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The Mermaid, tattereddreams

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Published: August 11, 2007
© 2007 - 2020 MissingHorcrux
Original lineart by *tattereddreams. List of available linearts to color: [link]

[edit:] After several futile attempts, I finally figured out how to make the water shineys. Now it's shiny. %D
[edit 2:] Reduced the contrast in Blondie's hair, upped the contrast on Eric's face, and desaturated those purple things. TWEAKS FTW!

I went to the pre-Broadway release of The Little Mermaid musical in Denver on Thursday! It was good - lots of new songs, but all the old ones, too. Ursula was particularly good. She reminded me of Glenn Close (or something along those lines). I think she got more applause at the end than Ariel did, lol. They'll tweak a few things in the play according to how the Denver audiences reacted to it, and then officially open it on Broadway in a few months. I'm so glad I got to see this one - I've wanted to see The Lion King and haven't gotten around to it!

Anyway, I'm very very proud of this piece, particularly because it actually has a background, mood lighting, and a helluva lot of detail (hence the time it took to CG). But - I've discovered I like painting water. %D

And yes, you saw right: Far-Left Mermaid = Ariel. I tried to make Tied-Up Man look like Eric, but I think I failed. Even if I succeeded, that would be a disturbing image - a Disney princess drowning her prince? Talk about issues.

Tools: Photoshop 7, laptop (touchpad mouse - no tablet), *kaykaykit's water tutorial (♥♥♥!)
Time: 12 hours (or about two days on-and-off)
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southpony98Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ariel and Marina
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how do u do the pattern that the water makes??
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Guillaume19Hobbyist Photographer
good work!
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estoshia3789Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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CrazyCookieStarStudent General Artist
beautiful!! so many details at the hair :heart: I`m working on smthing like this and I really hope it'll come out nicely:heart:
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According to the poem tattereddreams posted it isn't the mermaids' fault that the knight is down there, is it?
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It doesn't say... He's just sort of there. Not sure how he got there, but it's still kinda strange.
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I had read the poem the first time I saw the lineart. I always figured that the knight had done something very wrong and had been cursed by the sea. When the mermaids came across him, they loved or pitied him and so kept him company. :shrug: I don't suppose we'll ever know.
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awesome! i love how you did the water and the shimmer/reflection on the mermaids tails
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So gorgeous, both black and white drawing and when you colouring it ^___^

So beautiful *___*
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It looks nice. :)

Nothing compared to the issues in the original story, though. :P
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I ADORE the job you did on the water/plantlife, it looks fantastic. I like the job you did on the brunette there on the far right, her hair looks gorgeous<3 All in all amazing, insta fave<3
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Here's my theory: This is the orginal version of "The Little Mermaid" (the book by Hans Christian Andersen) and the mermaid has come back from being sea foam to get her revenge on the cheating prince.:mwahaha:
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Actually, you're not far off. If you have a look at the original lineart here by ~tattereddreams, you can read the poem that inspired the picture.
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ranka-meiHobbyist Artist
That's some pretty amazing water technique you mastered there! :) I could stand to see a little more!
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Thank you! I just followed this tutorial, but I'm very proud of this piece because I did it all without a tablet. Just the touchpad mouse on my laptop. :)
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AndantoniusProfessional Digital Artist
Most excellent. 8D

Looove the intricacy of the scales, and the fins, and you do hair so flowy and pretty. It's awesome that you actually gave it a background, too, really adds to a piece.
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Ugh, the scales took half of forever to do, since I was doing this whole picture with a touchpad... But I think it adds a lot to the picture, it wouldn't be the same without them! And yeah, I'd just found a tutorial on how to make fancy water, so I went overboard with that. xD

Glad you liked it! This was done two years ago, and I still consider it my best piece to date. So I'm glad someone else likes it as well! :)
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EmiliaPaw5Hobbyist Digital Artist
stunning piece! love the style
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The style is credit to *tattereddreams, because this was her lineart, but I'm glad you like it! :)
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I was looking through your comments trying to see if anyone else asked, but didnt find it. How did you do the scales? I want to color this picture, and have always loved mer pictures, but have never been able to find a good way to paint scales. I also use a mouse to paint, if that means anything.

I have to say, I love your vision of this. Its really close to the idea I had, and Im glad seeing it will be able to help me with realizing my idea with what I want to color. Youre just amazing. :love:
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