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Mission Adopt icon by DesteryZombieBunny
Mission-Adopts Mascot Contest Entry by gold-adopts
Cats and Other Felines
NYP cats adopts pack [3/4 OPEN] by yuternst
OPEN Lil Cats by Xilllis
NYP adopts pack [10/25 OPEN] by yuternst
Warrior Cat Adopts | auction | open by waluichi
Dogs and Other Canines
flat price canine adopts [3\3 OPEN] by HaseSchwanz
FERAL ADOPT [OPEN] - SET PRICE by just-vladushek
[OPEN 2/3] [CHEAP] Doggies Adoptable by Tunno
OPEN OTA Wolf Adoptables 2/3 by Siarczek
Equines, Deer, and Ungulates
SPRING TIME {4/4 OPEN} by mydajk
NYP Miscellaneous Old Adopts OPEN by Devinital
ADOPT 29 | CLOSED by black-mold
FORETOLD by ray-gunz
Other Mammals
Foxes Adopts (Open) by SparrowWrightheart
[OPEN  /2] Set priced adopts: littles 01 02 by amy-pls
Cheap Cute  Hedgehogs Adopt (Open!) by lunaato
OPEN 4/4 Fruit Mice $8 by K4nashi
Birds and Bugs
Cheap Wiggle Worm Adoptables [OPEN] by Perplexed-Wolf
Bug Adoptables! (OPEN) 1/2 by Pixilityx
Huevember Day 25 - 27 Design [OPEN] tw: spider by toothwalker
[MOVED] Cheap peacocks 10pts by Revenade
Reptiles, Amphibians and Dinosaurs
[open] Romaine turtle___fixed price__adopt by DreganSirias
Adopt. [OPEN] by AlienLin
OPEN dino adopt auction by MaybeDeath
Open Chibidino adopt auction 4/4 by MaybeDeath
Cetaceans, Fish, and Aquatic Animals
Closed by Skiysilver
[OPEN] Bright Octopus Adoptables #1-3 by ActArtAss
[OPEN] Pastel Octopus Adoptables #4-6 by ActArtAss
[OPEN 3/4] Fractal skeleton dolphins 55pt by Revenade
Dragons, Griffons + Fantasy Creatures
Magic teacher [Closed] by DeadgardenEXE
Adoptable #33 space dragon (Auction open) by Atoupik
Blesk by Volinfer
(CLOSED) by DrunkMagpie
Anthro and Furry - All Species
[OPEN] Cloud fox adopt by Reivosa
Fox ADOPT [5d OPEN] by LilLym00
[ OPEN 4$ ] sassy swordslinging goat SET PRICE by fxggxty
Wing Demon Adopt - CLOSED by JackalRats
Aurora [OPEN ADOPTABLE] by Mamurawka6
Fantasy Humanoids and Kemonomimi 2
Bust Adopt No.1 [OPEN] by Tetsushin
Centaurs, Merpeople, Naga, Etc

Mature Content

Adoptable#4.(open) by MainaruArt
Fandom and Gijinka
Gem Adopt - Yellow Sapphire (OPEN,$4,PAYPAL) by ZephyrJester
MLP, My Little Pony
Mlp hatchable set 1 OPEN 3/3 by Neon-Dusk
Original Species - Adoptables
(3/4) Mixed Price Magicerena Set (OPEN) by Whirlwind-Tigress
Outfits, Accessories and Props
Auction : OUTFIT #853-858 [CLOSE] by Popza10CM
Character Purges, Resales + Mixed Sheets
Character Purge/Trade (OPEN) by BadmashBlitz
Eggs, Gacha, Mystery + Ship Grids
[OPEN 14/63] Cheap rabbit gatcha (roll 5pt, AB 10) by Revenade
Commissions, YCHs, and Custom Slots
[YCH] Animated Pets - Raffle [Closed] by AStormyBoi
MYO, Events and Misc Journals
FREE MYO Event! [Sweetie Bears] {OPEN} by witch-kun
Bases, Linearts and Resources
[P2U] Cherry blossom viewing base by invidens
Original Species - Info and Ref Sheets
Sealpup Species Sale open by SWEARINQ
Other, Unknown, To Be Sorted
[OPEN 3/7] Spaceships + Riders 2.0 [#400-406] by MrDessin
Fantasy Humanoids + Kemonomimi -FULL-
[OPEN 15/16] BIG SALE OF OLD DESIGNS! by fox-bro



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