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FlashFic - Fate
Pearly gates. Clouds everywhere. Angels, harps, the whole shebang. Except Molly Shepard wasn’t in Heaven. Not yet, anyway. Instead of the welcome wagon she expected, she was sent into a rather earthly looking office and sat waiting in front of a desk until a fit young man came in, mumbling to himself as if he didn’t notice she was there. He sat down at the desk, continued mumbling, what he was saying Molly couldn’t tell, for a few more moments before he cleared his throat and looked up at her.
“Hello child. I hope your death has been pleasant so far,” He spoke gently.
Molly wasn’t sure how to respond. How could death be pleasant? Sure, the chair she was sitting in was the most comfortable she had ever been in, or was it? Perhaps it was just an illusion; after all she was dead and in theory shouldn’t be able to feel anything at all.
“Who are you?” She finally settled on, earning a throaty chuckle from the man.
“Isn’t it o
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Pop of Colour - R. Mika by missionYCO
Mature content
Pop of Colour - R. Mika :iconmissionyco:missionYCO 17 3
Pop of Colour - Aika by missionYCO Pop of Colour - Aika :iconmissionyco:missionYCO 3 3 Commission - Curiosity by missionYCO Commission - Curiosity :iconmissionyco:missionYCO 3 5 AT - Ruffles by missionYCO AT - Ruffles :iconmissionyco:missionYCO 3 6
FanFic - Not as Advertised
Sam's hand shook as he mixed the ingredients necessary for the spell he was attempting. His voice cracked as he chanted the incantation. His nerves were shot, the last few months hell on Earth. He had tried everything, everything to get his brother back. The obvious, selling his soul, failed so spectacularly Sam went on a monster hunting rampage before a particularly nasty fuck up grounded him, forcing him to rest for nearly a month. During that time he attempted everything he could think of to bring Dean back; animal sacrifice, witches, amulets, ancient artifacts, he even attempted human sacrifice one time when he was blind to anything but seeing his brother, the only thing that kept him sane in this world, alive and well again. He'd all but given up, dozens of attempts under his belt weighing heavy on his soul, until finally, finally, he ran across an obscure spell that promised him the life of his brother back. He was wary, understandably, as many things, and people, h
:iconmissionyco:missionYCO 9 2
You're Gonna Go Far by missionYCO You're Gonna Go Far :iconmissionyco:missionYCO 18 7 Why Do Squirrels Climb by missionYCO Why Do Squirrels Climb :iconmissionyco:missionYCO 51 19
FanFic - Careful What You Wish Part Four
It had been nine days. Nine days since Dean came under the influence of a love spell that made him fall in love with his own brother. Sam had rejected him two days ago, broke his own brothers heart. They had barely talked since then, but Sam often caught Dean staring at him; love, lust, distress, anger. Dean hadn't tried anything since Sam told him no; he kept his distance, at least with his body. His gaze bore holes into Sam that were far more distressing than any physical action Dean had attempted or executed. The gazes linger, the feelings burned, and no matter how much Sam fidgeted, or moved away, he could still feel Dean's gaze, penetrating his flesh, embedding itself into his very pores.
They were currently hunting down a pair of werewolves on the east coast. Dean had found the location of one, but that meant the other was still missing. Sam was trying to locate the second one while Dean had gone after the first one, leaving Sam with specific instructions to not leave the hotel.
:iconmissionyco:missionYCO 15 7
FanFic - Careful What You Wish Part Three
Sam peered into the room, unable to locate Dean immediately. Since the Impala was still in the parking lot, Dean had either stepped out for a few minutes or he was in the bathroom. Sam carefully entered and slowly closed the door; if Dean was in the room, he didn't want to alert him to his presence. Apparently he failed though because when he turned around Dean was only a few feet from him. Sam backed against the door in surprise.
"Jeez Dean! You're going to give me a heart-attack." He put a hand over his heart to emphasize his point. Dean stared up at him, his brows slightly furrowed and his mouth tense.
"Where were you? I called you three times." His tone was harsh, an odd waver to his words.
"I was doing some investigating." Sam shrugged, trying to relax Dean, let him know it was no big deal.
"Without me?" Dean frowned. "What if you needed backup, huh? Why did you go alone?" He took a step forward.
