smashed nose.

“Hey, alright, you’re going to stay right there, okay?” Talking to him was feeling a little more natural. “What’s your name anyway? I don’t know why I’m asking, I should know by now that I can’t understand your squeaky little voices. I’ll call you Christopher, though. You look like a Christopher, right?”

Rachel laughed, and glancing up to see her smiling was like filling my soul with music. I shared her smile and continued. “See, Chris, it looks like you weren’t a very good boy. This is the kind of stuff that happens when Rachel has to deal with people who don’t know how to behave.”

I knew how to behave. I knew my place. I loved doing every little thing that Rachel could possibly want me to do. I loved living my life to keep her happy and entertained, and it thrilled me endlessly to know that she could change her mind at any second and smash me like a bug.

“You’re going to vanish, Christopher. Nobody’s ever going to know what happened to you. Nobody’s ever going to see you again.” My voice was softer, more steady with each moment. He was so, so scared--he listened to me. He didn’t even try to run.

His fear thrilled me. I’m sure he might have been an important man, but to Rachel he was nothing. She’d forget him by Monday, but I’d be running these moments through my mind for weeks.

“In a minute, my girlfriend’s going to stand up and slide her foot into that shoe you’re looking at, Chris. You know what that’s going to do to you, right?”

He looked like he was trying to reason with me. He kept gesturing and his mouth was moving a mile a minute. I couldn’t hear him and I didn’t care. I just wanted to watch his face. “You can’t imagine the pressure. It’ll be like a mountain rolling over you. Like the moon smashing down just on you.”

His jabbering stopped as I continued to whisper in a husky voice. “It won’t be like when she stomped your wife, Chris. I don’t think Rachel likes you, and she’s really, really good at this. She knows how to take it slow. Your bones are going to splinter and snap. Your insides will squelch and spurt, and you’re going to feel every last bit of it until finally, as you beg and pray for your silly little life to just stop, she’ll crush your skull beneath her toes.”

I breathed those last few words and was almost squirming against the floor myself. Rachel pushed herself up off the floor and I watched in fascination while she rose up above Chris and me. I was thousands of times bigger than him, but it felt for all the world like she could just as easily splatter me beneath her heel, too.

Her long, slender foot rose and moved through the air towards me. I cupped her warm sole in my hand and pressed a tender, reverent kiss just above her toes. They slid into her waiting left shoe with a practiced ease.

Her right received the same eager worship when she lifted it in front of my face, and then I lowered myself flat to the floor, fixed my eyes on the flailing, panicked man pinned down just as flat, and watched.

Her sublime toes passed through the lacey throat of her stiletto pump, and I heard the first animal howl from the man trapped beneath. That was just the faintest touch.

Her toes worked their way forward and I pressed my ear to the floor so I could hear the first snap. His arm bent at a grotesque angle underneath her platform sole and he began a constant, agonized scream.

A whole round of crunches and pops tickled my ear as some weight shifted forward while her heel slipped into the back of her shoe. I worried he might stop breathing if his shattered ribs badly punctured his lungs, but I could still hear some screaming after her foot was all the way in.

We knew that it was time. All she had to do to snuff him out was step down. I kissed her shoe again. “Bye, Chris,” I whispered as my lips pulled away.

I let out a moan, watching her stiletto heel rise from the floor. She shifted her weight gradually, so I could watch her crimson sole crush down, compressing his body more and more. I whimpered with desire when she started to twist her shoe, bearing down amidst the wet crumpling until there was nothing left but the squeaking of her sole grinding into the rug.

I ached for her in that moment. Her callous cruelty surpassed my every fantasy. Her dominance drove me towards tearing off my clothes and throwing myself at her, desperate for her touch or the weight of her crushing step.

“Kiss.” I did none of those things. I did as I was told, and slid forward to kiss the shoe that just obliterated a man.

