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Sam peered into the room, unable to locate Dean immediately. Since the Impala was still in the parking lot, Dean had either stepped out for a few minutes or he was in the bathroom. Sam carefully entered and slowly closed the door; if Dean was in the room, he didn't want to alert him to his presence. Apparently he failed though because when he turned around Dean was only a few feet from him. Sam backed against the door in surprise.

"Jeez Dean! You're going to give me a heart-attack." He put a hand over his heart to emphasize his point. Dean stared up at him, his brows slightly furrowed and his mouth tense.

"Where were you? I called you three times." His tone was harsh, an odd waver to his words.

"I was doing some investigating." Sam shrugged, trying to relax Dean, let him know it was no big deal.

"Without me?" Dean frowned. "What if you needed backup, huh? Why did you go alone?" He took a step forward.

"We do things alone all the time, Dean. What's up with you right now?" Sam wanted to back up more, afraid to know the answer, but that pesky door was stopping him. Dean reached out, grabbing Sam's arm by the wrist and pulling it away from his chest.

"I can't lose you, Sammy." Dean stepped forward, closing the small gap between them. Sam's heat was racing now. He arched away in reaction, his back melding against the door as if to remind him he was trapped. Dean moved quickly, leaning up onto his tip-toes in order to reach Sam's face, pressing their lips together. Sam made a noise of surprise, again trying to pull away, but he only succeeded in banging his head against the door and removing any left-over space at all to maneuver. Dean tilted his head to the side, deepening the kiss, his body pressing closer to Sam's.

Sam tried to jerk away, but he had gotten himself into a pretty bad position. Dean was gripping his one arm, and his other was trapped between their bodies and the wall next to the door. As Sam attempted to pull his wrist from Dean's grasp, the older Winchester just tightened his grip, pressing closer to Sam until the door was jammed painfully against his back. He arched away from the door to alleviate the pain, even though it meant leaning into Dean. Finally, after was seemed like far too long for anyone to kiss, Dean pulled away. His movement was slow and deliberate, his eyes locked on Sam's. Now that he had moving room, Sam found he couldn't do anything but stare down into his brother's eyes. The look they contained... no one had ever looked at him that way, not even Jess. It was the most possessive, loving, desperate expression he had ever seen. Dean slowly, carefully, released Sam's wrist and took a single step back.

Sam couldn't think. He didn't remember anything that had happened before he entered the room. He couldn't even remember what he was supposed to do once he got there. All he could think of was the way Dean was looking at him right now, and the fact that his brother was the single most intense, passionate, skillfull kisser he had ever known. Sam looked down towards the ground; he couldn't stand staring into Dean's eyes anymore.

"Oh... hey." Sam held the talisman up, catching sight of it when he had averted his gaze, his voice monotone as he attempted to process what had just happened. "I found out what's been going on."

Sam wanted to sleep in the Impala the night before, but Dean refused to let him out of his sight. Dean had wanted to sleep in his bed at first, but eventually they compromised with Sam staying in the room if Dean didn't try and sleep in his bed. Sam had trouble sleeping; he could feel Dean watching him all night except a few hours towards the early morning when Dean had either drifted off, or he had decided it was safe enough to catch a bit of sleep. Either way that was the only sleep Sam got as well.

Their morning routine was awkward. Dean stood outside the bathroom door while Sam showered, and then just stood there once Sam was out and moving around the bedroom. He could feel Dean's eyes boring into him as he tried to gather up his clothes, and finally once he needed to actually get dressed he turned around to face Dean.

"Aren't you going to shower?" His voice came out a bit harsher than he wanted it to, but after what happened last night Sam decided he would rather be too forceful than not forceful enough. Dean stared at him unblinking, arms crossed, and just when Sam thought he was going to have to force Dean into the shower, he moved and stalked into the bathroom. Sam was unnerved that he left the door open, presumably so he could have instant access to Sam should the need arise, but at least he wasn't boring holes into his head and body any more.

He couldn't blame Dean, really. It wasn't his fault. His affection for pie had finally gotten them in trouble, but at least neither of them ended up dead because of it. Sam tried to think of a scenario where Dean's love for pie could have gotten them killed; it was harder to do than he thought. He eyed the bathroom door, the shower still running. Dean loved strong; he was fierce, and protective, and would do anything for the people he cared about. Sam knew that, and had been on the receiving end of Dean's love more than once before, but it had always been a different type of love. The kind of love being directed towards Sam now was something Sam thought Dean would never be able to have, due to their line of work. He had relationships, sure, but they were always short lived. Dean never got attached. Sam wasn't sure he was able to, honestly. It might be he was afraid to, or maybe he just wasn't capable of feeling that way towards someone. Sam wondered how much of Dean was in him at the moment. Love spells were odd things, able to change entire personalities. Dean seemed to be his same self, but with a lot more... physical actions. He'd always been protective of his little brother, but now it was borderline oppressive. Sam sighed. It'd all be over in a couple weeks, tops. He'd just have to try and keep Dean off of him in the meantime.