"We do things alone all the time, Dean. What's up with you right now?" Sam wanted to
:iconmissionyco:missionYCO 16 1
FanFic - Careful What You Wish Part Two
Dean was acting odd ever since he got out of the shower, avoiding Sam's gaze and intentionally keeping distance between, even going so far as to walk ahead of him. He sat opposite the younger Winchester when they started talking to the widow of Charles Smith, who was now the only owner of the apple orchards. The brothers were posing as reporters for an agriculture magazine.
"We're sorry for your loss, Mrs. Smith." Sam said quietly, a sympathetic express across his face. Mrs. Smith nodded.
"Please, just Betty is fine. It's been several months now and it gets better every day, you know."
Sam glanced over at Dean. He had been gone for several months too, and it had only gotten worse for Sam. He wondered if Betty was trying to convince herself.
Sam shifted in his seat, turning back to face Betty. "I understand your husband died shortly after the harvest?"
"Oh yes, not very long after at all. It was all very tragic, the way it happened..." Her eyes lit up. "But I had my son, George, and Mol
:iconmissionyco:missionYCO 14 6
FanFic - Careful What You Wish Part One
"Hey Dean, look at this." Sam thrust a newspaper into Dean's line of sight. The older Winchester leaned back in his chair so that he could see the entire paper instead of just the small portion that ended up in his vision when Sam tried to put the newspaper between Dean and his laptop.
"Two Weeks Before Valentine's Day, Newford Has Gone Love-Crazy." Dean read the headline out-loud. He looked up at Sam, draping his arm over the back of the chair as he turned to face his brother.
"So? Lots of people hook up around Valentine's Day."
Sam scoffed, pointing to part of the article itself. "Priest seduces nun. Elderly man hits on his nanny. 14 year-old girl tries to get her history teacher to make out with her in a storage closet. This isn't normal Valentine's Day activity, Dean. It sounds like something is up." He eyed Dean, waiting to see if he would agree with him.
"What do you think? Magic? Fairies?" A pause, "Cupids Gone Wild?" Dean chuckled at his own joke. Sam ignored him, shakin
:iconmissionyco:missionYCO 21 6
FanFic - Snow Day Chapter Three
Dib drifted off after a while, unable to stay awake despite the biting cold. He frowned at the total darkness after waking up and tried to stretch out the stiffness in his limbs, but he found one of his arms pinned to his side. He used his other hand to feel around and find what had him pinned, jerking back when his fingers met cold skin.
"Zim?!" Dib quickly squirmed away, freeing his arm in the process. He heard the alien shift in the darkness.
"What are you doing? " Dib scooted a bit further away.
"I am absorbing your 'heat' stupid earth monkey!" Zim stated as if it was obvious.
Dib stared in the general direction of the alien through the dark, incredulous. "I already told you, you can't have my heat Zim!" Dib couldn't believe Zim just wouldn't get the hint. He wasn't that clueless.
"Fool! Your 'heat' radiates… like a miniature sun! You can keep your stupid human secrets; I'll just take your radiating heat!" Zim started laughing, like he had discovered some immense
:iconmissionyco:missionYCO 17 6
Request - Worth the Wait
Kara Walker sat heavily into the leather armchair the (rather rude, she thought) man in the suit had directed her to. She followed him with her eyes as he left the room and then looked around. It was an average sized room with large windows completely covered in floor to ceiling drapes. There was a solid cherry wood desk with a matching high-back cherry wood framed chair at the end of the room opposite her and bookcases stacked top to bottom with books, many in languages Kara didn't know, let alone recognize, dominated the walls of the room, creating a slightly claustrophobic feel. Kara adjusted in her seat and waited for the master of the house to show up so she could find out exactly why she had been dragged here. She continuously checked her watch as time slowly passed and eventually the heavy door into the room creaked as it was opened. Kara stood up as she turned to face the door, watching as a tall man with dark hair and an expensive suit walked in. Two mean followed him
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Taking Names by missionYCO Taking Names :iconmissionyco:missionYCO 34 15 Commission - Summer Days by missionYCO Commission - Summer Days :iconmissionyco:missionYCO 1 4


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