“Clean.” She gave her orders with a satisfied smirk, and instead of acting on my maddening lust, I popped up off the floor and rushed back with carpet spray and a towel. Wiping Chris off the bottom of her shoe and scrubbing him out of the carpet while she stood over me and watched only gave me time to think about how hungry I was for her. Maybe she’d at least step on my hand, maybe remind me how easily she could shrink me down and do the same thing to me.

“Let’s go.” I finished cleaning and she walked right by me towards the door. “I want a drink.”

I knew she could see the desire in my eyes, but we were heading to the bar because that’s what Rachel wanted.

Rachel’s desires were the only ones that mattered.

And that’s why I loved her.
My Girlfriend, a Witch
My entry for SizeRiot's couples contest. When you're dating a powerful witch with no value for human life, every day's an adventure.
If you can handle pages and pages of rambling enthusiasm, my SizeCon 2018 recap just went live on my site. Check it out at… if you dare.

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I pushed the stick in further, and I knew that I’d found a good one. It wasn’t just dirt shifting and moving around; I could feel things bending and snapping and crunching in there. Structures, furniture, maybe one or two of them actually breaking themselves, but I hoped not. I wasn’t trying to be vicious about it. I just wanted to stir them up flush them out.

“Come out, tiny ones.” I was nearly singing as I twisted the stick around in the hole. “It’s not safe in this little nest of yours.”

I’d noticed it on my way to class, and coming back for them was all I’d been able to think about. I snapped a few pictures of my boots for my Twitter fans, and when I posted about what I’d found and my plans to go back and pay them a visit, there was no shortage of excitement.

They called me Giantess, Goddess… they tweeted their envy and eagerness, their desperation to be helpless at my heels. Mostly they were horny and needy, but usually I liked how they made me feel.

One of the inch tall people came dashing out of some opening in the warren. He and his friends were going to be the ones that gave me what I really needed. I pulled the stick back and poked him with it, knocking him down hard. By the time I’d gotten back up from my crouch, there were several more pouring out of the same hole and taking off in different directions.

“That’s right, run from me, little ones.” I covered the first one with the tip of my boot and smashed him into the ground with a single firm twist. “Run for your stupid little lives.”

They were trying to spread out in every direction, because they thought they were going to have a chance to get away. They must not have known me, which made sense. I’m pretty sure I’ve never left any of them behind.

I swept my boot sideways across the ground, and on the way back I knocked down the few that I’d missed. They weren’t going anywhere.

“Die,” I whispered as I stepped on one, enjoying the crumpling and crunching under my toes. I liked how it sounded. I liked ending their worthless lives.

“Die. Die.” I sighed happily, breathing the words as I squished another and another. They vanished under my foot with hardly a sound. I pressed down and transformed them to lifeless lumps and wet spots of dirt.

Then I was done with them too quickly. Maybe I’d expected more of them, or maybe I’d been anticipating this too much to hold back. Already there was nothing left but smears and motionless, flattened bodies buried in compressed dirt and leaves.

There had to be more. I’d only seen young men scurrying about at my feet. The rest of them still had to hiding in their hole.

A soft moan left me as I playfully prodded the mound with the pointed tip of my boot. These ones were more crafty than most. They’d sent out their strongest to try and escape. They’d let their men dash from the entrance as their only hope.

They’d given them to me, offering them at my merciless feet. A sacrifice to appease their wicked goddess.

I wanted more than they were willing to give. I wanted all of them--each and every one.

I aimed my stiletto heel at their home and jabbed it in, tearing through the dirt I’d already loosened. I twisted my boot and ripped it apart. I pulled back and kicked at it, clumps of dirt piling up in front of me until I started to see tiny bodies mingling with the pile.

“It’s so cute that you tried to please me.” I pushed the tip of my boot into the pile and flexed my toes, watching several more of the tiny things shake loose and spill down around the sides of my shoe. Others were almost certainly smashed in the compacted dirt beneath my sole. I didn’t care. They were all going to end up there eventually.

“But I’m going to crush you.” Saying it gave me the most delicious chill. These ones weren’t as quick or smart as the other ones. They weren’t going anywhere, and they knew it.

