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The Mermaid, tattereddreams



Original lineart by *tattereddreams. List of available linearts to color: [link]

[edit:] After several futile attempts, I finally figured out how to make the water shineys. Now it's shiny. %D
[edit 2:] Reduced the contrast in Blondie's hair, upped the contrast on Eric's face, and desaturated those purple things. TWEAKS FTW!

I went to the pre-Broadway release of The Little Mermaid musical in Denver on Thursday! It was good - lots of new songs, but all the old ones, too. Ursula was particularly good. She reminded me of Glenn Close (or something along those lines). I think she got more applause at the end than Ariel did, lol. They'll tweak a few things in the play according to how the Denver audiences reacted to it, and then officially open it on Broadway in a few months. I'm so glad I got to see this one - I've wanted to see The Lion King and haven't gotten around to it!

Anyway, I'm very very proud of this piece, particularly because it actually has a background, mood lighting, and a helluva lot of detail (hence the time it took to CG). But - I've discovered I like painting water. %D

And yes, you saw right: Far-Left Mermaid = Ariel. I tried to make Tied-Up Man look like Eric, but I think I failed. Even if I succeeded, that would be a disturbing image - a Disney princess drowning her prince? Talk about issues.

Tools: Photoshop 7, laptop (touchpad mouse - no tablet), *kaykaykit's water tutorial (♥♥♥!)
Time: 12 hours (or about two days on-and-off)
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Ariel and Marina