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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    2 years!

2. What does your username mean?

    One of my closest friends calls me 'Joneru' and since im a girl, i made it 'MissJoneru'

3. Describe yourself in three words.

    Creative, worrisome, hopeful

4. Are you left or right handed?

    Left handed.

5. What was your first deviation?

Gray by MissJoneru 

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

    I'm happy with basically anything anime-style, though i guess i feel most satisfied ultimately with digital art.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Probably anthro style. It's really cool, but it seems so hard to make nice furry stuff.

8. What was your first favourite?

    I don't know because i later unfavorited it. ._.

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Digital. Eye-catching stuff. If it impresses me, i'll generally favorite it.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    Probably sequshi 

11.If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    Probably Yuulinshi because she's really cool and it would be nice to see her in person.

12.How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    I can't really think of an example, except that some deviants' art has really caused me to think deeply about things.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

    I think i like to use a computer to do digital stuff best, but it's been a while since i got to do digital on a computer.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    *shrugs* It's more a mental thing that makes me do better art. I could make it anywhere just the same.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    Probably meeting people that i've gotten to become friends with.
When I grow up, I will never buy rugs for my house. >.>"
Guuuuuuys, I'm probably the only one who cares, but i feel accomplished, so if you want, i'll celebrate this trivial matter by drawing for you guys one of your OCs. If you want. Just send me a link or picture or something of whoever you want me to draw. If you want, the offer's up for this next week. Thanks for watching me, guys. ^_^
I can't seem to get him far enough out of my mind. Every moment that my thoughts stop hurtling across the vast emptiness of myself, I seem to rest on him. But there is nothing beyond a vague apparition of him. I want to be held in his strong arms and experience the quiet love only he seems to express even without words. But he is gone. I cast him off so long ago, and yet, here he is, once more. If only my heart could silence the ache that only he creates in me.
He is the only one who asks me what ails me. And still, he is my ailment. He is so unforgettably horrible. And still, I wonder if my heart may truly be fastened to the hope of having his love again.

I am selfish. I deserve no recognition from him. Even if I did, he is a wretched poison to my soul, and he tears apart every bit of sensibility that I once had.
Everything I think seems to weak in his presence. There is a strange magic in him, and I wish I could run, but I want to love him.
How strangely the forbidden fruit glitters beyond the abyss.
I long to place my lips against yours, to feel the innocence of your affection for me. I am afraid to love you and am as paralyzed by my fear as by the intensity of the moment.
Our faces, not even an inch apart, ought to meet in a gift of passion from my lips to yours, but I am restrained by the embrace that is so strong and yet only held by a gaze.
How do you captivate me so fully with your charms?
I like how these journals work. It's hard to find a time and place for me to write on paper, but here I have a journal available all the time. It's pretty great ^-^
I'm thinking that since I like to write, I'll start putting any of my works here. It just seens sort of out of place with my drawings. I don't know.

Oh, well here's the beginning of that. I wrote this a while back:

I procured a heart
Paper thin
You broke mine into
Shards of glass
I had no heart
only skin
You tore mine up
In the past
I gave my heart
Small and frail
You cast it to the side
I lost my heart
Let it fail
You didn't look
Back Again
Augh. So, i find myself coming off as extremely lame and uncool. I have all this lame art on here and none of it is really noteworthy. I want to be positive, but my goodness, im lame. And i keep trying to improve, but im not sure where to start. I guess the best thing to do is keep going cuz when tou stop is when you really get overwhelmed, but its a lot easier to talk big than it is to just shut up and do it. I cant even afford the equipment to make art how i really want to. *first world problems* augh, all of my tears... >.>
But you know, i find my art improving a little bit more everyday, and im saving up, and some people like my art. So meow meow, im just gonna keep my head up and continue improving. Lol. ^_^