I might have imagined the screams, but that didn’t matter. I could hear them as I brushed my hair from my face, as I ran my fingers along the length of my body and smoothed out my dress. Screaming was all they could do.

Well, they could beg. They could plead for their lives, crawling before my massive black boots and praying for mercy. I wouldn’t hear them, though, and it wouldn’t matter if I did.

I took my time. Two of them were close together, huddled against one another like there was anything they could do for each other. I planted my heel before them and carefully lowered the ball of my foot onto their bodies.

“This is what you’re for,” I informed everyone that was left. My heel stuck in the dirt the faintest bit before popping free, rising just slightly as I shifted my weight forward and savored another set of crunches and pops. They were all watching me, so I showed off for them, grinding my boot back and forth to draw out every squelch and scrape I could.

Another group was doing their best to crawl away together. I didn’t look too closely, but they were different sizes--maybe a family? I pushed the pointed toe of my boot towards them through the dirt, plowing into them and sending them spilling off in different directions around my foot. “Squish,” I whispered as I picked out one and flattened them beneath that same pointed toe.

“Squish,” as I stepped down again and erased another little thing from existence.

“Squish, squish.” I pushed the ball of my foot into the ground and pulverized the last two with quick, firm steps. They were nothing to me. They had no way to resist, no chance of escape. Whatever they had been for all the days of their lives, it all led to today, to being stupid tiny things for me to enjoy smashing under my shoes

I scanned the ground for any other small, wriggling shapes. I thought I might have spotted one, so just in case I pushed my heel into the spot, tearing what might have already been a lifeless body in half. The whole colony hadn’t lasted more than a few minutes, but those minutes would stick with me for weeks. I let out a long sigh, and finally turned away.

Someone was staring. A man, maybe ten years older than me, must have been watching the whole time. Immediately I imagined pushing him down and walking right over him, wiping my dirty boots on his face.

Instead, I smiled. I looked right in his eyes and met his bewildered gaze, then walked right past him towards my home. After all, some fantasies really ought to be kept imagined.
Poking the Anthill
Sometimes our fans can really inspire us. Sometimes a hundred tiny Twitter voices can remind us of the goddess we are.

Having something small to step on just completes the experience.
Find fresh and exclusive content on my Patreon! First looks at big in-progress works, special interactivity and access, an just in-general the best way to support my work.

There were so many. Once I understood something about where I was and what they were, the part that tore at my mind was how many identical chambers lined the wall across from me, and my side had to have just as many.

It was seeing her that helped me understand my impossible situation. She’d been uncommonly tall when I spotted her in her sleeveless dress at the intake process, and now she seemed a hundred meters or more.

“So, Emily, on what little paper there is,” she sounded like she was giving a practiced speech to the woman following her, “They’ve been deported.”

I understood English but I’d avoided letting them know. Somehow I’d use it to my advantage. Somehow she’d pay.

“Nobody’s looking for them in El Salvador or Nicaragua or whatever, and officially they’re not here, so liability and risk are effectively zero.” She was so confident and smug. I was going to rip her hair out and feed it to her.

“Surely there have been moral objections, though. Are you concerned about internal opposition, Miss Burke?”

She dragged her fingertips across the front of the cages above me, her lacquered nails clacking against the bars. “The details of our operation are shared only at the highest levels. To most, there’s only figures--products and supplies. Our screening and security are second to none.”

“So, it’s quite special that I’m here, isn’t it?” I hated Emily more with every question.

“Four people have seen this room. You’re the fifth.”

Yet here we were. Hundreds of us. She relished talking about herself, and didn’t seem close to stopping.

“We’ve been able to turn a political and economic challenge into a resource. The energy that we harness through this process has no shortage of applications, and we’ve discovered that there’s an unexpected demand for our...byproducts.”

I seethed at the term. I wrapped my fingers around the bars between me and them, imagining the things I’d do if our situations were reversed. I could see them both screaming, one clutched in each of my hands...