The process to destroy the talisman was simple enough, nothing Sam hadn't done before. He muttered the last words of the incantation, threw the last ingredient into the bowl, and watched the talisman go up in smoke. It shattered into pieces, the pieces slowly melting to liquid. He turned to Dean, hoping that destroying the talisman would prematurely end the spell as well. That hope was shattered when he saw the same possessive, concerned expression in Dean's eyes that he had seen earlier. Dean nodded to him, a smile gracing his lips. Sam smiled half-heartedly back; on to Plan B. Unfortunately Plan B involved staying away from his brother as much as possible, something that was hard to accomplish under normal circumstances, let alone when he was under the effect of a love spell.

Sam drifted off in the Impala. They had been driving for 16 hours straight, heading for a hunt clear across the country. Sam had exhausted himself the last several days worrying about Dean coming onto him in the confined, trapping space of the Impala, but he ended up being worried for nothing. Dean flirted with him the entire time, sure, but he never tried to touch him, he never even suggested anything; not to say he didn't litter his speech with innuendos though. Sam finally relaxed enough and gave in, leaning against the cool glass of the window. As darkness wrapped around him, he heard Dean whisper, "Sweet dreams, Sammy."

The sun streamed across Sam's face, gently lulling him awake with its warmth. He stifled a yawn, slowly opening his eyes to let them adjust to the sunlight. Or at least that was the plan. He only managed to partially open his eyes before they shot open completely, sunlight blinding him momentarily before he could adjust. Directly above him was the sleeping face of Dean. Apparently Sam had ended up lying across Dean's lap sometime during the night, probably with some help on the latter's part. He made to sit up, but Dean's arm was draped across his chest and he ended up waking the older Winchester with his movements. Sam only managed to sit up partially before Dean tightened his grip around him, halting his progress. He tilted his head back to look at Dean, to ask him to move his arm, but ended up regretting the action once Dean leaned down to kiss him. Sam turned his head away, Dean's lips landing on his jaw line instead.

"Morning." Dean mumbled, his lips tickling Sam's skin. Sam inhaled, his heart pounding.
"Dean..." He whispered. Dean started kissing along his jaw, occasionally nipping. Sam jerked upward, but failed to dislodge himself from his brother's grasp, only succeeding in removing Dean from his jaw.

"You're bleeding." Dean breathed, his voice husky.

"What?" Sam stuttered out. He touched his jaw with his only free hand, his other hand wedged between his own body and Dean's. It came back with a touch of red on it; Dean's teeth much have caught his skin when Sam tried to jerk away. He gasped suddenly, a jolt going through him. Dean was licking at the wound, clearing away the blood.

"De-dean." Sam's voice hitched, his breath coming in shallow bursts.

"Hmm... yes Sammy?" Dean mumbled between licking at Sam's jaw and nipping at it. Sam seized a moment when Dean's mouth was away from him and rolled towards the dash, freeing himself from Dean's arm. He backed into the passenger door and set his knees up as a barrier between himself and his brother. He struggled to catch his breath. Dean looked at him, his eyes dark with lust.

Dean spoke after a moment, breaking the silence. "I'm sorry."

Sam blinked at him, confused.

"Wh-what?" He eyed his brother suspiciously. Dean licked the corner of his mouth, removing a small bit of Sam's blood that had made its way there. Sam stared at the spot until Dean spoke again, and then a little after.

"I've scared you." Dean's brows furrowed. He shifted, causing Sam to jerk away, arms out in a defensive posture. Dean froze partway through his readjustment, then continued very slowly, holding Sam's gaze the entire time.

"I don't want to hurt you, Sammy. Just tell me if you don't want me to do something." He cleared his throat. "I'm not very good at showing my emotions, ya know? But you're all I got. I would do anything for you." His eyes turned dark. "I'd kill for you. Hell, I've died for you Sammy." He shifted, uncomfortable. He turned away from Sam. "I care for you more than anyone in the world." They were silent for a while, Dean staring out the window as the sun slowly crossed the sky, Sam watching Dean's every move, arms out in front of himself so he doesn't get trapped again.

"How do you feel about me, Sam?" Dean asked, quietly. Sam almost missed it.

"What do you mean?" He didn't want to go into a conversation like this without knowing exactly what was expected of him.

Dean turned to face him again, his brows turned up, his eyes wavering. He was scared, Sam realized, and he couldn't do anything but hate himself at the moment because he knew he was about to break his brother's heart.

"You know what I mean."

Sam stared at him, unable to form words. Eventually he dropped his arms and let out a breath. Dean's mouth twitched into a frown for half a second.

"I love you Dean, you know I do, but... you're my family and I would die for you, I would turn the world upside down for you, but... I can't Dean... I'm sorry." Sam's stomach was in knots. Dean's eyes told him more than Dean himself ever could, and it killed him. Dean nodded, didn't say another word, just turned away, started the Impala, and continued their journey like nothing had happened. Sam sat on the seat, his knees a blockade between himself and his brother, until he could find the energy to turn away, to situate himself proper. As he clicked the belt into place he caught Dean looking at him, but he had already turned away again by the time Sam looked up.
Nobody knows that magic shouldn’t be messed with more than the Winchester brothers. Someone in the small Nebraska town of Newford doesn’t know that though. Now strange things are happening, and the Winchesters get caught up in it all.

This is a Wincest fic, meaning Sam and Dean are paired up. The rating's approximately PG-PG13.

Part One
Part Two
Part Four

Supernatural, Sam Winchester, and Dean Winchester Copyright © Eric Kripke
Story Copyright © ~missionYCO
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Aww :'( poor Dean. Beautiful writing, dear!
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