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To help ease any potential confusion on the gallery folders you can take a peek here. Here's a updated list of all of the groups folders in the gallery and what belongs in them. Please use the information here to help base your decision on where to submit your adoptables. If you're still confused after looking here feel free to send the group a note. An admin will help you figure out where your deviation belongs.

The featured folder is for any group related events or contests. Nothing else belongs here. Anything submitted here is instantly declined.

Group Mascot,
Any fan-art relating to the groups mascot, Honey, can go here. If it doesn't feature Honey, it doesn't belong here. All fan-art of our lovely pup is highly appreciated though! We'd love to see any artwork you have of him.

Breedables and Shipping Grids,
Only breedables may be submitted here. This includes single, multiple on a sheet or grids. Offspring and outcomes from breedables doesn't go here though! Are you unsure what a breedable is? There's a nice FAQ over at our sister group that explains it nicely.

Breedable Results,
You can submit your outcomes and results from any breedables here. This includes breedable sheets with the parents and already made offspring or stand alone results. No, your mystery outcomes don't go here.

Feline NOT Anthro,
Adoptables featuring any sort of feline go here. This can range from domesticated cats to larger wild big cats. This is for feral/quad felines only; anthros and furries go in the Anthros folder!

Canine NOT Anthro,
If your adoptables features canines it can be submitted here. This ranges from small breeds of dogs, wolves, foxes and mixes. Only feral/quad canines; anthros and furries go in the Anthros folder!

Equine, Ungulate NO MLP OR ANTHRO,
 This folder is for any feral/quad equine or hooved creature. This includes but isn't limited to: horses, cows, goats, pigs, mules, etc. MLP adoptables do NOT go in this folder, but instead to the specific MLP folder, and anthros and furries go in the Anthros folder!

Mammals NOT Anthro,
Any feral/quad adoptables that features mammals not applicable to the other folders goes here (ie. racoons, rabbits, mice, hyenas, etc.) Anthros and furries go in the Anthros folder!

Any feral/quad adoptables that feature any birds can be submitted here (ie. owls, doves, crows, etc..)

Reptiles and Dinosaurs - NOT Dragons,
Adoptables that feature feral/quad reptiles may be submitted here (ie. lizards, crocodiles, snakes, etc..) Dinosaurs are also included in this folder! Dragons should NOT be submitted to this folder, as they belong in the Dragons folder.

Sea Creatures, Amphibians and Fish,
If your adoptables feature any feral/quad animals that are aquatic they go here. This includes but is not limited to: fish, sharks, dolphins, jellyfish, etc. Merfolk do NOT go in this folder; they should be submitted to the Merfolk-specific folder. Fantasy creatures such as sea serpents should be submitted to the Mythical Creatures folder.

Dragons, Mythical Creatures, and Other Monsters,
Adoptables featuring feral/non-humanoid mythical creatures belong in this folder, such as dragons, gryphons, and unicorns (though unicorns are also allowed in the Equines folder). Miscellaneous monsters are also allowed in this folder; however, centaurs, merfolk and naga belong in their self-titled folder, while humanoid fantasy races belong in Non-Human Humanoids.

Other, Unknown,
Your adoptables don't seem to fit in any of the other folders? They go here. Please only submit to this folder if you are sure none of the other folders apply!

Taurs, Merfolk and Naga,
Adoptables that deal with partially humanoid, partially feral creatures go here. The taurs can be your standard humanoid animal taur, like centaur or drider, or their humanoid half can be anthro / furry. This also includes naga, faun and satyr adoptables, as well as merfolk (mermaids, mermen, and merpeople).

Anthro - All Species,
Any adoptables that feature anthropomorphic or furry creatures goes here. All anthro characters regardless of species should be submitted to this folder, unless they are better suited to the Original Species folder, the Taurs folder, or the Fandom folder. Characters that are mostly human and feature only partial animal features, such as ears or a tail, should be submitted to the Non-Human Humanoids folder.

Humans ONLY,
If your adoptables feature ordinary humans, submit them here. Vampires, demons, angels, gods, zombies, orcs, elves, or other non-human or formerly human humanoids should be submitted to the Non-Human Humanoids folder. Humans with magical abilities may be submitted to this folder or to the Non-Human Humanoids folder depending on submitter or moderator judgement about the extent of their powers. If your human character is related to a fandom, or is a gijinka of a character from a fandom, please submit to the Fandoms folder instead.

Non-Human Humanoids and Kemonomimi,
Humanoids adopts who are not human belong in this folder; vampires, demons, angels, gods, zombies, catboys, catgirls, cat people in general, kemonomimi, orcs, elves, humanoid robots and androids, and other human-shaped characters who aren't fully human belong here. If your adoptables are related to a certain fandom (ex; Steven Universe gem adopts, Mass Effect aliens, Pokemon gijinka), please submit to the Fandom folder instead. Satyrs and fauns should be submitted to the Taurs folder.

MLP and MLP Species,
Any adoptables focused around the My Little Pony franchise and fandom go here. This isn't limited to ponies, all MLP styled creatures within the franchise are welcomed here.

Fandom and Gijinka,
Adoptables that are based around or feature any  type of fandoms go here, for example; Sonic the Hedgehog, BNHA, Steven Universe, and Pokemon. The only fandom which should not be included in this folder is My Little Pony, as those adoptables belong in the MLP folder.

Mixed Sheets,
If your adoptable sheet features multiple creatures and animals that belong in separate folders, or single characters that have multiple forms, it belongs here. This includes furries with anthro and feral forms on the same adopt, as well as shapeshifters that are shown with alternate designs.

YCH, CYOP, Customs, MYOs,
YCH (Your Custom Here), MYO (Make Your Own), Custom, CYOP (Choose Your Own Palette) and other customizable adopts belong here.

Eggs, Gacha, Mystery, Events,
Any adoptables that aren't revealed upon upload go here. This includes mystery adoptables, gacha and eggs. This folder is a higher priority than the species-related folders.

If you are selling just outfits, or accessories such as weapons or items, your deviation belongs here.

Journals and Ads,
As long as it follows our rules, journals and advertisements are welcomed here. They should be related to selling characters or slots, such as commission info. Please note these are periodically cleaned out in large chunks (despite titles) every so often. It's hard to judge the status of journals sometimes, so it's easier to clean them out in waves.

Linearts and Bases,
You can submitted any linearts or bases that are adoptable friendly here. Please refer to each artist's terms of use before using a base or lineart, as they may be different from the terms of this group. Submissions to this folder do not require an open / closed status in the title, as they are assumed to be always open, and the folder is not cleared out.

Original Species,
Any adoptables featuring original species may be submitted here. They can be your own species, or by others (if given permission). This is for original species adoptables only, not any information sheets.

Original Species Info,
You can share your info sheets and journals on original species here. This is for information only, not commissions, myo slots, etc. This folder does not require an open / closed status in the title, as it is for reference.

updated March 14th, 2019 by IceOfWaterflock to reflect updates to sorting methods and folder titles

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