That was one of my fantasies--it was the one that disgusted me the least. I hated her. I hated that her tight dresses and her lipstick and stockings did something to me. I hated how her fragrance filled the room for hours and hours after she was gone.

Emily adjusted her glasses and turned towards me, leaning forward. I felt like she was staring straight at me, but our cages were packed so tightly and she was distant enough that she could have been scrutinizing any of us. “It’s fascinating to see them so close. I haven’t seen them in person before, but I can understand why my clients are eager to work out agreements.”

“You’ve never seen them? Oh, darling,” Miss Burke turned my way, glancing back at Emily as her hand rose from her side and stretched out towards me. The only thing I hated nearly as much as her was this cage, but even then I couldn’t resist stepping back from the bars, shaking my head and raising my hands in defense.

It wasn’t me she came for, though. I heard a latch click somewhere above me and hinges squeak, and then saw a young, dark-skinned woman emerge, shrieking and clawing at the air as she dangled from perfectly manicured fingertips bigger than her head.

“Here.” She was revoltingly calm and casual as she handed the minuscule woman over like nothing more than some trinket. Emily received her awkwardly, cupping her hands together and standing motionless, staring at the thing squirming against her palms.

Her words came out in a breathy whisper. “It’s… so real. I can’t believe it’s--you know,” she looked up at the other woman, like she was self-conscious about what she was about to say.

“I can’t believe it’s a person.”

“Oh, darling.” Miss Burke didn’t miss a beat. She turned back just long enough to locate another latch, barely even looking. She didn’t care who she grabbed--I was fortunate enough to be beneath her reach. I could tell she’d pulled out a man, but that was about all I could see at first.

“This isn’t a person.” I got a better view as she lifted the man up in front of their faces, dangling and shouting with his ankle pinched between her fingers. “Have you ever held a person like this?”

She leaned close to the tiny figure swaying in her grip. “People have voices, they don’t squeal and squeak.”

The corners of her mouth curled back, amused in the most sinister way. “People are important. People matter. But this? This…”

I gasped, my hand reflexively covering my mouth as she whirled and flung the helpless man full-force into the nearest wall. The smack of his body against the painted concrete was too loud to have been real--my stir-crazy brain must have amplified the impact, just as it slowed time while he plummeted towards the ground, lifelessly tumbling end-over-end.

My mind was so reeling that by the time he stopped, I wasn’t sure if I even noticed the muted thud. Where he’d hit was unmistakable--a spatter of crimson on a bleach-white wall that I struggled to look away from.

Emily stared in silence while the woman she held squirmed and struggled with renewed vigor. Burke let out a long, contented sigh and moved towards the limp little body on the floor, the staccato strikes of her stilettos pounding my ears with each of her measured steps.

“You know, one of your clients really stands out from the others. SmallSnuff Studios?” She placed her palm against the same wall she’d splattered the helpless man on a moment ago.

“Not only does the business model make excellent practical sense, but their product is most… inspiring.”

Her toes rose from the floor, just enough to slide over the man. Emily’s voice was soft and flat. “I’m somewhat familiar.” Her eyes were locked on the elegant shoe perched atop a man’s body, covering it completely.

Just like my eyes, and surely hundreds of others. We all heard the first subtle crack, the crunching and squelching as her foot descended towards the floor. The slick wet sounds and squeaks of her tread slowly twisting against the hard floor, grinding the already flattened body to grotesque, pulverized smear.

We all heard her, too. Her low moan and soft sigh--her purr of satisfaction as she reduced a man to a messy stain. I shuddered with a sickeningly eager heat, watching her twisted pleasure and delight.

“It’s wonderfully cathartic to just… end one of them sometimes.” She dragged her shoe back, leaving behind a fading streak of deep red. “There’s nothing like it after a particularly challenging day.”

A spot, a smear, and whatever was stuck to the bottom of her shoe. That’s all that was left of him, but even with that in mind I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She turned back to her companion, their conversation barely slowed by her casual murder.

“You should try it.”

She’d watched her crush a man like an insect, and now seemed increasingly nervous with every passing second. “Oh, Miss Burke, I don’t know…”

“Nonsense.” She stepped forward and I was acutely aware her shoe peeling away from the floor. She slid her fingertips along Emily’s arms. “Don’t worry. I’ll let you have another one.”

Her fingers found Emily’s wrists and gently pulled outward without resistance; both simply watched as Emily’s hands parted, letting the little woman she’d held tumble to the ground.

A long silence followed. “So, I should just… step on her?”

“Naturally,” the reply came so easily. “There’s something to be said for taking one and just crumpling them up in your fist, but you’d have to leave to wash your hands.”

Emily nodded; it made sense. She lifted her boot, and the shrunken woman cleared her head enough to enter full panic, shouting and shrieking while looking up at the bottom of a colossal shoe. Too much goddamn sense.

“I can feel her.” It was a simple, objective observation as she settled her boot on her victim’s desperate, thrashing form. “I can feel her fighting me.”

Miss Burke laughed at that. “They can’t fight you. They’re helpless, pointless nothings and you’re helping me dispose of them."

Emily just stood there, pinning that frantic, screeching woman under her boot. Was she enjoying this? Were they both so utterly evil? She looked like she might just be uncertain…

“Crush her.”

No sooner had Miss Burke made her demand than the tiny woman’s screaming ceased. Emily’s boot smashed to the ground with a grotesque squish, firmly sliding forwards and back until all that remained was a broad streak of gory red.

The breath that Emily’d been holding suddenly flowed from her lips, and Miss Burke chuckled again. “Exhilarating, hmm?”

“I suppose I can see the appeal,” she turned her boot over, holding it at the ankle to examine the muck ground into her tread with a grimace of distaste.

“With SmallSnuff, that’s all that’s left.” Immediately their conversation returned to business. “Beyond my preference for their films, they’re also the safest and most practical solution. I want them to receive the largest possible share of shipments.”

“I’m sure we can arrange that.” Emily bent her knee and smacked the toe of her boot into the ground a few times, knocking free some bits of the woman she’d pulverized so efficiently. “Provided the rates we settle on reflect my client’s willingness to purchase in bulk. Now, I’d like that one, please.”

I’d been convinced they were coming for me before, but Emily’s finger was pointing right at me. Miss Burke paused briefly before turning my way, and before I could take more than a step back, my latch was released and her mammoth fingers dove into my cage, snatching me up with ease.

She barely slowed her gait as she dumped me in Emily’s waiting palm and moved towards the door. “Come along, we’ve got numbers to settle.”

Emily didn’t hurry after her. She was too busy looking me over, lifting me towards her face and exploring my body with her huge, dark eyes. She wasn’t exotic like Ms. Burke, but she had some appeal.

Until she decided to splatter or stomp me out like the last two people they’d pulled out of their cages, or took me home and ended me in some more horrid and sinister way.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered. “I won’t hurt you, I promise,” and with that she shoved me in a pocket of her bag and went on with her day.

Suddenly everything made sense. She hesitated because she didn’t want to crush that woman. She must be undercover--an investigator or a reporter. I was getting out of here, and I was going to be safe. For the rest of the day as I sat in leather-wrapped darkness I filled my head with fantasies of seeing Miss Burke at trial, watching her squirm in her seat as I testified about her vicious torment, about the pleasure she took in snuffing out lives beneath her patent leather heels.

Over the years those fantasies would fade. So would my hope, my hatred, my everything, because Emily was just a contract lawyer, and I was nothing more to her than some sentient hamster to keep in a cage, make cute faces at and drop scraps of food for a few times a day.

I convinced myself daily that eternal damnation was the reward for bashing my brains out against a wall or choking myself on sawdust, but I still thought of Miss Burke every day. I thought of her twisted grin and her towering stilettos, and dreamed again and again that she’d picked me first… that I was going where I belonged. That I would soon be a smear on the bottom of her beautiful shoe.

Instead I swallowed another piece of stale cracker, and discovered that I still knew how to weep.

Immigration Reform
If you missed it during CruelJan18, this was my entry in the contest. I'm developing some characters for a novel I've been picking away at, and this was an excellent opportunity for a little side-story.

I do so love it when people are objects, lives are cheap, and existence ends beneath beautiful shoes.

Oh my goodness, the last few months have been all but overwhelming for me. I have so much that I want to accomplish and create, but it’s been beyond a struggle to carve time out of my life to keep at the projects I’ve started. Over the summer I launched my website, which so far has been a really interesting and enjoyable experience, even if it’s not exactly bursting through the stratosphere. I began publishing ebooks on Amazon and other marketplaces, mostly just to say that I can, but also to try and get my name out there to new corners of what can be a very niche fetish literature market. That whole project isn’t really going anywhere, but it is pretty cool to go on Amazon and find one of my stories showing up on the front page.

Since August, though, I’ve been put into a management role at work, and I’m realizing that a lot of my writing, editing and correspondence took place in the free time I used to find at my job--free time that I no longer have. Slowly and surely I’m finding little moments where I can chip away at my writing, and I’m getting better at finding these moments. I do have two projects I’m working on for SizeCon ‘17 and I just finished a first draft for episode four of Katie, which I’m definitely excited about, but I have so much more I want to do as well. All I’m asking for is more time and money. Is that so much to ask?

So, the long and short is that I’m still as dedicated as ever to exploring wicked and devilish fantasies and sharing all of those stories with the world, but it’s just not moving as quickly as I’d like it to.

Other than that, the other big news in my life is that I’m making more strides in transitioning to a more female life, slowly building a reasonable wardrobe and whatnot and also attending monthly group therapy. The first session I’ve been to was yesterday, and maybe I just expected too much from it, but it wasn’t the exciting, relationship-building, wall-smashing hour and a half that I hoped for. It was a strange experience more than anything else, and while I was able to be supportive of the other group members, I don’t know what I got out of it for myself.

Then, of course, I convinced myself that I’d head to the grocery store in my dress and heels, since I’m such a confident person and all that, and the moment I got there my heel cap came off, leaving me with one heel a full inch shorter than the other, and I also became keenly aware and self-conscious about every single person that walked by me. I’ve talked to my manager and HR director at work about starting to present as female at work and I really thought I was prepared for that. Maybe I still am, but this week feels like I took a step back.

I could talk forever about those sorts of struggles, though. I’m still afraid for my family, for the relationship I have with my absolutely amazing wife, and even more beyond that. Talking about this stuff isn’t compelling or interesting, though, and it’s not what I really wanted to do. I want everyone that cares to know that I’m still here, I’m still writing and I still have big plans. Life is a daily struggle right now and I’m trying so, so hard to see the beauty and hope on the other side, but I don’t know how far away that is. I just have to keep moving forward and trust that there will be a time where I can somehow have my work, my writing, my platform boots, a passionate romance, and happy children all at the same time. Honestly, that can’t be too much to ask, right?


MissKaneda's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
It's been some years now, and in those years I've gone from a roleplayer to a devoted writer of the most cruel and detailed shrinking and giantess fiction I can create. I pen stories about women with power, and not just women who wield influence and the like. Women who can reduce a man to an inch tall and would do so just to make his family watch her smear his guts beneath her elegant boot. Women who could tower over a township and wouldn't think twice about pulverizing every inch of it and every man, woman and child there underfoot because it just feels good, and she deserves the pleasure that their deaths and destruction will bring.

My interests and most frequent subjects to work with are cruel and powerful women with a penchant for exquisite footwear and equally exquisite wickedness, though I venture off on tangents rather frequently as well. Enjoy my work and let your minds wander along with these fantasies of mine, and know that if I had the chance, I would absolutely do all the same things to you.


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